Behind the Scenes of Love and Monsters

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s set report from DWM #371

      It’s 12 days since the read-through, and filming is underway in the ominously-named Impounding Station - a dirty, spacious, warehouse-like building on Newport Docks.  David Tennant and Billie Piper are chasing a monster, with the buckets, and the water, and the shouting, and the screaming.  “It’s splashing me,” cries David, when Billie lobs a bucketful over the monster
      “D’you want your trousers dried?” sighs a lady from wardrobe.
      “It’s okay.  I’ve got two pairs of thermals on, so it hasn’t soaked through.”
      “It’s the best monster yet,” Billie tells me, as we stand admiring the prosthetic spectacle.  “For a cameo monster, the amount of effort that’s gone into it is just incredible.  Ha!  My nails are like that,” she teases, pointing at the creature’s mouldy, spindly toenails.  “I share my nails with that beast.”
      As long as you don’t share your teeth with it…
      “I know!  Look at all that drool,” she laughs.  “It’s the most K-Y Jelly we’ve ever used.  Hmm.  Actually, maybe not.”
      “That last take was great,” enthuses Dan Zeff.  “This has a real deadpan quality about it.”
      “We’re putting the realism back into Doctor Who,” jokes David.  “I wonder what people will make of this episode.”

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Anyone else cheering at Marc’s response? 

I’m sorry that we’re not pursuing a romantic storyline for Oliver and Laurel.  (x)

NO. QUALIFIERS. By that I mean Marc didn’t include “at this time” or “right now” or “currently”. Nor did it include, “never say never”, “who knows what can happen in the future” or my personal fav, “That’s not to say they’ll never get back together again.”

It was a FLAT OUT DENIAL of any romantic Lauriver storylines either present or future.

Three years people. It took us three years to get an answer like this. Let us take a moment to enjoy this glorious moment.

Marc Guggenheim is a delicious pudding pop that must be protected at all costs. My love for this man knows no bounds.

Personally I think my girl ah-maa-zing​ said it best, “All of this. I also love No Chill Marc. He’s second only to No Fucks Given Stephen.”

In celebration of No Chill Marc joining the ranks of No Fucks Given Stephen, I thought I’d dive into my rather extensive Stephen Amell interview gif collection and round up NFG Stephen’s Greatest Hits. ENJOY!

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Rock musician Marc Martel stopped by our headquarters to effortlessly sing the classic Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston song “I Will Always Love You”.

To Barcelona (4:53 am thought) I love you!!!

I’m proud of my team
I’m proud of my players
I’m proud of their strengths
I’m proud of their weakness
They may not be your favorite but they are mine
They make me extremely happy when I watch them play
Each player is very unique and different
We may have lost Xavi but he’ll forever be a barca player
I sometimes cry when I watch them play
I sometimes scream when I watch them play
I’ve spent the last three years supporting you
Win or loose I’ll always support them
To me they’re great role models
To me FC Barca deserves the very best
To me FC Barca has devoted fans
To me FC Barca will always be in my heart