My usual lunch on the run…. Triple cheese burger with no ketchup from McDonald’s and a large diet coke. $3 and some change plus keeps me full until dinner. I order it with the bun to avoid confusion and then toss the top bun immediately to avoid cheese stickage. I use the bottom bun as a serving tray. My hands never get messy and when I’m finished I toss the bottom bun too. Tried to feed it to a seagull once…lesson learned. That bird told all their friends and it turned into a scene from that movie Birds.

the adventure zone ~ angus mcdonald

on the other side of the car is a young boy who is wearing a fancy boy suit, and a blue fancy boy cap, dressed up very fancily… yeah, no, he’s fresh to death. he looks very fancy. uh, like a school boy. but fancy. and he’s reading a book like a school boy would do and he’s a fancy young man…

“I was hoping I would meet people and make friends on the train!”
Here's To The Girls

To the girls who don’t wake up with perfect hair.

Who don’t mind eating a Big Mac instead of a salad.

Who don’t wear 50 pounds of makeup.

Who would rather spend a day in sweatpants instead of skinny jeans.

Who love the comfort of tee-shirts.

Who don’t get all the guys.

Who’s not the “most popular” but feels that way when they are with their friends.

Who stick to sneakers instead of heels.

Who aren’t afraid to break a nail.

Who don’t always get their way.

Who don’t get everything they want.

Who doesn’t need a guy to tell them that they are beautiful.

I love you all!

prettyinsoulpunk  asked:

Househusband!Steve prompts, you say? Here you go: what about Steve having a garden? I can imagine him fussing over it, and singing to his fruits and veggies which melts Sam's heart because he married a total nerd. (And of course Sam loves the view when Steve working in the garden shirtless.)

Sam looked out their kitchen window. Being in Brooklyn didn’t lend itself to a large backyard, but Steve was trying to make the best of it. He had planted a little garden right before Sarah was born. It was now flourishing, filled with vegetables and flowers. Sam took a sip of his coffee. Sarah babbled happily from her high chair while she ate her Cheerios. Steve was currently outside fussing over his beloved plants. It was hot outside already even this early in the morning. About ten minutes ago Steve had gotten fed up with wiping sweat from his brow and ripped off his shirt instead.

Which is why Sam’s been watching him from the window ever since.

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