yazwas asked:

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1. the meaning behind my url
It was actually something I said to my mom on a car ride up to Dublin YEARS ago, I think I was about 16. I loved it so much, I started making it my username on everything and now I am too attached to change it :D It also ties in with the fact that I want to be an editor in a publishing company but I am SOOOOO bad at speaking to people.

3. tattoos i have
I have five so far - the Assassins symbol from Assassins Creed on my back, Cubone on my ankle, a bow on the front of my other ankle, “I mean this, I’m okay, trust me” with a drummer boy on my forearm and “Weightless” on my ribs.

6. favorite band 

Taking Back Sunday are my number one favourite :D 

Thank you for asking! No one ever asks about my tattoos :D