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“To bare someone your honest self and true emotions, that’s something I find really difficult to do. I always try to show that I love you all and am thankful, but it’s still extremely difficult… But now, I’ve managed to show a little bit of how I feel here, so.”

can non muslims wear headscarves?

i’ve been seeing a lot of people claim that non muslims who wear headscarves are ‘disrespecting islam’ and ‘practicing cultural appropriation’. after seeing so many people agree with this false claim, i’ve decided to open up about the issue as an educated source. keep in mind that i come from a muslim family and am middle eastern myself, so i know what i’m talking about from a personal experience as well as the linked references.

to put it simply, wearing headscarves isn’t inherently a muslim practice. anyone can do it. the practice of wearing scarves was a thing even before islam. accusing white people who wear scarves of ‘cultural appropriation’ isn’t okay, especially since anyone of any race can be muslim. in fact, assuming non middle easterners can’t be muslim is a whole other issue itself, rooted deep in racism and islamphobia. this assumption is extremely harmful toward non middle easterners who want to convert to islam, as it makes them feel like they cannot convert without being mocked or criticized. getting back on topic, muslim women do not mind when other women wear hijabs. in fact, a lot of other religious women who are not muslim wear headscarves. even though headscarves are heavily associated with islam, we must remember they appear in other religions.

i hope this post clarified any misinformation about the subject. just always keep in mind that anyone can wear a headscarf, no matter their race or religion.


tfw ur girlfriend is dramatic af

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pls consider: some jerk at school finding out hanzo is trans and starting to give him shit for it. before hanzo can do anything about it, genji just SLAMS DOWN THE FUCKING DOOR and literally tackles the jerk. and that's the story of how genji got his first suspension.



Arashi Live Tour 2015: Japonism
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Martin Freeman WIP shot w/canon-typical rogue’s gallery of pencils. Lots of shading yet to do and plenty of bits that are still plain paper (that later shall Not be). Having fun :)

What day6 could beat you in

Sungjin: DA N C I NG

Jae: You know that feeling you get when you do something stupid and give yourself second-hand embarrassment and think that no one on earth could be worse than you? Well there is and it’s Jae

Youngk: Everything. Literally everything don’t enter a competition w/ him unless you’re ready to lose

Wonpil: This angel would let you win b/c he just wants to make people happy and would honestly cheer you on if you competed against each other

Dowoon: low-key a wrestling match but doesn’t like competing bUT WOULD NOT HESITATE TO THROW DOWN ONCE IT STARTS