Rosewater by ILNP: a beautiful holo polish with a pink shimmer 💖 This picture doesn’t do it justice! 

ok, repeat after me

I, [insert name here]

Will support Dan Howell,

No matter what he wears

(actually no, cause if he wears a swastika or some shit, that’s fucked up and i will not support him. but he isn’t the person like that, he’s a good person and would never do that)

If he wears nail polish,

Or doesn’t.

I will always remember that it is HIS body

And it is thereby 

HIS choice. 

He gets to decide how he looks.

I will love and support my boi regardless.

If he is breaking the societal standards of 

what is “masculine” 

or what is“feminine”

Or he is not.

I am still gonna support my boi.

I love that Dan wore nail polish today.

It makes me so happy that he is becoming more confident with himself, 

But if tomorrow,

He takes of the nail polish,

And dresses in a way society perceives as “masculine”,

I will still love and support him.

Because it is his body.

Because it is his choice.

A smart man once said,

“Gender roles are the worst kind of bread”

I already know Dan thinks gender roles are dumb.

At the end of the day,

I can’t dictate what someone else should or shouldn’t wear.


“Because Dan is a man, he should wear nail polish, pink, and dresses, as that subverts gender roles”  

Isn’t much better than saying,

“Because Dan is a man, he shouldn’t wear nail polish, pink, and dresses”

In both circumstances,

You are putting the (perceived) gender, before the person. 

Someone’s gender identity shouldn’t dictate how they present themselves.

You shouldn’t encourage Dan to wear nail polish, 
Just because he has identified himself as a man
You should encourage Dan to wear nail polish, 
If that’s what he wants to.

just to be clear, i have no issue with dan wearing nail polish.

but i think we should remember, someone shouldn’t break a gender roles, just because it means that breaking a gender role. People should break gender roles, because they want to.

Imposing the idea that men should wear nail polish, carries the same ideology of saying they shouldn’t

Someone shouldn’t do something because of their gender. They should do it if they want to 

bearlytolerable  asked:

For you: do you have a favorite color of nail polish and/or favorite brand of nail polish?

thank you @bearlytolerable <3. I am always happy to talk polish. 

I love ILNP nail polish, a boutique brand. My favorite colors are green or purple 

ILNP makes wonderful holos and multichomes:

Sorry for the pic spam you all. ILNP Mon Amour, ILNP Reminiscence and ILNP Aria (what I am wearing today) 

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