Just the first one was shown on tv, but there have been, like in 2011 at William’s and Kate’s wedding, two balcony kisses. The first one was prepared, the second one a big surprise. Even for the bride, who laughed after it ♡


I was so nervous to tell my mom and dad. But I just walked into to their room and straight up told them. They were a little surprised since I basically woke them from sleeping. But I’m so happy that I can finally and fully declare myself gay! I feel like I’m free! Mi mamá y papá son los mas amables, mas bellos, mas simpáticos del mundo! Son mis ángeles! Los quiero!❤️💛💚💙💜💖 gracias por amar me como soy! Thank you for loving me the way I am.

أمي العزيزة ،
فلا شيء أجمل منك و لا شيء أسعد مني بك.

My Dear Mother ,
There is nothing more beautiful than you
& nothing is happier than me with you.
don't forget about Mother's Day!

write a real letter to your mama! send it in the mail! get her flowers! think about what she has done for you (it’s probably a lot, like a lifetimes amount of a lot) and tell her you appreciate her!


  • Friend:are you hearing that satanic music again?
  • Me:yeah...
  • Friend:why?
  • Me:Well, I think I'm gonna burn in hell!
  • Friend:what?
  • Me:Mama, we're all gonna die.
  • Friend:why I am even your friend?
  • Me:Because the drugs never work.
  • Friend:i'm gonna go.
  • Me:WAIT!
  • Friend:what now!
  • Me:i just wanted you know...
  • Friend:yeah...
  • Me:that the world is ugly...
  • Friend:ok...ay?
  • Me:but you are beatiful to me.
  • Friend:....
  • Me:...
  • Friend:I'll thorw all your mcr's disks.
  • Me:I don’t love you...
  • Me:Like I did yesterday.

Okay so when i was getting my blood work done earlier i started to cry because it began to hurt really bad (I had 9 tubes taken and they didn’t have that butterfly thing - anyway). My mom came over and was like side hugging me for comfort and was trying to relax me and she goes “Just think about Ashton’s arms. I would say think about his thighs but that’d be wrong.”

Needless to say i didn’t laugh at the moment because i was stressed and in pain but now I’m thinking about it and can’t stop laughing.

FELIZ DIA DE LOS PADRES PAPA!!!!!!!! i love you because when you hug me i feel like i’m 4 years old again and every 18 year old problem and heartbreak and doubt and fear disappears and suddenly i’m a little girl again in pigtails and we’re going to go play in a bounce house you blew up for me and everything is simple. i love you because you have the best heart in the world even when you’re grumpy. i love you because you make me laugh until my stomach hurts and mama rolls her eyes but we keep doing it because it’s funny getting her mad and we know she secretly thinks it’s hilarious. i love you because of the way you look at mama. it teaches me to never settle for anything less than being looked at like that. i love you because whenever i vent to you about something that’s stressing me out you remind me “Lo unico en la vida que no se resuelve la muerte” (means: the only thing there is no solution for in life is death") and that nothing besides your health and the health of the people you love is that damn important. i love you because you left everything you knew to come to a foreign country and work until your bones literally ache- my sister and i hear the jingle of the keys in the door and Ringo barks and we scream PAPA!!!!!!!!! and run and hug you and that’s home. wherever you are. wherever we are. i look up to you so much for that strength, for that bravery, i love you because you are my hero. and my best friend. and the best father my sister and I could ever ask for. you have given us all the love in the world. i will always be your little girl that clung to you like the gum on your shoe and cried the day I went to preschool because i didn’t want to leave your side. now i left preschool (and still cried) and im being the person you taught me to be. Te amo, tu flaca by camila_cabello

Awkwardness ensues when my mom learns outdated phrases from my middle school days
  • Mom:What is a sexy beast?
  • Me:What? Oh my god. Mom.
  • Mom:Well, there was a poster in the hallway, and it said "sexy beast" on it. I just want to know what a sexy beast is.
  • Me:MOM.
  • Mom:Well?
  • Me:
  • Mom:
  • Me:Well what?
  • Mom:What is a sexy beast?
  • Mom:Well if you don't want me saying things, don't get posters that say them.
  • Me:I don't even live here, omg stooooooooop
  • Mom:
  • Me:
  • Mom:Are you ashamed?
  • Me:Wh--
  • Mom:Is sexy beast something you shouldn't be saying?
  • Me:No, it's--
  • Mom:Is it a dirty phrase?
  • Me:NO!
  • Mom:Is "sexy beast" something you didn't want your mama to find out about?
  • Me:MOM!
  • Mom:Listen, you're an adult. If you want to go around using dirty phrases, I won't approve of them, but I cannot stop you. You're grown. Say what you must.
  • Me:It's not a bad phrase!
  • Mom:Then what's wrong with it?
  • Me:...nothing...
  • Mom:Are you lying to your mama?
  • Me:No.
  • Mom:
  • Mom:
  • Mom:Okay then.
  • Mom:Lol. Sexy beast.
  • Mom:Do you think I'm a sexy beast?
  • Me:Mom.
  • Mom:Maybe you are a sexy beast.
  • Me:MOM.
  • Mom:Perhaps my guy friends are sexy beasts as well.
  • Me:*sobs*
  • Mom:Do the boys think you're a sexy beast?
  • Me:MOM
  • Mom:So is somebody in specific a sexy beast? Is it a boy? Bring him home for dinner.
omg omg omg

so for april fool’s, my mom told me she was pregnant (and i forgot it was april fool’s) and my mom has been single since she got divorced so i was like DA FUCK and then i was like hhhhwait. its april 1st then i was like yeah right mama and then she was like, “damn girl, you dumb” and i was like

i knoe


so then today i told my sister to pretend like she found weed in my room, BUT IT WAS REALLY OREGANO LOLHAHA and then she told my mom and then she like burst into tears and called my aunt and like i overheard her say she thinks im a perfect child and that this makes me really sad yada yada and then i go in the room and im like,“yo mama, its not weed, it’s oregano lolhaha april foolz!” and then she throws the phone and gives me a big tight hug and takes me out to get tacos

and im like


i love my mama

and tacos