I was tagged by my favorite and only HoneyLeigh @nightsnaps to do this thingamajig so here goes!

—Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and then tag ten blogs you would like to get to know better. Or don’t. It’s up to you.

—Nickname: Ely

—Sign: aquarius but does it truly matter to me? (for the meme, yes lol)

—Favorite Music Artist: I can’t possibly choose one alone, one of them is James Bay

—Last TV Show You Watched: Riverdale

—Last Movie You Saw in the Theater: good question lol I can’t remember

—What Are You Wearing Right Now: an old tee shirt and some floral pijama pants

—What Do You Post: Jesus, my love for stars, uhm… memes, also aesthetic things

—Do You Have Any Other Blogs: I now have 4 blogs all together. one is a suggestion blog, another is an aesthetic blog, another is a personal blog, and then my main

—Why Did You Choose Your URL: Star Wars, man

—Do You Get Asks Regularly: mmmm more like every other day? I think?

—Hogwarts House: newly claimed Hufflepuff and I am happy


—Pokémon Team: team Mystic brah

—Favorite Color: all the shades of blue

—Favorite Characters: JUGHEAD Jones, Bellamy Blake, Raven Reyes, Cisco Ramon, Rigby from the Regular Show, Luna Lovegood, I can’t choose my favorite Percy Jackson characters but three of them are Luke, Nico, and Rachel

—Hobbies/crafts? Writing, singing, reading, guitar (?), taking pictures, asking questions lol

—Collect anything? I used to collect badges, now I collect notebooks and books in general

—Current challenges you face? going from one side of the country to the other in a week, trying to find a job, keep all of my friendships on the same level

—Things you’re looking forward to? summer, 2018, breakfast lol

—Anything you want to promote? getting to church on time and being nice

I’m taggin’: group chat squad @thatrandomfiend, @steampunkforever27, @wiltingwonder, @mohawk-yeshua, @sassy-sweetpeach, @thewantonsong, @a-singing-dragonfly, @caleb-1015 and group chat squad #2 @i-got-that-bible-swag, @rustierarabbit, @kokorodaki, @smol-overlord and I still have to follow the rest of the people lol