I love Angus McDonald almost as much as dear Ango loves his grandpa!

I love him

i know angus is like a genius 11 year old but also he’s 11 and even if his room is squeaky clean and organized, he dresses himself all fancy boy’d up, solving mysteries and cracking clues, but there’s gonna be moments when: he’s eating food and it gets on his face and he just uses his shirt to wipe it off, all of his pants have grass stains, has a secret candy stash in his room, read kids novels (besides kid cop) and draw on coloring books (that someone leaves in the bureau’s library after his arrival), gets a sugar rush at 6pm and crashes immediately at 6:30pm after trying to play tag with some bureau members, and he’s definitely accidentally called the director “mom” in front of everyone


I had a coupon for a free lunch sandwich at McDonalds. I decided to try and order a Big Mac without the bun. When I drove up and placed my order the lady was quite confused. I approached the first window to pay and she asked me if I was sure that I didn’t want the bread. I repeated “no bun please.” She handed me the receipt and it showed that she entered the correct modification. I was hopeful. At the next window the lady passed me my bag and when I asked for a fork and knife, she gave me a slightly confused look. I parked the car and reached into the bag to find a Big Mac box clearly labeled “NO Big Mac Bun.” I eagerly opened the box to find the most beautiful Big Mac nestled in between a sesame seed bun. I had to laugh, because only McDonalds would fail so hard. I tossed the bun and made my own Big Mac salad. Either way it was a tasty lunch and I enjoyed the laugh. 

i saw lady day at emersons bar and grill today because there was no way i was missing audra mcdonald’s west end debut, and she did nOt let me down