Blue Galaxy Print Seifuku from spreepicky Review  !!! (▽◕ ᴥ ◕▽)

I have had my eye on this uniform for almost a year now and I am SO happy to finally own it!! I want to wear it everyday <3

The print looks so cool and I love how bright the colors are! (excuse the fresh-out-of-the-bag wrinkles haha)

I like the material its made of a lot, it feels sturdy and I know this outfit will last me a while :]

I also like that the bow actually ties around your neck rather than being a pin-on like my other uniform! I’m very pleased with the quality of this outfit :]

I received a measuring tape and a super cute keychain with my purchase (I forgot to take photos of those im sorry >.<) but the keychain is super cute and I put it on my car keys ^^ <3

I bought the size XL because of my height and broader shoulders, and it fits perfectly :] definitely follow the size chart when you buy! 

Here is the link to the seifuku so you can buy one too! (They also have a super cute purple one!)

Click me! 

(If the sizes of this uniform won’t work for you Spreepicky also offers a “plus” size version of it that is just as cute! Click and Click :3 )

Make sure you look at the rest of Spreepicky’s website for tons of other super cute things!

I can’t wait to make my next purchase <3

I LOVE MY BIG SO MUCH!!!!!! You know the one true way to my heart…PUBLIX CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES 😍🍪 and I mean boys in bow ties aren’t bad either 😘 ONE MORE DAY! #biglittle #blessed (at University of Florida)

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anonymous asked:

39 & 51

Nicole: 39. I’m a huge fan of black, white and blue. That’s pretty much my closet.

51. In My Head - Party Favor. I just heard this song today!! It’s so good!

Melody: 39) Oh boy well I tend to wear a lot of white because that is the color I have. But I also have a lot of people who say my bow ties are very colorful.

51) I am thinking of a wonderful friend of mine. The song that reminds me of them is called By the Rain by Brown Bird. It is like their song so it became special with me when they shared it with me. I heard it and fell in love myself anyway.