we’ve all been knee-deep in Kabby high school teacher AU recently (to my great delight, as teacher AUs are a particular weakness of mine), and I cannot tell you how much I love @nicoleclowes science teacher Abby in glasses and labcoat


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I just moved to the town next to the one you grew up in and everyone in my school knows about Red Queen because your mom works in our school system and when I found out I chocked on my water because I was so excited! Lots of people have actually read the book even though they aren't readers and it's fun to have people to discuss it with!! Are you coming to the longmeadow area to do a book signing? I would love it so much!!!

Hahahaha my mom is FAMOUS in our small town area. Helps that she’s the best English teacher in the land. I may be biased.


Legally Blonde au (w one difference) where Jim is Elle, Spock is Emmett and Bones is Paulette.

Jim goes to law school to prove to his crush he can be enough. Spock helps him study and realises Jim has something worth nurturing.

Bones runs a walk in medical center and Jim swings by a fair bit after getting patched up once. Bones’ ex is a problem and Jim helps him get his pet tortoise back.

Spock has a spare job as a mail delivery guy (this is where i deviate from legally blonde canon) and he comes by the medical centre and he and Bones get surprisingly steamy.

After Jim gets his big win at the murder case w the perm game changer he sees Spock and Bones having a serious flirt. Jim offers to let them date, he’ll be happy with his career, but they both explain, tripping over each others words, that they want Jim too. Cue legally successful mcspirk au.

prompt: can you do a one shot where Lucas notices Riley’s acting different and he confronts her about it and they get into a fight and he finds out Riley’s getting bullied again please??? ps i love your writing so much <3

awee thank you!! I love this prompt, but I did write it a little bit more in my own style so I hope that’s okay!!

Riley nearly jumps out of her skin when she sees her boyfriend sitting on her bed after she comes home from her dentist appointment.

“Luke! You scared the ba-jeepers out of me! Shouldn’t you be at home, having dinner with your parents?” She sets her bag down and starts to pull out some school work and her laptop.

“I’m right where I need to be.” He says, showing no emotion. He seems a little pissed off to Riley, but she shrugs it off.

“Well, I have a killer essay due tomo-”

“What the hell is going on with you?” He snaps.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She glares at him for snapping at her.

“Okay, everyone else might be buying your bullshit, but I’m not. We don’t lie to each other, Riley. So what’s going on with you?”

“Nothing is going on with me! I’m just tired and stressed and loaded with homework, so I’m sorry if I’ve been a little distant lately, but it’s not exactly my fault. You can’t just show up here and snap at me like that, because I didn’t do anything to you!” She avoids his gaze by walking over to her closet and picking out comfier clothes.

“Well, I thought if I snapped then you’d actually tell me the truth but that obviously didn’t work.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” She walks over to him.

“It means save it, Riley!” He stands up and crosses his arms. “I know you’re lying to me.”

She looks at the floor, not having a response.

“Riley, I told you my favourite thing in this world is when you talk to me. So talk to me. Let me listen, let me help.” He takes her hand and strokes it lightly. “ Just talk to me, baby.”

She looks into his eyes for a minute as he studies her gaze. His eyebrows furrow in concern.

“What? What is it you can’t tell me?” He speaks softly. A single tear rolls down her cheek and he instantly wipes it away.

“Riles, you’re scaring me. What’s happening?” She reaches into her back pocket and grabs her phone, placing it in his free hand.

“Don’t freak out, though. I’ve got it handled, I promise.” He’s silent for a while, reading the horrid messages. He stands up and paces for a while, still reading, and then eventually, he just stops, turns toward her, stands completely still, and very clearly, with a cold tone, speaks three simple words.

“Who is it?”

“I don’t know.” She stands and walks over to him, ready to reach out and soothe him, but he steps back and puts a hand up.

“I really don’t think you should touch me right now, sweetie.”

“Luke,” She doesn’t listen and runs her hand through his hair. “You’re not going to hurt me.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” His voice cracks as he speaks, and looks her in the eye.

“I told you, I’ve got it handled.”

“Clearly not!” His outburst causes Riley to drop her hand from his hair but she quickly places it on his arm, trying to calm him. “You’ve been acting so weird and distant, Riley!”

“That’s because I can’t keep a secret from you.” She smiles. “I had to avoid you so I didn’t spill the beans everywhere.”

He looks into her eyes for a moment, and then places his hand on her hips.

“You promise me you’ve got this handled?” He mumbles.

“I promise.” She plants a sweet kiss on his lips and then pulls him in for a hug.

26.9.2016 1.49 p.m. - Trying to finish my German homework while waiting for my Legal English class to begin :) I love German so much, I can’t wait to learn more.
I’m studying at a study area at uni and I like this place a lot! There’s a nice little café and it’s not too quiet for me here.
Hope you’re having an awesome day!


hello it’s sal~

now i know i haven’t hit my year mark for this blog but today i felt like sharing my gratitude

✨the following people have made my experience on the kpop side of tumblr fantastic and they should be recognized✨

@cheeto-puff-gem , you are the one who ended my social life introducing me to kpop and how thankful am i to know you ✨ (and to see you at school every day)


@mio-soldatino , my fav lil squish! I’m adopting you and i’m your mom… you have no say in this decision.

@precioseok , although we barely talk, YOU TAGGED ME IN SO MUCH AND MADE ME FEEL SO LOVED WHEN I JOINED TUMBLR AND I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR THAT ❤️ and that i definitely want to get to know ya more~

@dopekwan , where do i even start with you. YOU ARE JENNIE WITH AN IE. the first time i messaged you i just really liked your blog appearance header annnnnnnnd i only meant to just tell you that and leave it there so i wouldn’t freak u out with my fangirling buttt YOU WERE SO NICE SO OBVIOUSLY i love you now.

@risingsea101 , not gonna lie, you’re so cool dood. Idk why/how i started talking to you but dude YOU ARE SO COOL. HOW CAN YOU BE T H A T COOL. i wanna be you when i grow up. (and thanks for talking me into mystic messenger)

@gyuwifeu , we haven’t talked much but i Adore U® (i knew i couldn’t get through this without a reference) blog and you seem like such an awesome person who i would like to get to know better ^_^

@woahoshi you’re so sweet and your url is so great and you’re so great wowza i repeat myself a lot YOURE JUST REALLY COOL



@chxns , i remember talking to you one day and YOU WERE SO NICE HOPE

@calinska , kiddo you are so great and i’m sorry that time zones make it impossible to have a long lit convo but ITS SO COOL HOW WE CAN BOTH UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER SPEAKING OUR OWN NATIVE LANGUAGES (luh ya)

@kavtie , you’ve made tumblr so cool for me THANK YOU SO MUCH and fangirling is so much fun with u (as i’m typing this i got a notification from our chat, i’m shook too)

@mediocrehero LIT. kid i love you. you’re my twin AND I WILL ALWAYS HAVE AN EXTRA BOWL OF RICE FOR YOU. ALWAYS. THANK U SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME WITH MONSTA X AND EXO and introducing me to WINNER and all the groups you sent me

@seungcheofine THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR your kindness hope you’re doing well in uni~

@jfxxny you’re sorta my best friend? i’m glad that my influence finally ENDED THE KOREAN ignorance AND THAT YOURE HERE NOW ENJOYING THE KPOP WORLD with me

@joshuavocado you like tøp and kpop and are the coolest latin bud i could ask for HOPE YOUVE BEEN DOING WELL~

@smfairybender OMGOMGOMGOMOMG my other twin it’s weird how we are so similar bUT I EMBRACE IT ^_^ you’re so cooooool and thanks so much for being my friend✨

@for-amberliu dude i’m so sorry i’m never on twitter, i live on tumblr but hey YOURE SUPER COOL AND MY TEANOR SAX BUDDY

@cookies4kookie YOURE SO COOL LIKE MY GOALS AS A HUMAN BEING?? i hope you fix your computer and enjoy your gaming and ALSO I HOPE YOURE DOING WELL~

there are some others mutuals that i am very thankful for although we don’t talk your URL is familiar and i’d like to acknowledge you too ^_^

@wydhobi (i love your url so much)

i hope the list of ppl i thank gets bigger as i meet more people on here

thanks so much again ✨


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hey, you speak about a lot of academic stuff behind political ideologies and so much of it flies over my head; I would love to understand the more in-depth stuff. Where is most of your education from? I've found Wikipedia too general to learn from

I mean I got my bachelors in a SUNY school in polisci and a masters in public policy, but in terms of like leftism my education was really self guided.  That said I couldn’t be where I was without a couple of foundational texts which weren’t really leftist texts so much as texts that helped inform my thinking about politics.  I’ve done this before but to just talk about three:

Policy Paradox by Deborah Stone focuses on the way that words can come under a multitude of meanings and how simple concepts like ‘efficiency’ or ‘equality’ are actually packed with a multitude of often competing concepts.

Evidence, Persuasion, and the Policy Process by Giadomenico Majone focuses on the process of making policy as a political process, and includes a series of short essays about systems of policies and how they are politically infused.

Decoding Clausewitz by Jon T Sumida is a very big text for me, which gave me a new way to think historically and still informs the way I try to process information.  Sumida’s discussions of the specifics of Clausewitz are helpful to people who are into that but what’s most helpful is how he discusses the way that Clausewitz helps one to think in a way conductive to action, to accept the flaws inherent in any plan

Dear Sagittarius

Do you remember the day when my ride home from school bailed and I got up the guts to ask you to give me a ride home? You live 30 minutes the opposite direction but you said yes anyway. I don’t remember what we talked about but I remember my cheeks quivering from smiling so much. I remember you asking for a hug in return for the ride and I remember walking in the door shaking from happiness. Do you remember our first date? You took me out on your jet ski to a little island and then we watched a movie, and then another because we didn’t want to stop cuddling. Do you remember all the adventures we had? Sneaking around in the woods, swinging in a hammock by the lake, driving around in your car with old rock music blasting? Do you remember when things went wrong? When we both tried to blame each other and your temper just couldn’t cool? You hurt me over and over, but still I wish the best for you You were my first love, even if I was in love with a side of you I rarely got to see, or honestly maybe didn’t exist. Yours in love and hate,

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You are awesome and amazing to give so much time and effort to the HP fandom. You have given us such beautiful things for free, and it seems like some people think they are entitled to the fruits of your labor or to having you produce things a certain way which is rude and ridiculous. In light of that, I wanted to thank you for sharing as much as you do. We're a better fandom for it, and you've brightened my day/week/month before with your creations

Thank you so much, I really really appreciate everything you said <3 However, I also don’t want to discourage people like the previous anon from sending me messages because I do also appreciate criticism. I’m just really stressed out right now about school and my job so I’m sorry if I seemed a little short in my last reply. But thank you! I obviously love making edits and will keep making them as long as people want to see them!

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Uhh... hi! I love your blog. Though I'm very shy and stuff... soo uhhh idk maybe can I try some fan art with your sans? Though I might end up posting it on the weekend because school... uhmm.. glad your doing good!

Yes I would love to see you draw my sans, I would be so honored and thank you so much! ^W^

@einemelodieimwind said: Why are you two so cute? WHY? Seeing this kind of posts puts a smile on my face because you’re too cute, guys. And I love to see how much you love each other and I really wish you two all the best. You both deserve it.

; w ; oh my gosh thank you, that’s so cute of you to say!! ♥ yes, we love each other a lot and so it’s incredibly hard when we’re apart because I have school or he has work.. You deserve all the best too *hugs*  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

@francisperfectionbonnefoy!!! bi look!! we are cute!! 

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hey guys! smol reminder that school is kicking my ass, so i really won’t be on much during the week, so I’m sorry if it takes me forever to respond to messages! Just know y queue runs 15 times a day with the tag #maybe some queues are inevitable. I miss and love you guys all so so much! Just know if I don’t respond right away…

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Hey! So, I'm thinking about becoming a studyblr since the studybl community has really helped me stay motivated when it comes to school. Do you have any tips/suggestions for starting out? Thanks so much!

Hi there lovely! Ooh, that’s so good to hear! If you’ve got some time to spare, I definitely recommend starting one! It can be a really good way to motivate yourself :) I’ve listed some of my fave tips for new studyblrs in my new studyblr tag here! x

Out of flowers; Hiyo! I’ve missed all you lovelies!~ School and work has been fine, I have a major project presentation coming up soon, so there’s that. Um, San Antonio was once again amazing, and I got the chance to eat so much food, oh gawd yush. Ohh I also got the chance to meet up with some of my tumblr buddies, so yay! Um, hn, what else to tell you lovely people. Well, since it’s Munday, I suppose I could show you my recent cosplay photo. Since I had a shoot done there by the river walk thingie <3 Well now, Imma go reply to friendo right quick then just roam around here stalking people ;D And try to answer some asks, since they are building up again OTL SORRWIE!!!

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