Genderbent Amour Sucre cast (Part I)

Can you guess them all? Oh i hope you can because i’ve changed their clothes according to their gender. For me, the less recognizable is Rosa, but that’s because i chose a rather old-looking attire and not some fancy-shmency outfit.. Then again male-Rosa’s clothes ARE quite fancy, if i do say so myself.

ANyway for those of you who can’t guess: Armin-Alexy-Violette-Dajan-Rosa-Melody

clothing meme?? Tagged by drawkill I’m super late but, here it is QuQ

I’m super lazy and not fashionable so =u=;;; I dont rlly have a “fancy” attire either orz yesIwearmyanimeshirtsathomeandIhavethatoneonatm

now to tag some poor unsuspecting people who are probably too busy to do this youdonthavetodoitahh xD, feel free to do it too if its something you feel like doing, I would love to see them! :“D

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sssome doodles from my sketchbook
i decided to actually scan it and, joke’s on me, some parts came out blurrier than on photos. oh well

click for captions

Favorite costumes of season ten: Buffy

Long gone are days of Buffy getting mistaken for Dawn’s mother or looking like a guerilla commander - nowadays Buffy opts for a casual, comfy and youthful look that’s also usually battle-ready, think leggins and tops 90% of the time, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing because most of the time she looks great and hey, the scythe is one hell of an accessory! So anyway, those are some of my favorite Buffy’s outfits of season ten.

Leggins, leather boots, yellow blouse and a utility belt with stakes and whatnot. What else do you need?

Leggins and denim shorts - simple and sexy! I love the boots!

Tank top, denim, tactical boots. Big Sarah Connor vibes.

Buff buff wearing a buff! Sorry. Fine workout clothes - just looking at it makes me want to do cardio!

Leggins, of course, but paired with a lovely jacket and fancy sandals. Pretty!

I love this costume. Leggins, blouse, boots - yes, again, practical and fighty yet striking and stylish nonetheless!

“No one fancies me in England but I’m big in Brazil”
With her conservative outfits Penelope Wilton was always going to struggle to set pulses racing in the same way as her younger co-stars. But Penelope, who plays Lady Isobel Crawley, has revealed she has an unexpected new fan base thanks to Downton Abbey – in Brazil.

Penelope, 69, said: “I wish I’d got attention from male fans, but they do seem very interested in me in Brazil. I’ve had some very nice letters from people who love the show in Brazil. In fact I’ve had more letters from Brazil than from others places. Unfortunately there weren’t any marriage proposals – I’m still waiting. But they like the way she way she is a new woman – the emancipation and the women’s education.

Over six series, Penelope formed a winning double act with Maggie Smith, 80, and was on the receiving end of many of the Dowager’s most withering put downs.

“I will miss Maggie, we had a great time together. I don’t have heroines, but as a young actress at drama school I used to get tickets in the gods at the Old Vic and I saw everything Maggie did there. She is THE great theatre actress and a wonderful comedienne.” (x)


Some great Leia in Marvel’s Star Wars #1!

On a shallow note, I’m really loving her outfit and her hair (it’s the maiden braids she wears on Hoth, nothing fancy, and very practical – way more practical than the classic buns).  This is a brand new outfit, not one of the costumes from the movies, but it keeps enough of the sensibilities of the classic gown to be immediately familiar, with a nice visual nod (if you’re…me, I guess) towards Padme’s handmaiden battle gown from TPM.  That skirted jacket over tight pants look (which probably has some technical fashion name) is one of my favorites.