it’s the time of year where turkey consumption is at its highest so it makes sense

i’m sorry i can’t selfie today wow

#DefendRyanRossSquad intro~

Hello hi, as you may already know, I’m Cierra, and I’m one of your admins in this net (the other being abi).

  • I’m a 19 years old, criminal justice major living in north Texas.
  • I favorite bands are the emo quartet (mcr, fob, panic!, top)
  • I’m also a sucker for Ed Sheeran and the Arctic Monkeys
  • I’m a proud fan of Supernatural and shows like The Office and Parks and Rec.
  • i’ll ship ryden until my bones turns to dust

Some quick facts~

  • aries/infp
  • demi-polysexual
  • female, she/her pronouns
  • i have depression and social anxiety and often wordvomit on tumblr about it
  • rly like wolves

  • i’m in a LDR, if you ever need advice on the topic and don’t know who to ask
  • actually just in general i love giving people advice


Contact me~

I’ll be good, I’ll be good, for all of the times I never could.

all of this terrible xma news have got me some intense cherik feels


Little things in Zelda I love:
  • the way ww link’s hair flies back when he runs
  • that face tp link makes when he meets ooccoo and ooccoo jr. the first time
  • the fact that ss link smiles when he holds remlits
  • oot link sneezing and shivering in the ice cavern 
  • tp zelda–a princess–bows to tp link–a ranch hand from a small village
  • tetra’s little wink and hip combo
  • fi’s dry, deadpan humour
  • tp link’s abs 
  • the way ss link’s face lights up when fi tells him he can wake zelda up
  • the way oot zelda cries out in worry when oot link gets hurt against ganon
  • the way almost any link looks around when he enters a boss room
  • the way alttp link spins around in a circle before game over
  • the way remlit gather around ss link when he plays the harp
  • the way young oot zelda reacts to the masks when link shows her them
  • that there’s almost always a small animal to pick up in the 3d games
  • how ss link sags his shoulders dramatically when his stamina runs out 
  • the fact that a gossip stone reveals oot zelda to have been a tomboy, alluding to her disguise as sheik
  • how expressive ww and ss link are
  • the way st link squeezes st zelda’s hand at the end of the game
  • the fact that ss link’s tunic almost looks too big for him
  • the fact that ss link made zelda and himself wood carvings and display them in both of their rooms
  • the way oot link steps in front of zelda when he hears a noise from ganon’s castle
  • that you can see tears flying off of ss zelda’s face right before she seals herself