The sweet scent of rain hints in the air tonight… Perhaps it is my imagination, but it reminded me. We pray together as a family every night; giving thanks for the miracles of the day, for those we love, and asking for our needs and desires. Tonight we prayed for rain to come soon.

A few days ago, I had put away.. in a safe place…a toy that my son has wanted and earned, so safe that I couldn’t fund it. He has been struggling with going to summer school and anything different. I very much want him to know that he can receive guidance and direction. So, after he and I searched fruitlessly, with a prayer in my heart, I called him to me where we prayed together. We then began looking again and found it immediately. After a prayer of thanks, we were off to school to show his teacher the toy he earned.

We each have guidance available to us, should we listen, to give direction and comfort in life. I know as he practices asking and listening his life will be enriched.

So, I’m going to throw this out here.

Thebookwormfromkinder teaches at my school and I don’t think anything has been purchased from her list.  Over 90% of our students’ families qualify for free and reduced lunch.  More than 80% don’t speak English at home.  There’s so much our staff does above and beyond for a kids, that I think a lot of teachers and non-teachers alike would be surprised to hear.  And she shows up for just about everything.

She’s relatively new to tumblr, but she is the fabric that makes our school strong.  She is every bit the teacher you would want your own kids to have and the type of co-worker that goes above and beyond for the entire staff but in a way that is anonymous… well unless you’re me and she couldn’t keep it a secret.

She will be teaching some of my kiddos from last year, aka my dream class.  And I love them so much and I want ALL of their future teachers to have as much support as I have.  Not much I can do for each of these teachers, but I can ask that you check out her list because she is in the middle of the list and newer to the Tumblr game.

This is her wishlist.

i’ve just met up with a guy I’ve known for like 17 out of my 17 years (literally my first friend ever, neighbour and kindergarden buddy/classmate later in school) and I love him so much but Im leaving russia today and im sad because theres no one like him back in norway and i feel so sad ahhah hha

KnB Cross Colors Special Story - (Part of) Seirin & Touou’s Cooking Incident (translated)

This is my attempt at translating (part of) one of the special stories found in Cross Colors, the official Kuroko no Basket smartphone game. There were many parts worth translating in the stories imo (such as Kaijou’s purikura session at the arcade and Midorima holding a ladle in the pool), but this one finally made me get down to it because, well, there’s a great moment between Kagami and Aomine and I LOVE SEEING THEM TOGETHER.

This is a very rough translation because I’m struggling so much with the Japanese language help. If anyone is interested in reading the entirety of the stories in the two game paths (Kuroko and Kise) available right now, maybe… someone… is translating them already? Otherwise, it’s on my to-do list somewhere…

Context of the game and this story: Seirin and the other schools with GoM members are attending a joint training camp. After a day of spartan training under Riko’s supervision, the Seirin members rush to the cafeteria for a good meal, only to find it closed because of equipment checks. Fortunately or not, the kitchen is still accessible, and Riko suggests cooking for everyone… As the Seirin members shudder in fear, Momoi appears and to thank Kuroko for helping her find the missing Aomine earlier during the day, she decides to cook for his school. The Seirin members’ joy doesn’t last long as Kuroko turns even paler and tells them about Momoi’s skills that rival those of Riko. Hyuuga, in a desperate attempt to save everyone, puts Kagami up for the task of assisting Riko, and Sakurai also joins in on Momoi’s side.

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5 months on here!!

HEY BUDDIES :D So today (7.27.16) marks my 5 month anniversary for this blog!! 💁🏽This community has brought out the best in me. Making this blog gave me so much inspiration to get to work and not to worry about failure. 📚😊It will all be ok. All of us getting through another year of school is just another reason to be proud of yourself. I am proud of myself for making this blog💪🏽💪🏽 These past few months made me realize how genuine people on tumblr can be. I’ve made so so many friends. I love each and every one of you that enjoy my account💜 You mean the world to me. To everyone that likes my blog and especially these people, I love you. You are my family. -Genny🌟😇💖 @sassyzombiepineapple @academla @getstudyblr @apstudies @baeknotes @hpstudies @leahrning @prettylittlestudies @ap-studyblr @studybuzz @katsdesk @kimberlystudies @cmpsbls @elkstudies @nehrdist @positivedoodles @emmawrightisstudying @studyign @haleystudies @studyingina @studypetals

Stingue Fanfic Favs

So I’ve been wanting to create a sort of list of my favourite Stingue fanfics mostly for my own reference (holy fuck they’re on like three different platforms omg). So I decided to do that today because I’m awake and want to do it. They’re in no specific order.

anonymous asked:

@Mun; please don't feel a need to update this blog because of loosing followers; if you need to focus on school, then focus on school. I love your blog but education matters, and you shouldn't have to sacrifice it for this blog.

[Aaah, thank you so much for being so understanding-!!

I just feel really bad because I hardly update this blog, even though I really want to. Whenever I have time to draw, I have no motivation or inspiration, but when I’m supposed to do other important things, like school-related activities, I get a sudden urge to pursue drawing- 

My time management is literally shit tbh and I procrastinate way more than I should on both my blogs and school, so lmao- But, thank you again for being so nice about all of this! I just hope my lack of activity on this blog won’t become a common thing and that I’ll eventually learn how to regulate myself- orz]

yo but i just gotta brag about my brother for a bit

the kid is 15 and talented as fuck at soccer right. and last year he was going to play this pretty awesome school boys tournament. and we thought he had it, but because of stupid shits (they could only take 16 people and not 17 and he just happened to be the 17th name on the list they said could be on the team) he didn’t get it. but then he had the opportunity to try out for this international tournament held in korea and he got in!!! he went to korea and played in like, the under 15′s version of a goddamn world cup. they didn’t win but that’s not the point. he was good enough to travel overseas and play.

and so this year we found out last week about a tournament in china. he was asked to join the team because the queensland soccer association were lazy as shit and didn’t put a team together in time. but on the night of getting everyone around to tell them about the trip and what it’s going to be like, a hell of a lot more people turned up (from the qsa) and it turned into them needing to select people, rather than take those they’ve offered the place to.

my brother didn’t get it. apparently he is too young. 

and now this morning i find out that this was perfect timing because last night he was asked to go back to korea for the same tournament as last year (one that’s a hell of a lot more prestigious and up there than the china one) and that the freaking korean government had to approve the team offering spots to a near 16 year old (because he’s too old now). and the coach remembered my brother from last year and wanted him back and i just. he’s even being sponsored this time around. mum and dad don’t have to pay a thing i’m so

twice bureaucratic bullshit has stopped my brother playing in an awesome tournament and twice he has had a better option come along and grabbed that and fuck if there’s not a lesson in there about not giving up man idk


Hello :3 I’m Briana (Bri for short), I’m 21 and I’m from CA, but I go to school in PA. My major is Community Health Education but I’m planning on continue education to be an Occupational Therapist/Nutritionist.
I’m pretty much an open book so come and talk to me :) I love Roosterteeth, Kingdom Hearts, Disney, Friends, animals, cooking, baking, and adventures in nature! I’m looking for friends, maybe more…
Come message me! I’d love to get to know you

For You Generous Folks,

Seen a lot of people posting their Amazon wish lists, so I thought I’d give it a try. Help a first year baby out - $250 from my school isn’t a lot to work with (but I’m sure you all know that…) and I’ve maxed out my relatives for donations. My summer camp work pays enough for food/gas/cheap rent my parents are charging me, but if y’all wouldn’t mind taking a peek at my wish list and helping a fellow teach out, I’d love you educhums even more than I already do! I think there’s a couple of expensive things on the list - like a laminator hehe - ignore those. Really just there to bookmark it so I can come back to it later. 


Oh, and even if you can’t donate anything, sharing this post would be nice!

(Also, its my birthday tomorrow so maybe that’ll help my self-pity post)

(Also also, I’m finally getting into the classroom tomorrow so I’ll be able to post pictures yay!)

I love going through all of these requests and deciding on how to write them. Thank you all so much for your continued support. I am thrilled that you all love them. Tonight I am planning on staying up super late to get through all of my old requests, and I can’t wait. But I have to take a break for right now because I’m going out to look at houses! Things get better everyone. I once used to be going nowhere, I was failing school and almost didn’t graduate because of it. It was dark times, and it’s getting better. Now I live in California, about to purhcase my first home. For those of you struggling with depression or other forms of mental illness, I want to applaud you for being you and just for surviving through those tough and unbearable days. I know how hard they can get. I love you all. And you all deserve so much love. 

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Oh my God Eoin is adorable. Would you care to share any back story on this cute little cinnamon roll?


Okay i’m gunna start by saying he’s an oc i made in elementary school
my friend and I would pretend to be super hero cats that would battle against an evil snowman named Snowgirl and his henchman Seal
Why I chose my persona to be a male cat in a scarf I have no idea
That friend and I still keep in touch and I love her to bits

so all the backstory is complete childhood nonsense! 
Like his brother thought he made a clone of himself but it actually turns out Eoin was his long lost twin from another dimension 

There’s so much nostalgia and happy memories attached to him I can’t seem to let him go so I’ll redraw him every once in awhile 

look at my shitty elementary art compared to my mediocre shit now lol

suburbangangsigns  asked:

I am seriously so in love with your poetry, and read all you have tagged on your blog. Do you have any posted anywhere else? I would love to read more

Aw thank you so much! :’) I tag all of my poetry on my blog under “poetry” or “spilled ink” pretty much. I have had a few poems published on Teen Ink when I was in high school but I cringe when I read them now tbh

Patrik, 36

“I’m wearing my own design from Patrik Loves Jenni collection which I did when still at school. My inspiration tonight was drop out collections that never make it to the Aalto University graduation show. My best friend’s collection got disqualified last minute, and I wanted to support her. Nowadays I prefer practicality and comfort: jeans or sweatpants and a t-shirt with a nice print. I don’t think about my looks so much anymore.”

25 May 2016, Näytös16

i hate losing friends.. there was this one girl that i got so close to and we would have sleepovers every weekend and spend every day at lunch together at school and she gave me a scrapbook full of reasons why i should love myself and put so much effort into me and i loved her so much she was one of my best friends and i accidentally led her on without realizing it because she got really upset with me one day and didn’t ever want to talk to me again…. we’ve built up this sort-of friendship since that but it’s never going to be the same because i ruined everything with my dumb brain and i barely ever talk to her now and she has a boyfriend now so she doesn’t need my company anymore and i don’t blame her for being mad i just miss her

so i just got my acceptance letter for school this fall + ill be returning to my program 

i really want to do art as a career - i love art so much and even though i originally wanted to go into animation, i found out that about two months in - i wanted to go into illustration / concept art because 

fucking concept art is the best shit ever?

 each of those words in that sentence above is a link to concept art i adore and i want to create stuff like that one day.


Part Three - Chapter 7, Choices

Stopping on a grassy patch near the edge of the pond Joshua and Sandy caught their breath.

“Isn’t this cool that we have the same dad and I don’t mind sharing him with you either, Sandy.” Joshua said honestly.

Sandy happily agreed back. “Yeah it is pretty cool. And thanks Josh.”

“Man I didn’t know how much longer I was going to have to wait for my mum and dad to give me a brother or sister. You’re so much fun Sandy and now I don’t have to wait to go through all that baby stuff, agh boring!” Josh said.

Sandy laughed. She loved having Joshua as a brother, even if he was a few years younger. She’d always been a bit of a tom boy too. At school she had trouble making friends with the other girls. They were into dresses and all that other girly stuff.

Sandy leaned in and hugged Joshua. “You’re heaps of fun too, Josh.”

“Eww, girl germs!” Joshua joked. Sandy just laughed and continued hugging him. “I won’t tell if you don’t,” he said.

“Pinky swear?” Sandy said.

“Pinky swear,” Joshua promised.

After briefly checking on the kids Will’s eyes suddenly darted back to the water when he started feeling a strong pull on the line. He quickly reeled it in, then pulling back and reeling it in again, finally taking a catch and totally unaware of the friendship that had just blossomed right before him.


These are taken from my path/histology lab, I thought I would share some of these because they are just beautiful, I can’t tell which parts of the organ I am looking at yet but, i can now tell which organ they are from;
In order: 1. 2. Kidney, 3. 4. Lung, 5. Brain, 6. 7. Intestine, 8. Liver, 9. 10. Heart, (you can correct me if I’m wrong)

I didn’t cut and slice these samples, I did stain them though and I think I did a good job, getting pictures through a microscope is really hard but look at these there so pretty!!!
I just love organs, I love looking at them, whether it’s the whole thing or their cells, the body is just an amazing thing, I love everything about it.

ID #24536

Name: Sonya
Age: 18
Country: USA

I am an incoming college freshman. I will be studying forensics. I am looking for someone to maybe share my college experience with. Probably someone either currently in college or going to be in college like me. I would be totally open to sharing presents on holidays (more specifically Christmas.) and maybe even birthdays if someone is open to it. I am mildly afraid I won’t get to talk to my friends much once I move in because I will be far away from them. And would love to have someone to talk with. I am really just looking for a friend. I like anime superhero movies, Disney, Theatre, singing. 

Preferences: I guess either late high school early ish college. So 17-20 ish.