We can’t go back to the path
We’ve walked while being huddled up to each other, goodbye
The more I embrace you, even though we’re so in love
We both hurt, hurt each other
But I still wanted to be with you
Sorrowful diamond, diamond crystal

It would have been okay if I broke, I didn’t want us to go separate ways. 

adorable and frankly amazing aspects of lesbian culture (on here) i’ve observed: 

  • lisa simpson icons 
  • harry styles
  • oscar isaac
  • john boyega
  • cakes and sweets 
  • URL’s that are like lesbian[male character] 
  • calling elements of nature lesbian (such as swans are femme lesbians) 
  • leather jackets 
  • doc martens 
  • not knowing anything about astrology at all OR having your full natal chart 
  • using words like goblin woman, hag, etc 

anonymous asked:

hc that victor doodles all the time, mainly yuuri figure skating and just being cute and victor and yuuri together and he writes their last names connected, and they're all over the margins of everything. and one day yuuri finds some and victor's kinda blushing and embaressed but yuuri literally could not love him any more than he already does