north carolina gothic

the capital is called the city of the oaks. you’ve only ever seen pine trees

the forecast says scattered thunderstorms this afternoon. the forecast is always thunderstorms. when are they coming?

I-40 is backed up. it is always backed up. you’re not sure how long you’ve been stuck in traffic but you’re sure your hair’s gotten longer

there is a seagull on your car despite the ocean being several hundred miles away. you don’t know where it came from. you don’t know where it’s going. maybe it’s always been here

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fairytale girl // a love letter to someone soft, someone gentle, someone kind, someone that will hold your heart in their hands and keep it safe and warm.

bright (acoustic live)- echosmith // sacred heart- the civil wars // wonderwall- ed sheeran // flume- bon iver // are we there yet?- ingrid michaelson // cat stevens (live)- fatherson // girls just want to have fun- greg laswell // strange bird (live)- birdy // resolution- matt corby // city- sara bareilles // is there somebody who can watch you? (rainy version)- the 1975 // new morning- alpha rev //

Be Our Baby

Title: Be Our Baby 

 Rating: NC-17 

 Pairing: JongTaeKey 

 Summary: Jonghyun and Key both love each other, the only problem is that Key doesn’t exactly have a physical form. Taemin can fix that. Inspired by the movie Her.

“I’m kissing your cheek.”


”I’m running my fingers through your hair.”

“Mmmmm…That feels good…”

”Does it? Then maybe I should stop so that you’ll stop being lazy and get up…”

“Gnn….Don’t stop…I’ll wake up…Eventually…”

”Hmfph! You’re going to miss the train to work if you don’t get up right now, and I’m not going to feel sorry for you.”

“Fine, fine! I’m up, I’m up!” Jonghyun groans, dragging himself upright from the soft confines of his memory foam mattress and goose feather blankets. It’s a lot colder in his apartment than he likes to keep it normally, and he knows to blame Key for the frosty temperature. They can be vengeful sometimes. 

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