I learn more and more that you can’t force shit. No matter how much you want it. And if you feel like you have to - then it’s not worth the time it took to make it happen. What’s meant to be will always be and it won’t take you doing anything extra when it’s time. If it seems too hard then you’re fighting the tide. Go with the flow. It’s supposed to be simple.
—  9:46pm | thoughts after shots

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You would be my all time fave if you could pretty pretty please write this?? Emily gets in a fight at school whilst protecting Alec, and her moms worry when they get called to the school because it's so out of character for Em to fight, but then they find out why she did it and there's oodles of fluff! Love your fics so much!!

“What could’ve possibly happened? Do you think they got the wrong kid? Emily would never get into a fight, she wouldn’t kill a fly,” Chloe rambles as she and Beca navigate their way to the high school’s principal’s office.

If this were any other situation, Beca would softly tell Chloe to calm down, but if she’s being totally honest, she has no idea what could’ve happened either. Emily has the gentlest soul on this planet. There’s no way she would hurt anybody. So instead, she murmurs, “I don’t know, Chlo.”

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Now, at 15, I actually love myself. My stomach isn't flat, but why does it have to be? Why should that matter to me? I look how I look. There's nothing wrong with that. And I find myself beautiful. I'm not specifically good-looking, but when I look in the mirror I can't help but automatically call myself pretty, even though I never thought that before. We all talk a lot of shit about tumblr, but tumblr is the best thing to ever happen to me, tbh. I would never have been this selfpositive w/o it.

no confession for this one, just a fuckin huge high 5

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do u like the fact that dan and phil don't have a regular uploading schedule?????

i actually do?? it’s like “oh cool, new video”, like, i’ll come home sometimes after a night out and they’ve uploaded and it excites me, or like sometimes i’ll be scrolling through and i’m all “shit, they uploaded, better go watch that”, i love that it’s all over the place bc i never know what’s gonna happen when/next and i love that??


Transparency, right?

I’ve been in the worst mood. It started yesterday when I was severely hungover [forreal never getting drunk again not fucking worth it]. And it’s carried over to today. I don’t know if I’m still feeling crap because of Friday night drinks or if it’s because my period is about to start or if it’s because 4th of July is EVERYWHERE LITERALLY EVERYWHERE and I’m homesick or because I just don’t really love the idea of the holiday anymore [especially after everything that’s been happening in America this year] or if it’s STILL because I feel like a worthless piece of shit because what the fuck am I doing with my life or it’s because I’ve been alone and cold all day or what.


I forced myself to go for a walk and even if it didn’t help the feels at least that’s something??? And I signed up for HabitRPG. I really like it so far and I’ve actually been pretty productive today, despite feeling so yuck. Now I just have to get to level 4 so I can hangout with all of the cool kids from the Internet.

Anyway, I’m trying to be kind to myself because I’m clearly not in my right mind. Just gotta hope that I will wake up feeling better tomorrow.

Ultimate Larry moment challenge

I was nominated by the lovely crumblinghouseofcards to pick my top favourite Larry moment and to say why. This was honestly so hard. I’ve been here for a while and got to witness every little thing. I wanted to do something recent…But when The VMA hug happened I lost my shit.

This was a time where they were allowed to do such a thing. But just look okay. They are announced, and the first thing either of them do is walk straight for the other, already on each other’s minds. Harry’s face just kills me for many reasons. But the way Louis is lifted the tiniest bit, both circling their arms around each other like their lives depended on it. How Harry’s face just buried into Louis’ neck. 

Okay I am going to cry now but before I do, I nominate supportinghalo dzenitastyles diggingandfluff and harryhasahuge

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Yes, I love your fic! I was seriously so annoyed at Roland's flashy throne. I'm so annoyed that the Fairy Kingdom is basically just dissing Marianne left and right because she's a woman. When she said that she didn't need a king at her side, I loved that line because she doesn't. And yes! Bog is her equal who just happens to be King and I'm waiting with bated breath for that moment. Until then, I'm punching the shit out Roland (my favorite bad guy ever. He's perfect and you're doing him great!)

I’m kinda cackling now because I’m just picturing you muttering “stupid flashy throne” and “fuck off, Roland” and glaring at your screen. It’s a lovely mental image XD

As for the Fairy Council, yeah…under Roland’s rule and influence, things have gotten pretty poisonously patriarchal and backward, which is one of the reasons Marianne is so desperate for change. She’s deeply saddened by what has happened to her realm despite her best efforts, but she’s also been too depressed to really have much success in any of her efforts. But this one is proving to be promising!

God, I loved writing Marianne during that scene. You know that one quote? - “What is a Queen without a King? Historically, better.” 

I’m feeling that quote a lot for her right now. 

Ohhh, and as for Roland…I’m sorry to say that we’re in for even more of his delightful little escapades, especially in the next chapter. But I promise he’s gonna get his own!  

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1, 4, 10, 13, 14, 16, 23, 26!

1. the person i like and why i like them.

That would be my amazing boyfriend, Alex. When we first met, I thought he was really cute and funny, and over time I saw how kind and gentle he is and how he’s so unapologetically himself, and I fell head over heels for him. I love how he gets really, really excited when he sees a dog (or any kind of fuzzy animal), how much he loves dinosaurs, how he’ll call me out on my shit when I need to be called out, how he and my little sister are literally best friends and how he’s just as protective of her as I am, and how I can tell him literally anything without having to be worried about being judged. He’s amazing, and I could not ask for anyone more incredible to love.

4. the best thing that has happened to me this week.

So thelastoftheemotionlords​ surprised us during our fourth of july party last night with matching t-shirts for our entire friend group. They’re amazing, and I almost died because we were like “SQUAD PHOTO” (because we’re that nerd group that calls ourselves a squad,) and all of a sudden he screams, “WAIT,” and rips open his fucking shirt to reveal a bright blue shirt with a purple cheeseburger on it that says “SQUAD” and proceeds to throw one at each of us. It was the highlight of the evening, easy.

10. something i’ve lied about.

Pretty much any time in the past 2-ish weeks when someone’s asked me if I’m okay and I’ve responded “yes”. Truth is I’ve been an anxious wreck but have been hardcore suppressing/hiding it.

13. one person from tumblr i’d throw off a cliff, one i’d marry and one i’d fuck.

I’d probably throw signthewirewithlove off of a cliff for bringing 15 goddamn pounds of potato salad to my party, I’d probably marry girl-in-the-library because she’s my secret lover, and I’d fuck nobody, because I am in a committed relationship, lol.

14. something i do without realizing.

Apparently sometimes I moan in my sleep, which makes for really hilarious or really awkward situations depending on who is in the room while I’m sleeping, lol.

16. a drunken story.

Oooh my Goooooooood okay.

So like a year ago, signthewirewithlove came to the city for the weekend to visit my boyfriend and I at school, and so we spent the weekend in his apartment being belligerent and drinking obscene amounts of alcohol, because college. Anyway, we were all pretty drunk one night and she and I got into an argument over God only knows what, and she held herself up in the bathroom.

Specifically, the bathtub.

She had the curtain drawn and after a while I felt bad for fighting with her, so I sat down next to the tub to try and apologize. She wouldn’t answer me, which being the stubborn brat she is, I took as her just being difficult. So I talked to her for an hour before I finally got fed up and ripped open the curtain only to see that the bitch was asleep.

So I left her to sleep in the bathroom, and the next morning one of my boyfriend’s roommates (who is one of our very good friends,) goes in to go to the bathroom. Now, meanwhile, Shea had been giving all of the boys grief the night before for neglecting to shut the door completely when they were going to the bathroom. So when he closed the door and began to go to the bathroom, Shea wakes up in the bathtub and from behind the curtain just says,

“I see you closed the door this time.”

23. my view on being tumblr famous.

It seems like it would be super cool sometimes, but it also seems really, really stressful. Fame does not always equal popularity, so the fact that so many people would know of you and could dislike you seems like a very, very scary thing to me. Tumblr has a way of spreading toxic information like a wildfire (for example, the xkit guy,) and we live in a very dangerous “call-out culture” where instead of being educated when making mistakes, people get torn asunder and the fact that so many are so quick to say “DOX THEM!” is terrifying. So while having an inbox full of friendly asks may be pretty cool, the potential for that privacy to be breached is extremely scary to me.

26. story of my first kiss.

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Okay, so my first kiss happened when I was 14 with my friend Mark. We started dating when I was in 8th grade and going into my freshman year of high school. We went to see Disturbia (yeah, the movie with Shia Labeouf) and when his mom dropped me off after the movie, he gave me a quick peck on the lips. And because I was 14 and it was like, 2008, I ran inside and emailed all of my friends about it, with big, ridiculous size-48 font and a bunch of colors and clipart and I’m literally cringing with embarrassment as I type this, oh my God.


just a few houses I’ve built over the past two weeks. c:



that white kid killed 9 black people in a CHURCH that were in a PRAYER MEETIN includin the pastor. now lemme tell you, in a couple of hours when the news & reporters get personal information about everyone involved, they’re gonna tell us that this white kid was “a happy child & he was quiet & love to read and he just had a MENTAL BREAKDOWN when he killed those people” AND WATCH they’re gonna come back with info on the victims and be like “several of the black men in there were previously arrested years ago for failure to pay child support” or some shit like that. i bet money that’s gone happen, it always fuckin does

i love when karma finally gets to the people who did me wrong and i just sit back and enjoy the shit show that is happening.

“Liam will be striking a love connection : Scott’s (Tyler Posey) beta Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) will also be getting romantic this season as he comes to grips with his werewolf powers. Victoria Moroles has been confirmed as Hayden Romero, and a new character description from MTV says the two will have some tension to overcome first.”

Ugh this always happens when I fall in love.

Don’t even start with the “but he’s fictional” bullshit bc NO. I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS. I PREFER IMAGINES AND SHIT.




*already anti-Liam/Hayden*

If Touka is abusive, then what is Kaneki?

Remember what happened the last time he and Tsukiyama met? He beat the shit out of him and left him there, lying and bleeding on the ground, when he could have just knocked him unconscious instead. Or what he did to Ayato–a 14 year old boy–after he beat up Touka? He tortured him. Broke 103 of his bones. He took Hinami with him, not giving a shit about her safety or Touka’s feelings, even though Touka loves her like a sister and fears nothing more than abandonment/losing the people dear to her. He attacked and injured Banjou (and Yomo in the anime I think). If Touka hadn’t stopped him after the fight with Nishiki, he would have killed and eaten Hide. And yeah, I’m aware he wasn’t really himself back then, but still? That is not the base of a healthy friend/relationship? Not to mention, it happened again at the end of the manga, and it seems like no one was there to stop him.

Kaneki is dangerous and unpredictable. His relationship with Hide is toxic and anything but healthy–like (almost) any other relationship in Tokyo Ghoul–and he knows it. In fact, I’m pretty sure they both do.

Yet for some reason, everyone has a problem with Kaneki and Touka’s relationship because of how she treated him. Touka (a 16!!! year!!! old!!! girl!!!!) who, since she didn’t know how to reach out to and make someone important to her aware of their selfish and self-destructive behavior, felt so helpless, she snapped, is considered abusive. Whereas characters like Kaneki, Nishiki, Uta and Tsukiyama–grown-ups–who have done worse things to the people close to them, are praised because of their tragic backstories. Despite the fact that Touka has a very tragic backstory herself.

Like, you can’t tell me this has nothing to do with her being a girl when everyone worships male characters for the same reason they despise her.

Take Ayato for example. His and Touka’s personalities are obviously very similar; they’re both short-tempered, stubborn, aggressive and have a cocky attitude. Except, Ayato is worse than her. In every aspect.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Ayato just as much as I love Touka, but I don’t think it’s fair that he gets praised for the same shit Touka gets hated on.

Ayato and Hinami’s current situation mirrors Kaneki and Touka’s when he was kidnapped by Aogiri. Ayato is slowly growing as a character, starting to care about others and maturing the same way Touka did, so why is he so loved while Touka constantly gets bashed by the fandom?

There are two simple answers to that question:

1. The shippers feel threatened.
Unfortunately, we live in very a hetero-normative world. Tokyo Ghoul is neither shonen ai nor yaoi. It is seinen. So while same sex relationships might be addressed and represented throughout the story (God bless Ishida Sui), if anything, we can assume that the main (male) character won’t end up in a relationship with his best guy friend, but rather with the main female character instead. Whether this is the case in TG or not, we don’t know yet, but the possibility seems likely.

2. The female audience/readers feel threatened.
I don’t know what it is that makes young girls despise strong, relatable and well-written female characters so much. Or actually, I do. Girls are taught to shame and compete with each other from a very young age, so as soon as a strong female character appears, they feel threatened because they believe said character raises the expectations and puts more pressure on them, which may or may not be true, depending on who they surround themselves with.

To be fair, sometimes you just don’t like a character regardless of how well-written or relatable they are, but the difference between disliking and hating a character, is that you usually don’t waste your time talking about or bashing someone you don’t like. Unless you are jealous or feel threatened by them.


“Uh, well, right before we went live, we were snapchatting back and forth for the last, like, 10 minutes. Um. We’re great. I mean, it was crazy, like, seeing him in New York, that was really fun. But yea, we’re great friends, we’re great friends. And you know what, like, shit happens, but like, right now, we’re the best of friends. So. It’s weird because like no one can understand unless you played Big Brother that, y'know, being in that house and showering next to people, sleeping in the same bed, all that crazy nonsense…you feel like a family. When I would watch the show in prior seasons, I’d be like ‘What do you mean? Stop saying you love them. You don’t love them, you don’t know them.’ Boy was I wrong….it’s like the strongest bond ever. And it can never be broken. No matter what.”

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:but seriously what's happening to will now? will the rest of the cluster keep him unconscious forever??? and how will they feed him? and where is he staying? i mean he can't go back to chicago right??? there's no one there that could take care of him despite like diego that wouldn't believe in all that cluster shit. and what about kala??? is she marrying rajan???? BUT WHAT ABOUT WOLFGANG?????? will the other sensates feel his pain when he realizes he lost the love of his life?? WILL WOLFGANG ACTUALLY CRY???? and what if he shows up at kala's wedding but this time in person (and ummm dressed)???? what will happen then??? by the way what about felix??? is he in a safe place now??? won't whispers like look for him so he could find wolfgang?? AND WHAT ABOUT RILEY???? how could she save the whole cluster so fast while she was having a breakdown and whispers was looking for her???? AND SUN???? will she stay in prision because of her asshole brother???? is she killing him soon(we all hope so)?????? well this show is clearly driving me crazy