One Direction launched action/1D on 8th July 2015. Since then, fans from 172 countries have submitted photos and videos calling out for change.
This film was created from their contributions.

Action/1D is part of action/2015, a global citizens’ movement united by the idea that 2015 can be the year when the world can set the agenda to end extreme poverty, tackle inequality and climate change.
Find out more at http://action2015.org/

okay luke is precious he didn’t want to take pictures but i asked for a hug and he said of course and bent down and hugged me sO toght and he smelled SO!! GOOD!! and i told him he smelled good and he laughed and said thanks and he’s so awkward omg and we told him we’re on a roadtrip to see them a ton of times and he was like “wow thank you so much!” and asked how we liked the show last night and then my friends left and i stayed and asked him if it was okay if i could take a video for him for ellie and he said “no sorry i’m waiting for someone” and i was like “omg no it’s fine!” and he was like “sorry i don’t want to be mean!” AND I LAUGHED AND WAS LIKE “YOU’RE SO CUTE” and he laughed again and then i was like “okay have a good night luke! AND NOW I’M FUCKING DYING

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Solangelo + 21? But with Will having the tattoos :3

So I tried. This is less tattoos and more flustered Nico and shamelessly flirting Will, but I tried. I hope you enjoy :)

Nico was pretty sure the person at the fair was flirting with him. He didn’t know his name, didn’t want to ask, and didn’t want to risk looking at his nametag and having his gaze get caught on the boy’s tattoo sleeves, again.

Nico didn’t have a thing for tattoos, no matter what Hazel said. When he’d first fallen for Percy, Percy didn’t have tattoos. Of course, he’d gotten them later, and Nico had avoided him for about a month and a half, but that didn’t mean Nico had a thing.

Nor did he have a thing for blonde surfer boys at crowded carnivals that looked up underneath their lashes at him and smiled lopsided, beckoning smiles. The boy tossed a ring from hand to hand, and Nico tried and failed, not to look at his arms, yet again. This should be the point he walked away.

Honestly he should’ve walked away the moment Percy asked him to come to this carnival in the first place, fifth wheeling for him and Annabeth and Jason and Piper, the two biggest couples of the school. Usually plans with Percy always involved him getting into trouble. Nico knew that. He just never imagined that trouble could come in the form of six foot gangly boys with fucking tattoos.

“So, what do you say, hot stuff? Throw a round?”

Nico scowled at him, crossing his arms, and giving the boy a look that Leo had said made people wilt into early graves. “Don’t call me hot stuff.”

The boy leaned on the booth, hands under his chin as he smiled up at Nico. “Give me a name to call you then. Sweet heart? Handsome? Darling?” His accent caught on the last one, making it slow and honey sweet, and the tips of Nico’s ears went red. The boy’s eyes flicked up to them, and his grin grew wider.

Nico glowered, to absolutely no effect. “Nico. You can call me Nico.”

The boy laughed, and Nico finally caught sight of his name tag. Will. It was a nice name. He could imagine himself saying it, exasperated and fond. Will. Will ran his hands through his hair, and Nico shook himself out of it again, glaring at the tattoos as they flexed. Fuck tattoos, honestly. Fuck someone with tattoos, Nico’s mind supplied, and he clenched his hands into fists as Will hopped up onto the counter. “Sure thing, darling. But first toss me a round. Win me a panda bear or something, I’ve always wanted a hot guy to win me one of those.”

Nico almost spluttered but caught himself last minute, covering up his discomposure by jerkily snatching the stupid ring out of his hand. Maybe if he threw him a round, the guy would leave him alone.

So he did. And despite his best efforts, all four of them landed on the floor. Nico could feel his face go up in flames as Will laughed, hopping over the booth. “That was pitiful, honestly.”

Nico clenched his jaw, turning away. He threw the guy his stupid round. Now he could find the rest of his friends in peace, and they could leave, and–a hand closed around his wrist, and he looked back, uncertain. Will’s face was soft. “It was sweet that you tried.” Will took a step forward, his eyes meeting Nico’s steadily. “I like that you tried,” he said softly, and Nico felt something in him calm and start to race all at once. Will was too close, and he was touching Nico, and looking up at Nico with those beguiling blue eyes, his hair caught by the sun. He took another step forward, and pressed a kiss to Nico’s cheek, full lips warm against Nico’s perpetually cold skin. Nico gasped. Will pulled away, grinning down at him. He slipped a piece of paper into Nico’s hand, finally taking a step back.

“Call me sometime, Nico.”

And then he turned to go back to his booth, and Nico, veins buzzing, heart racing, called out, “I’ll win that bear for you next time!”

Will looked back at him, all wide smiles and sunshine colored hair.

“I’ll hold you to that, Darling!”  


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Your account was basically the one to convince me of Kaylor... Thank you and also fuck your cuz now I'm obsessed hahaha

i’m so happy i could make you believe in kaylor but please enjoy the obsession because it’s wonderful (sometimes really painful and frustrating) and we have a fucking awesome community of people here who are all really wonderful and loving and kind and accepting and fucking hilarious and the kaylor fandom is honestly my favorite place to be on tumblr. the people i talk to/follow in the fandom make all of this kaylor pain & despair worth it and it’s truthfully a fantastic place to stick around in