People think I’m depressed because I say some existential bullshit all the time. It’s actually the opposite. I love my pointless existence. I love the movies. I love good food. I love meeting new people. I love travelling. I love sleeping in. And when shit happens I find comfort in knowing that nothing matters and we’re all going to die. Whether my life has meaning or not i’m already here now so I might as well have a good time

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i'm crying i've been convinced tammi has been running a catfish ring 4 family members deep since 2015, i love when shit like this happens. (and i know this just proves she has access, but lbr, austin's sm is 100% tammi and cyber gran didn't just have those clubbing pics lying around)


So this just happened. I was playing Marvel Tsum Tsum and got matched up with Daredevil there on a blind draw.
This person’s screen name was Castiel! So if that’s anyone out there thank you, I’ve been trying to beat level 4 Thanos for a couple of days now.
Wish I’d gotten a screen shot when it first came up but I pressed start too fast.