• raven w/ dudes:palling around, being bros, prolly like 10 fart jokes in under a minute
  • raven w/ girls:constant flirting, extreme chemistry, constantly looking like they're about to make out and/or get married
  • jroth:raven is straight
  • me:u might wanna double check that bud

February came in snowdrops. The windows frosted. Hearts stuck to sweater sleeves.

We were mapping out star trails.
I remember.

This one leads to a dream turned nightmare.
That one I named heartbreak.
The closest route walks backwards.
The most dangerous is the prettiest.

Outlined in stardust. Glowing on the outer-edges.
I haven’t forgotten.
They all trace back to you.

—  A scribbler // Star Trails

Can we please talk about Barry’s face after this 

His eyes were still slightly closed after their kiss and it looks like he’s trying to hold on to it. And the way he stumbles whenever he says “I love you too”  makes me think he realized he still loves her but also realizes that the Iris on his Earth isn’t with him or his wife yet so he wants to hold on to this one for a bit longer. 


what the shit is this

zergvsgenin said: d'oh… no Kantai Collection?  Rife with loli destroyers (with the occasional endowed one among ‘em) and yuriness, depending on pairings.

I actually never have played or watched this! But I know some of the ships (heh). I really love these two…and most pairings with female admiral are cute too!