Sparks Beginning part 1

So I saw a post about what the team Leader, Spark’s origin story could be like. And I did my best and I wrote a start of his beginning! Enjoy! 


 “Bye Mrs. Winterfields!” A small child yelled as he got on his bike after loading up his small basket with his grooming tools.

 “Bye Sparky! And thank you so much for Grooming my precious Eevees!” The old woman called out as she cuddled one of her many Eevees, which this one had a bow tied around its neck. “Oh and tell your moms that I loved the ribbons!”

 The young boy smiled and waved once more before taking off down the road that lead back to his home. Spark, the name everyone gave him for his spiky blond hair, had spent the past two and a half months grooming Eevees, walking growliths, cleaning yards, and doing other chores around his small town in order to raise enough money to buy his first pokeball. No scratch that. A Greatball. Why a Greatball you may ask? Well after his first ten attempts at trying to catch wild Pokèmon with regular pokèballs have failed horribly (most running away after escaping, others trying to chase after the aspiring trainer.), he figured he might as well earn his way to get the very best of the best kind of balls out there to catch his first wild Pokèmon. After watching his older brother leave the house and become one of the best gym leaders in the region, Spark wanted to aspire to be, not like, but greater than his brother.

 “Hi Mom!” Spark yelled upon his arrival to the front yard of his home, where his mother was doing some gardening. His mother looked up from her flowers and smiled at her youngest child. “Mrs. Winterfield told me to tell you and mom that she loved the ribbons you made.” 

His mother’s pink lips pulled into smile as she kissed her son’s head. “That’s good to hear sweetie. Now why don’t you go up to your bathroom and wash up. Your mom has dinner waiting for you.” Spark smile at the thought of food waiting for him. He ran inside after dropping his bike at his blonde mother’s feet. As the boy ran inside, he almost knocked over the unusually small Igglybuff.

 “Hi Mr. Iggles!” He greeted steading the small pokèmon before running up the stairs to wash off the day’s work from his body. Spark changed his clothes, flashed a bright smile and flexed in front of the mirror before running back down stairs where he found his mother retying her long red hair in a bun again. 

 “How was the Eevee clan today? Were they bratty today?” His mother asked as she served him a bowl of soup she freshly prepared. 

 The boy shook his head as he took a large spoonful of the hot soup and dumped it into his mouth. “Nope!” He said after swallowing. “Just it seems like they were a bit hairier then normal. Though I think the one she named Pickles is about evolve into a Flareon!” 

“Really?! Well I’ll be SHOCKED if Pickles evolved into a Jolteon.” His other mother joked as she walked in from outside. While his blonde mother laughed, his mother fixing two more bowls of soup groaned as she shook her head.

 “Nice one mom!” Spark laughed as he fist bumped his mom after she took off her gloves.

 “And it’s moments like this that I ask myself why I married you.” His mother groaned as she handed her wife a bowl of soup. “Oh you know you love us.” The blonde mother spoke as she kissed her wife’s cheek before setting the bowl in front of Mr. Iggles, who decided to join them for dinner. 

After dishing out a few more bowls for the rest of the house Pokèmon, Spark and his two mother sat together at the dinner table, eating and telling stories of their days (not to mention more bad jokes being told), and as was well until Spark said…
“I wanna be a Trainer like big bro and travel all around to be the best.” He pretty much blurted out. His blonde mother nearly spat out his water, his Red haired mother dropped her spoon, all the Pokèmon (expect Mr. Iggles) had all stopped eating. 

 “Y-you want to what now?” His mother cough as she cleared her throat from the water she almost choked on. “I want to travel the land and be the very best trainer! Like big bro, but greater!” 

“But sweetie, you’re only ten years old.” 

“So? That’s how old big bro was when he left!” 

“Are you sure? That’s a big decision.” Spark nodded his head as he looked at both his mothers. “Mom and mom, please let me do this. I worked all summer and saved up so that I can buy a Greatball! And with that I’ll catch a strong Pokèmon who will help me become a legend!” The blonde boy was standing on his seat by the end of his speech.

 Both his mothers looked at one other before sharing a sigh. “We’ll talk about it. For now, go up to your room and get ready for bed.” His Mother finally said as she swept back her red bangs. Spark said nothing but his face spoke for him, he felt defeated and he has yet to fight in a real Pokemon battle. But none the less, he listened to his mother and went up to his room.

 “Summer, what do you think we should do?” The Red haired woman asked her wife after five minutes of silently cleaning the kitchen.

 “Do you want the truth, Ember?” Summer asked as she dried the bowls before putting them away. Ember turned and nodded to her wife. “I think we should let him. He’s a smart, kind, and strong kid who I can tell trust their instincts even if he doesn’t know it. When we were his age, we both went out and started our adventures. Hell, that’s around the time when we met and became friends.” 

Summer explained as she set the last of the bowls down. “It feels like time has gone by fast, but it’s time for our last baby to leave the nest.” Ember listened as silent tears rolled down her cheeks. She nodded, agreeing to what her wife was saying. “Now come on and dry those tears. We should tell the little Weedle to pack a bag.” Summer laughed as she embraced her wife.

 Spark was laying in bed when both of his mothers walked in. Preparing for the worst he brought Mr. Iggles into a close hug as his mothers sat on either sides of his Snorlax shaped bed. “So your mother and I have spoken and-” His mother, Ember, started before Summer interrupted her by yelling. 


It was just before dawn broke the next morning, Spark was finishing up packing his back basket on his bike up with some starter supplies he was going to need. He had a good stock of food, a tent, pillow and blanket, some clothes, and some personal hygiene (his mothers made him pack that) in his back basket and backpack. 

 “Spark, take Mr. Iggles with you for company. He may be sassy but he’ll keep you from getting lonely.” His mother spoke as she placed the fairy Pokèmon in the front basket. “Please be safe and calls us every time you arrive in a new town and before you leave that town. Understood?” She asked tucking her a strand of red behind her ear. He nodded and gave her a hug before her blonde mother knelt in front of him. 

“I’m so proud of you, my little Sparky pants.” She spoke softly as she hugged him. “Now I need you to remember this.” She started as she held him by the shoulders. “Your mind and heart will tell you two different things when it comes to decision-making. You may want to listen to your heart or your mind. But whatever you do, always follow your instincts.” Spark tilted his head.

 “My instincts? What’s that?” Summer smiled before leaning up to kiss his head.

 “You’ll learn in time.” The blond boy was still confused as he climbed up on his bike and waved a final goodbye to his parents. 

“Instincts… Instincts…” He kept repeating to himself as he started peddling down the road towards the next town, where it was rumored to have strong Pokèmon.

Part Two~


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