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You know what bothers me? Buster is an only child... Why does he have Bunk Beds?

honestly why wouldn’t you want bunk beds, bunk beds are kickass


Robin caught smooching a stranger?

(Jayshiro Robin Days au)

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Could you please do the RFA members dealing with an obsessive ex? Like they have been calling and texting you nonstop and you are starting to feel uncomfortable with it? Thank you!

This is a topic that might make some people uncomfortable, so it’s been placed under the cut.

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i felt lazy and unmotivated to do anything today 
so im not quite sure where gakupo came from 

AU where everything is pretty much the same but Jace loves Alec back. So after the memory demon incident they have a proper talk, they get together and they live happily ever after. THE END.

The reason I should date luhan is we’re both so different i would literally never keep quiet, never tell him to stop playing video games, never order the same shit in Starbucks, never stop him from buying watches even tho he already owns like 12. I would play football with him, and fight over Messi and CR7, I would tease the hell out of him and Lao Gao, and force him out of monotony. I don’t even know why I’m writing this but the least this poor lonely boy needs is a girl who keeps quiet and never speaks her mind and let’s him stick to his routinely as hell life. He needs a jolt of life and a reason to smile and to have fun and someone to fight him in FIFA and yell GOAL with and someone who dislikes cristiano Ronaldo because Lionel Messi is way fucking better #D10S and someone who could give him all the love in the world and bring him out of the shadows and out of his hotel room to look at the sun and feel the breeze and just stroll down Seoul streets without looking like a thorn little boy who’s been left abandoned. I don’t want him to ever feel as lonely as he probably did when he wrote Catch Me When I Fall. I want him to feel beloved every freaking day of his life, I want him to know he’s the reason why I get up in the mornings and go to school, because even though I’m a lazy ass, the effort he puts jnto his job and everything he does and has lived with inspires me to work hard for my dreams. He’s my role model in so many aspects, I admire him in so many ways and most important, I love that man in every form possible. He’s the definition of love to me. The sun. Sunlight. Sunshine. Just everything related with light and warmth and coziness. He’s my home. No matter what, he is where I belong.

guess who’s crying bc of Grell again

out of the 4 boys in 5sos why in the hell did i have to fall in love with michael.. aka the one boy that tries to kill us by never posting