A Letter to My Followers!

Hey, guys!
First of all, thank you so much for being so nice. I know I haven’t up dated recently but I do have a good reason: school. I’m homeschooled and have a winter vacation rather then a summer vacation and, sadly, vacation time is over.
I’m back at it and as much as I love to write, my education comes first. So, again, sorry for the lack of updates. It’s been a little difficult getting back into “study mode” but once I’m ready, I’ll pick a certain time for imagines. Mostly likely Saturday and Sunday.
To everyone who has a request, just know that I’m trying to get them all done! Running a blog can be a little hard sometimes but I do love it and I love all of you.

Love, Admin Nan.

P.S. You know what’s really crazy? I got only a few messages and requests all of my break but the second I started school and got super busy, the messages just came pouring in. Also, Tumblr has been eating my chat messages lately and even deleted a few chats. So if I don’t reply for a few days, try sending it again.

this is mod mango!

sorry i didn’t update yesterday, don’t know if i’ll make a nice update today? trying to get my school life Back Together as well as catch up on a podcast. so i’ve been doing homework and listening to that.

BUUUT i want to thank people for jumping on for the ride, and honest to god all of these asks are like. super good. i’m brainstorming a lot of them, i think i have some witty responses, hopefully i’ll get some Arc 1 & ball stuff done? got real busy, man

later gators, and thank you!

anonymous asked:

Adzie you owned CHICKENS!? How were they, do you have any cute animal stories? 🐣🐣 I would love to cuddle a chicken

Yes! I did :D but as I was quite young at the time I can’t remember everything about them. 

I do remember out of the 6+ that my family originally had (they looked like this), I named one ‘Freckles’ because it had lots of lighter feathers on dotted about on it’s chest area :3 I was a bit of a grabby curious child though so I can’t imagine it liked me that much :’D

My sisters and I would collect the eggs every morning before going to school and one time my sister forgot to store them away in the house so she ended up keeping one in her pocket the whole school day ahaha. 

Sadly, we had a (presumed) fox attack on our pen one day and that was the last of those batch of chickens :( BUT a year or so later, we got three more! 

One of my sister’s got a really big grey/silvery feathered one that had lost a few of it’s feathers but was still really cute (i think it was this kind but i could be wrong), my other sister got a black one with a feathery afro which was soooo pretty (looked like this!) and then I had a v smol soft grey one that I called ‘Fluffy’ and loved to stroke :’) it kinda looked like this but a lot smaller.

I had a trampoline in the back of my garden and sometimes instead of jumping on it, me and my sisters would just cuddle our chickens and then run around the garden with them :’)) it was a lot of fun.

Sadly their demise was the same as the other batch of chickens despite our efforts to make the pen safer for them :’/ but one day if i ever come to own a lil house with a garden, i’d love to have chickens again :( !!!

Wish i had some actual photos of these chickens and remembered more of them but I hope that was still a fun ramble to read :’) thanks for the message! i hope you get to cuddle a chicken one day!

anonymous asked:

I've never told anybody but I always wish on my way to school some random group of way way older guys would pick me up and kidnap me to use me and take my V. They'd think they were using me but I'd want it sooooo bad. Older guys make me so wet!! My gpa has fingered me long as I can remember but I want strangers to take my cherry, I'd esp like it if they thought they were forcing me to do it, but I'd love it!! I get off to it every night before bed (like now) :P I want my panties ripped off.

I have had that same rape fantasy except it was on my way to a much earlier school I’m sure ;) and instead of men it was other students… ok and men too!

–.. so hi again friends! i’m back, it’s astrid once again. i played lil’ old everly for a couple days but couldn’t get myself into the character. i’m so used to playing males, i figured i’d give it a go. but clearly it wasn’t as cracked up as i thought it’d be. –… so, if we haven’t met, i’m astrid! i’m super pumped to give this another go, and introduce my lovely lil’ man, kayden! hopefully he’s a little more interesting than my other character. 
- so kayden is from Chicago, but he never stays in one place for too long, which is why some people call him the rocket man. he’s so used to flying around, and visiting new places all over the world for business and adventures. he’s very much the serious, romantic, and mysterious type.
- kayden is very much into jazz music, and the old school love life. he’s an old soul living in a young body.
- he’s 100% the type that becomes very protective over you if you become close with him, and will stop at nothing to try and make you happy. — even if he’s doing the wrong things.
- his family has never been close with him, which is probably why he doesn’t talk much about them. however, he does have a twin sister which he is very fond of and really loves.   – so if you wanna plot, let me know and we can think of something awesome!

anonymous asked:

Hiiz kitty, I love your blog!! :3 I've been having some troubles getting into little space lately and my daddy is going through tough times. All I've been doing is adulting so much and I haven't been sleeping or eating lots.. I've lost so much weight and I'm so stressed out but all I want to do is watch cartoons and colour but anytime I try I just get upset and cry... how do I fix this? Can you help?..

Hai Hai Anon,

Tanks chus ✨

Taking a break from stressful things, whether it be school or work etc, is very important. Even if your break lasts only 30 mins. Alongside with breaks, eating and sleeping are essential, I can’t stress enough that you must do those things. You shouldn’t feel bad about taking Littlespace breaks, like I said small breaks are good.

Some ideas for Littlespace breaks could be:

•watch a short cartoon
•color a cute picture
•snuggle with stuffies and take a nap
•have a cute Little meal

Hope this helps ✨

perpetual-crossroads  asked:

I saw your anon who is suffering a chronic illness. If they'd like, I'd be more than happy to talk to them. I have CFS, and had to drop out of school at 15, at my worst I could barely walk the 12 steps to the toilet without resting, and if I left the house (which was very rarely) I used a wheelchair. I was diagnosed with depression and self-harmed and attempted suicide. I know what it's like to feel really lost, I'm still dealing with my issues, but things are improving. Just an offer.

Hi friend,

What an amazing offer! I pray that they see this message and take you up on this offer. Thank you so, so much, love. God is good. 

All my love,


anonymous asked:

Yellow~! I just wanted to say that I love your art and that you are absolutely amazing~! ^-^ Your BillDip art is especially my favorite! Please keep up the amazing work but please remember to put your own health and life first!

awwww Thank you so much!! seeing this just made me feel much better after the hard day I’ve been through, I’m now back to school and on a bit of hiatus bc of that, and in case if you wanna know, I have two more drawings of Bill to finish but the progress is like three times slower than normal speed *cry* 

anonymous asked:

Ahhh I love your blog (tbh living for the witch theme these days)! Your art is beautiful (totally a Hobi stan at this point, but like Jin still my number 1)!! You draw so well & your art style is beautiful!!!! Hows your day been? Good bad? Sleep well? Eat well? School/work/homework? ~ Rae U^ェ^U (also I kinda fell in love with your art, it might actually even be my favorite!!!! So pretty!!!! Also I hope my English wasn't to bad!!!)

jdsks thank u so much ure so sweet!!

Well, my day has been goos so far. Im looking forward to the weekend so I can sleep til noon haha,, school kinda drained me of my energy ;w; 

hope ur day has been nice as well tho


Call the po-lice and the fireman.

Tbh I have no excuse for this. I just want Keith and Shiro to sing like idiots in their disney alien shirts wearing glasses. Fight me. (ง •̀_•́)ง Redbubble


this could be the start of something new.
♥ happy anniversary, troy and gabriella!


In case y’all needed a reason to love the YouMaru event cards.