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I can't believe the last of us part two is literally just a dirty Ellen page

kldwkkdlnlasdnmn ok ACTUALLY i was shocked at how different she looks and i’m pleased about what they did with her face.. like it was such a controversy that she looked so much like ellen right around the time that beyond two souls came out SO,,, i’m pleased and very very excited abt how ellie looks now I Love Her

She’s funny. Really funny. I have a completely different laugh when she makes me laugh. She’s smart. But not the kind of smart that makes you feel intimidated, she’s the kind of smart that makes you want to learn things just to keep up a conversation with her. And she’s beautiful… Like so beautiful that you have to look up at the sky to make sure the world’s still turning - the kind of beautiful that makes you forget how to breathe. Yeah… I forgot how to breathe. But it was like she seemed to notice that I forgot how to breathe, so she kissed me. And it was like her lips sent a shock straight to my heart and I suddenly remembered how to breathe again. Do I love her? The simplest answer? Yes. But even that… Is an understatement.
—  Oko Ninjah

Look at how she physically reaches out to him.  

There is something about Sam that makes people, even in their most shocking and terrifying experience, trust him and lean on him. It’s amazing, that after all those years as a hunter, he still got this and people can feel his earnest care and compassion. He looks and talks and acts more like a friend or a counselor than a monster killer, and it gives them the comfort they need in those times. 


Just look at how shocked he is…he can’t believe someone could actually like him for himself. Someone who likes him as poor orphan Eugene Fitzherbert. Rapunzel is beginning to break through the hard walls he’s put up around himself and his heart all his life. He was “selfish” and “vain” because not only did nobody ever care for him, he had never cared for anybody either. He was never presented with the opportunity to and didn’t know how to love and care for someone. But Rapunzel sees his kindhearted and vulnerable self instead. She knows he wasn’t always this way. He’s trusted her enough to open up to her (to anybody) for the first time and now she knows his story. Eugene is starting to feel like himself again and learning how to love, all because of Rapunzel. I just love this moment.

The boys discover that the pop culture download Metatron gave Cas included innuendo when one day, after Dean eats an entire pie in one sitting, Sam says, “I didn’t think you’d be able to fit all that in there” and Cas comes back immediately with, “That’s what she said." Sam doubles over laughing, but Dean just stares at Cas in absolute shock. 

Cas starts making dirty jokes all the time because he loves that Sam laughs at them and he likes making his friend happy. Every time he does, Dean gets grumpy at how affectionately Cas looks at his brother while he laughs. Sam notices and the next time it happens he catches Dean’s eye and mouths "Sastiel” and winks. Dean just leaves the room. 


Something I’ve been noticing about Peridot with every new scene she’s in- she always looks surprised when she does something new.
It might just be me but…here’s a few things I’ve noticed;
- when she first flew she was just staring at her hand as it activated, and now knowing how boastful she likes to be I would have thought she’d be grinning if she knew she could do that. 
-Although she obviously knows she has a ‘hand gun’ (sorry, I couldn’t help myself), she seems really shocked at how powerful it is, she even falls over from the recoil and stares at it! It’s possible she’s never had to use it before now and has not been trained to use it. This would be likely considering her main job seems to be maintenance and gathering info.
-When she catches Pearl she puts her hand out in front of her, this to me looks like she’s done it on reflex to defend herself, plus she does a short shocked laugh as if she didn’t expect it to work. I’m guessing this is how she rebuilt the hub but once again I doubt she has ever used it on another gem before, otherwise she could have done this in jail break.

There have been a few signs to suggest that Peridot is a relatively young gem, or at least younger than all the others we’ve seen so far, and the crystal gems admitted that it takes time to learn of your own abilities and how to use them so I wonder if she is so young and inexperienced with battle that she had no idea what she could do on her own [without the use of gem tech] until she was forced to experiment in order to survive on earth?

(Although I kinda base this theory off of one of my Pearl theories; when Pearl is fighting in the past she used a human sword…why? Why not just use her spear? Unless she didn’t know how to summon it at the time and had to learn to use a sword instead- it would explain why she knew so much about swords and seemed (imo) to be more skilled with a sword than a spear. It made me wonder if Pearls and Peridots were similar on Homeworld and both were discouraged from summoning their weapons?)

Any thoughts on this???


I would have been completely alright with them changing up the ending and having Diaval try True Love’s Kiss on Aurora. You can tell just by the look on his face when Maleficent said that there was no such thing as true love, how shocked/hurt he seemed, I think he believes in it.

Plus if they were going to have the kiss be romantic love instead of the maternal true love like what we got, Diaval would have made more sense than Phillip. Phillip’s kiss didn’t work because he and Aurora weren’t actually in love, they hadn’t had time to fall in love! That’s why in the movie it was Maleficent’s kiss because she had formed such a strong loving bond with Aurora over the years. Diaval had also spent so many years with Aurora (16 to be exact), and they actually had time to form a relationship. It could have worked.

Sorry Prince Phillip, but I have to say I prefer my Raven Prince…ooh dear, I believe I just gave myself fic ideas. 

I'll take what I can get

A/N: have not read through it because I’m half asleep so sorry x

“Do you ever think you could love someone?” She asked curiously, her eyes searching his face from the side for any sign.

His jaw clenched and he looked momentarily confused at her question. She could see how hard he was thinking. The squint of his eyes made him look in pain- as if he had a headache.

“No, I don’t, it’s not for me” he said genuinely. “I’m not cut out for that kind of life”

“Do you think you could ever love me?” She asked softly, her voice just above a whisper. She could take a guess at the answer, it wouldn’t be such a shock.

“No” he said gently. “I’m not that type of person”

“Oh… Well that’s cool, I don’t blame you. I’ve seen what love does to people” she said thinking about when her brothers heart got broken by the girl who he thought was the one.

She laughed silently in her head in spite. She remembered how her brother Michael became detached from everyone for weeks. The only times she would see him were when he had to come out of his room to go to the toilet or when she brought him food because he refused to eat and she cared too much to let him starve himself over some girl.

She had witnessed heartbreak and decided she would never let that happen to her. She wouldn’t be weak enough to let someone get so close to her that they could destroy her with a few harsh words and broken promises.

“Why?” He asked, his dark brown eyes searching her face intently.

“I was just curious”

“Didn’t you hear?” Calum asked raising his eyebrow “curiosity killed the cat” he winked, tipping his can of beer in order to get the last few drops out.

They sat in silence before Calum decided to return the question.

“Do you think you could ever love someone?” He asked, taking a cigarette out of his jacket pocket and flicking his lighter. He took a well needed drag, blowing smoke out of his mouth and into the night air.

She turned to look at him, admiring him in secrecy like she always had.

“Maybe” she said “I dunno, depends”


“What type of person they are” she said carefully thinking through her words, her mind was running at 100 miles per hour as she waited for his reply.

“Do you think you could ever love me?” He asked monotone taking another drag of his cigarette.

She thought about it for a moment. If he didn’t fall in love, what was the point of loving someone who would never return the feelings. There wasn’t.

That was just screaming obvious heart break and she didn’t want to turn into her zombie of a brother, whose never been the same after his heartbreak.

“No, you’re my brothers best friend” she chuckled.

“Good” He said, eyes following the trail of smoke that left his lips.

They had known each other for years. Michael had introduced Calum to her years ago when they first became friends. She was younger but only by a year, it really didn’t make a difference as she was pretty mature; definitely more mature than the boys.

“You should talk to Luke more” Calum said out of no where.

“Really? Why?” She asked confused as to why he was encouraging her to talk to other guys.

“He told me he thinks you’re cute” he scoffed. “Stupid, I know. I told him he couldn’t even think about it, plus Michael was there so it didn’t go down too well”

“Oh… Well, I’ve never thought of Luke that way…maybe I should text him…” She said a hint of teasing behind her words.

“Don’t” Calum said.

“Why not?” She asked smirking slightly.

“Don’t mess Luke around… He’s… Fragile?” Calum said not quiet knowing how to explain it. Luke was prone to heartbreak and he was just looking out for him.

“Fragile?” She chuckled and Calum did the same.

“I couldn’t think of another word, just don’t lead him on, he really likes you, plus Michael would never agree to it, just don’t go there. Please” he said stubbing his cigarette on the damp grass where they both sat.

“Michael wouldn’t agree to this…” She said gesturing between the two of them. “Us… And what ever it is we do”

It always turned awkward when either of them brought up what they did in the bedroom outside of the bedroom.

“He won’t have to agree, because he won’t and can’t know” he said slowly his eyes turning hard and his jaw clenching slightly as he stared at her.

“It’s not like I’d ever tell him Cal” She mumbled.

“Good” he said “what goes on in the bedroom stays in the bed room.”

“I know” she mumbled again, feeling like a child being told off.They sat there together in the back of y/n’s garden, only a few centimetres between their shoulders which occasionally brushed.

“I’m going inside” she said after a few silent minutes. She stood up feeling that the damp grass had stained her ripped jeans. But that was the least of her worries.

Upon entering the kitchen she saw a shirtless Ashton looking in the fridge and cursing.

“Ash?” She asked confused.

The boys body jerked as he jumped at the sound of her voice.

“Shit” he cursed “you scared me y/n” he said, his hand resting my over his heart in mock horror.

“Sorry, are you okay? It’s just you’re shirtless and half way in the fridge” she said amused, smirking at him and twirling her hair.

“You have no food in this house” he whined, he couldn’t help but scan his eyes over her quickly.

“That’s because Mikey eats it all” She shrugged, a small piece of hair falling over her face.

“How do you survive, don’t you starve?”

“It’s called adapting, something you have to do in order to survive” she replied back.


“For fuck sake Ash I’m starving hurry up- oh … Hi y/n” Luke blushed, his normally pale cheeks turning a slight pinkish colour, y/n thought it was cute.

“Hey Lucas” she smirked, she knew his little secret now and she wondered how she never noticed before, it was kind of obvious.

He sighed rolling his eyes. Luke would normally protest if any one else called him Lucas but because it was y/n he let it slide each time, he didn’t want to do anything that would she wouldn’t like and constantly tried to please her in hopes that he would notice her.

“Well Lukey boy, they have no food” Ash said. Flinching when luke shoved him roughly at the stupid Nick name.

“Lukey boy” she smirked repeating it.

She found it amusing how Luke’s face turned a darker shade of red.

“We can get take out?” She suggested “if you’re that hungry”

“Pizza!” Michael shouted entering the kitchen. “There’s a menu some where” he said as y/n rummaged through the draw it should be in.

“Where’s Calum?” Michael asked.

“He said he was gonna have a cigarette or something like half an hour ago” Luke said.

“Did he get lost or something?”

“Probably, it is Calum after all”

The back door opened drawing all of their attention. It was Calum. You could tell without even looking up from the distinct smell or smoke that lingered on his clothes.

“We’re getting pizza, want some?” Michael asked him. Oblivious to the argument going on in Calum’s head.

He was confused and managed a small nod, not even hearing what Michael had just said. Y/n messed with his brain. Why wouldn’t she be able to love him? She said she might be able to love someone, so why couldn’t it be him?

He cast a quick glance at her seeing she was smirking like she normally did. She was always fucking smirking.

He observed the kitchen seeing Luke was occasionally sparing longing looks of amazement and wonder towards y/n. It was sickening. He watched as y/n caught Luke looking at her, he would have laughed at the colour of Luke’s face and his expression of shock for being caught- that was if he didn’t see her wink at him.

Now that was sickening.

She knew Calum was watching. So she did what she knew he hated
She smirked at Calum.

His but back his tongue wanting to call her out, wanting to warn Luke, wanting to keep her for himself.

“You staying in tonight?” Michael asked his sister.

“Yeah” she said her eyes glinting with mischievousness.

“Cool, well the boys are staying round tonight so sorry if we make too much noise” He said not sounding like he would be sorry at all.
“I’m gonna go order the pizzas”
Michael said going into the lounge where he phone was and also to get away from the boys while he ordered as they tended to shout things down the phone.

Y/N had gone to her room, her mind constantly on the brown haired, brown eyed boy. She kept replaying the heart shattering words in her head of Calum’s telling her he could never love her.

She was sure before tonight that maybe he did. But she was wrong. All those nights together obviously meant nothing. Really meant nothing. She thought they did. Maybe, only if it meant a little bit.

She was proud of herself for staying strong earlier when all she wanted to do was cry.

She wanted to beg him to love her, she just wanted him to love her. She wanted somebody special. Somebody who would make her feel good. That somebody was Calum.

Calum made her feel good.

But he also made her feel bad.

The times when he wasn’t around, when he was on tour. He made her feel bad then, sleeping around with girls he wouldn’t ever see more than once. It reminded her that he wasn’t hers and she wasn’t his.

She got lonely when he was on tour. She didn’t really have any one else. Sure she had a few friends at school, but she didn’t spend much time out of school with them. She mostly hung around with her brother and the boys and when they were gone, she had no choice but to stay at home and wait while seeing them live their lives without her through social media.

‘What we have is purely physical’- she often repeated these words in her head to remind herself she didn’t feel anything for him.

She couldn’t help but let a few years escape. She needed to let them go, let him go.

She decided to go to bed early. Crying was very tiring. It also made her feel dehydrated and she cursed as she didn’t have any water within reach.

She stumbled out of the warm safety of her bed, hoping that the boys had fallen asleep or were too engrossed in a movie that they wouldn’t hear her in the kitchen.

She had a plain white tshirt on that reached mid thigh, because… Well they’re comfy to sleep in. Quietly padding down the wooden stairs she made it to the kitchen without interrupting the boys.

Reaching up to the kitchen cabinet which held the glasses in she grabbed the first one.

She nearly dropped it seconds later as warm hands were on her hips, where her t-shirt had risen up. Soft, wet kisses were placed upon her neck and she could tell by the smell who it was.


“C-Calum” she stuttered, becoming weak at his touch.

“Everyone is passed out, they got bored watching some stupid film Luke put on”


“We should go upstairs… It’s been a while, missed you” he mumbled between kisses. She moved away from his touches leaving him confused.

She filled her glass with water before quickly drinking it, half in nervousness and half because her throat was so dry and she needed to think.

“Y/n?” Calum whispered confused.

“Sorry- s-sorry, uh yeah… Upstairs” she mumbled.

Calum followed after her, cautiously.

He thought it was weird how her normally confident persona was gone. She wasn’t smirking for once.

The stairs creaked quietly as they walked in silence to her bedroom. Calum lifted his shirt off almost immediately upon entering her room. He spun round to face her, lifting hers off as well.

They stared at each other for a minutes before tentatively stepping forward towards each other, closing the mile gap between them.

His hand rested on her lower back, the other one cupping her cheek gently while his lips desperately moved against hers.

“Missed this” Calum muttered, detaching their lips to attack her neck.

“I’m going to make you feel so fucking good” he growled sucking and biting on her neck, purposely leaving huge purple marks.

“Please” she begged, her voice sounding so needy and… Weak.

“What do you want? You want my fingers?” He asked, smirking down at her where they lay on her bed.

“Please Cal- please”

His hands trailed down slowly to the top of her pale pink underwear, hooking his fingers through the sides and pulling them down to mid thigh on her.

“Oh y/n, we aren’t fucking tonight” Calum said as she had looked at him confused “your brothers downstairs and you’re too loud” he smirked.

“Calum” she whined quietly as his hand made its way towards her centre.

“What? You want two?” He asked slipping a second finger in and pumping it in and out. “How about three? Can you take three?” He asked, without waiting for a reply he pushed a third finger in, her back arching off the bed .

Her whimpers and moans were quiet, she felt so desperate for Calum, yet this was all she was getting tonight.

“So good” Calum encouraged her as he held her hips down tightly, increasing his pace.

“Calum” she whispered, her stomach clenching in pure bliss. “I can’t-I’m going to -”

“Come On princess” he edged her on, taking a mental image of how she looked in this state. It was pure heaven to him.

“Fuck Calum.” She whispered as they lay next to each other’s, side by side on her bed.

“Do you think Luke could love me?“She asked curiously.

“Yes” he said bluntly, not liking this question.

“Do you think i could love him?” She asked again.

“I don’t know…but just make sure you know if you can love him before you destroy him” Calum said, heart clenching at the idea of her thinking of someone else let alone being with someone else.

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i keep forgetting to ask this but what do you think the moa reunion would've been like with punk!percy and girly!annabeth? love your hcs and blog!!

I’m a little rusty but I have six minutes to kill and an endless love for these two, so let’s go! Thanks!

  • Annabeth all but shocking the people who didn’t know her before Percy left, as she starts taking care of herself again once they learn where he is.
  • And the people who did know her before he disappeared, all giving each other sly smiles as Annabeth walks by with earrings that match her shoes like she always used to. (And the blue outfits she’d leaned towards ever since Percy had told her how pretty she looked in them when they were thirteen.)
  • Annabeth packing too many outfits because she doesn’t want to embarrass herself in front of the Romans so when she comes traipsing out with three suitcases over Piper’s half-empty backpack of tank-tops and mini donuts.
  • Annabeth getting this predatory look in her eyes when Piper says that it’s impossible to do her hair, so Piper and Annabeth spend most of the trip to California sitting in the bathroom while Annabeth french braids and Piper complains.
  • Annabeth wearing a pastel blue skater skirt just because of Percy’s favorite color. (Insert Leo asking what she’ll do in a fight if this goes downhill and Annabeth looking at him in pure confusion because she’s been kicking ass in skirts since she was ten and it won’t stop her now.)
  • Percy dragging his feet so adamantly about not wearing a toga that Reyna actually gives up and he settles for like a pin or something, much to her chagrin.

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One of my friends commented that Hunter looked lost throughout this entire scene. I think what she meant was that he looked shocked - like he was genuinely surprised at the love his friends were showing him, like he was surprised they even considered him a friend. Hunter, i think, assumes everyone finds him annoying, which they do but they still care about him anyway. He just didnt realise that. Bobbi looks heartbroken but she smiles because she knows of the bonds that shield agents share. But for Hunter, this is new. Its adorble and heartbreaking because he only just realised how much these guys like him and now he has to say goodbye. His face says “No…wait. Wait, i want this.” But its too late.


Catherine Deneuve and Françoise Dorléac on the set of Les Demoiselles de Rochefort, 1966.

I love this because after the whole unofficial break up between them in Texas and them starting to date other people, I’m pretty sure their friendship has crippled a bit and is trying to figure out what exactly is “normal” again. They haven’t really found a grounding for their new relationship and conversations have been pretty awkward between them. So the reason I love this so much is because Lucas doesn’t HAVE to bump in to her, he consciously does it because he wants some kind of contact from her after who knows how long of a drought he has had from Riley’s usual touchy nature. He could of easily have said “excuse me” or waited for her to move slightly for him to get by, but nope! He gallops along smiling because he finally has a reason to be in close proximity with Riley. You can literally see Riley’s shock and internal screaming due to Lucas being so close again, she doesn’t even look him in the face. I love that she’s so stoic and expressionless to all of it, and you can just imagine her heart beating so fast after that pang of shock it receives from realizing its Lucas right next to her. Just imagine that current of happiness, nervousness, and excitement you get when you can literally feel your crush right next to you, I don’t know about you but that’s what I imagine Riley must be feeling at that moment. I’m sorry I just love this scene so much!

“Hey babe! I’m so glad you came to visit me in college again! It’s been a long three months since i saw you last.

I even told my roommate to stay over again. Remember when you visited me last time and I let her play? Well, we just kept having this little reminder creep up on us of that amazing night, and I had to let her see you again!”

He looked at his girlfreind and her roomate in complete shock. He had always loved pregnant women and dreamed of the day he would knock a girl up, but this was too much! Here before him was two beautiful women bursting with his babies!

“Wait, what?!” He stammared. “I knocked you both up!? That was only three months ago! How are you already so big?” He gazed at them with a sexual lust as Sarah’s roommate spoke up.

“Well, it turns out my grandmother is a bit of a meddler. She wasn’t thrilled when I left for an American college and we hadn’t talked all semester. Then, to make amends, she sent me some herbs to help me concentrate on my studies.”

“Remeber how stressed we were for finals when you visited? Sarah asked. “We both used the herbs constantly to help us pass.”

Her roommate continued, “It wasn’t until a few weeks afyer you left that I realized she had sent me fertility herbs instead! She wanted to punish me for comming to America.” She patted her large mound as she grinned, “Well, (hehe) I guess I got SEVERAL punishments!”

Both grils turned to him and sauntered over slowly. Clearly flaunting their huge bellies and showing how gravid they were. “How many are you carrying?” He asked.

Sarah replied, “Well, the free clinic here can only do so much, but atleast 7 or 8 a piece! Oh, and both of our families carry VERY big babies. We plan on going to full term.”

The realization of what was happening struck him. The girls were unbuttoning his pants and his cock sprung to life as hard as a rock. Not only had he knocked up to beautigul girls impressively, but they both wanted to continue fucking him the whole 9 months!

As Sarah took his cock in her hands and began to stroke she poutef slightly. “The problem is babe, that we are already getting to big to climb all those stairs everyday. I think you need to take us home with you so you can pleasure us as we swell beyond belief. We both want to be continuously bred too. So find some more of that herb and plan to knock us up with even more in 6 more months!”


The last ep of LLS was nice and all but can we go back to episode 9 (since i’ve made it part of my religion to rewatch the ep several times a day) and talk about how shocked/guilty Kanan looks once Mari turns around crying? 

Like Kanan had nothing but good intentions for Mari. Uchiura, as we’re all aware by now, is very small. And if the rest of Aqours thought traveling to Tokyo was a big deal, imagine traveling across the world. So studying abroad would be an incredible and prestigious opportunity for Mari. Especially because she is the daughter of a well-established hotel chain manager. It’s kind of like small town girl moves out to the big city to experience new things sort of thing.  

So seeing Mari cry hits Kanan hard. All she wanted was to help her best friend go out into the big world and be successful - something that’s hard to do if you’ve spent your whole life in a small seaside neighborhood like Uchiura. She never intended to hurt Mari or make her cry. All she wanted to do was protect and look out for her. And in the fourth photo, when Kanan’s looking down, you can tell how ashamed and guilty she feels for making Mari feel that way. Kanan feels like she failed. Failed to help Mari obtain a better future, and failed to make her happy.

Whenever I see a post about Kanan being abusive or something, I just don’t get it because she is completely selfless. Yes, she had no right to make a decision like that without telling Mari, but from her perspective it really was out of good intentions.

Proposal - Leonard McCoy

Requested by anonymous.

“What is that?” Jim asked as a tiny clink came from the floor. Leonard dropped to the floor, frantically searching. He stopped and picked up a tiny diamond ring. 

“What is that?” Jim asked again.

“What does it look like?” Leonard said exasperatedly. Jim looked at him in shock, before breaking into a grin. He pulled his best friend into a huge bear hug. “I thought you’d be angry,” Leonard said, running a hand through his hair. 

“Are you kidding? How long have you been dating my sister? Y/N loves you.” Leonard smiled and sighed, relaxing himself.

“So, do I have your blessing?”

“Bones, you don’t need my blessing. Y/N will do whatever she wants anyways.”

“Call me old fashioned, but I need it,” Leonard said sheepishly. “It would just make me feel a lot better.” Jim laughed and patted Leonard’s arm.

“You have my blessing. But,” he said, pulling Leonard close. “If you hurt her, I’ll send you into the dark, silent unknown of space.” Leonard gulped as Jim laughed.

“I’m never going to hurt her.”

“I know you won’t,” Jim said before leaving Med Bay.

You sat in Med Bay, holding on to your arm to stop the bleeding. You worked down in engineering, so you spent a lot of your time in Med Bay after your many mishaps. That was how you met Leonard so many months ago. Nurse Chapel told you that Leonard had gone to lunch, so you waited for him to come back.

“Dr. McCoy, you have a patient waiting in exam room two,” Chapel said. Leonard grumbled and walked in, barely looking up as he put on his gloves. 

“What seems to be the problem?”

“Hi, Leo,” you said as he finally looked up.

“Y/N!” he said, rolling over on his chair to kiss you. “What’s wrong?” he asked, pulling your hand from your shoulder.

“I cut myself. Scotty sent me up,” you said casually as he began dabbing away the blood. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing,” he said as he stitched you up.

“Leo, you don’t look good,” you said, touching his hand softly.

“I’m fine,” he said, looking up at you, but you could tell he was lying.

“Don’t you trust me?” 

“Of course I do. Nothing’s wrong, I’ve just got a lot on my mind,” he said, standing up and throwing away his gloves. You stood up as well, and stood inches from him.

“You can talk to me, “ you said, looking up into his brown eyes.

“I know. Really, Y/N, it’s nothing. I should probably get back to work,” he said, walking away. You rolled your eyes and stormed past him, heading back to Engineering.

“You okay?” Scotty asked as you angrily worked. 

“I don’t know,” you said, wiping your brow. Scotty smiled sadly and took the hammer out of your hand.

“Do you wanna talk?” You smiled and nodded and let Scotty lead you up to his control room. “What’s going on?” he asked, leaning against a table.

“I think I have to break up with Leonard.” 

“What, why?” Scotty asked in shock.

“He won’t talk to me. I don’t think he trusts me and I think he’s hiding something from me.” Scotty nodded and looked down at his feet.

“He does love you.”

“I know, and I really love him, too. But that’s not enough. He doesn’t trust me anymore.”

“I’m sorry, Y/N.” You smiled sadly and stood up.

“Thanks for listening to me, Scotty.”

After your shift, you made your way back to your shared apartment with Leonard. He was in the small kitchen and mumbled a ‘hey’ as he cooked. You flopped down on your bed and groaned.

“Does your arm still hurt?” he asked as he set down the plates of dinner.

“No, it’s fine,” you said monotonously.

“Are you okay?” he asked, standing at the foot of your bed.

“Are we?” you asked, sitting up in bed.

“What do you mean?” he asked, folding his arms.

“I mean, are we okay?”

“Yes! Why would you ask that?”

“Because I feel like we’re growing apart. You don’t tell me anything anymore, I feel like you’re hiding something from me.”

“Y/N, I love you, I don’t want to hide anything from you.” 

“So don’t because I don’t know what to do anymore,” you said, tears filling your eyes. “I mean, do you want to break up?”

“No, no,” he said, sitting down next to you and wrapping you in his arms. “I don’t want to ever lose you, Y/N.”

“Then tell me what’s been bothering you,” you said, looking up at him. 

“I - I don’t want to do it like this,” he said, standing up and beginning to pace.

“Do what?” you asked desperately.

“God, you’re frustrating, you know that?” he said throwing his hands in the air.

“I’m frustrating?! I’ve never done anything that makes you believe I don’t love you anymore, have I?” you said defensively.

“I do love you! What don’t you get about that? That’s why I have been avoiding you!”

“You’ve been avoiding me because you love me?” you asked in confusion. 

“No, that’s not what I meant,” he said, rubbing his forehead.

“Then what did you mean?” 

“Do you want to know why I’ve been acting so strange lately?” 

“Yes!” you said. Leonard sighed and began reaching into his pocket when someone thudded on your door. You exchanged looks with Leonard before opening the door and finding Carol Marcus standing in the hallway with Jim.

“I need your boyfriend,” she said.

“Excuse me?” you asked, looking back at Leonard who put up his hands in defense.

“We need Bones to help us open up the missiles,” Jim explained, walking into your small apartment. 

“Why would you want to open those missiles? You can’t open them that close to the warp core, you can’t open them anywhere on the ship,” you argued.

“We’re not opening them on the ship,” Carol said. “Please, Dr.McCoy, I need your hands.” You looked up at him angrily and he held up his hand again to calm you down. 

“Okay, I’ll help you,” he said.

“Leonard!” you said, looking astounded. 

“I’ll meet you guys down there in a few minutes,” he said, shooing them out of your apartment. He closed the door and looked at you.

“You aren’t going to do this,” you said, crossing your arms.

“Y/N, they wouldn’t have asked if it wasn’t important,” he said, beginning to get dressed. 

“I don’t care how important it is. Jim can do it.”

“Jim’s the captain, he can’t risk his life.”

“And you can? Leonard, please don’t do this.”

“I have to, Y/N. I promise we can finish our conversation from before afterwards, okay?” he said, kissing your forehead. You rolled your eyes and shook your head.

“Fine,” you said, putting your red dress back on.

“What are you doing?” 

“I’m going to work. I’ll be watching.” He nodded and made his way down to the warp core. You stood next to Jim as Leonard and Carol flew down to the abandoned planet.

“He’ll be fine, don’t worry,” Jim said. You smiled and sighed, watching the screen in front of you. “So?”

“What?” you asked, turning towards your brother.

“Nothing,” Jim said, dropping the smile from his face.

“What’s wrong with you?” you asked as the ship landed on the planet.

“Nothing, I was just wondering how things were with you and Leonard.” You rolled your eyes and watched as they drug the missile out into the barren atmosphere.

“Not great, honestly. We were fighting when you barged in on us.”

“What? About what?” Jim asked in shock.

“Just the usual. I feel like he’s not sharing anything with me and I think he’s hiding something from me.”

“Y/N, I can guarantee that he-”

“We’re ready to begin,” Carol said, her voice vibrating through the speaker. You turned from your brother and looked back at the screen. Carol began instructing Leonard on what to do to disarm the missile as you watched in suspense. Everything was going fine until the missile closed on Leonard’s hand. 


“Bones!” you and Jim shouted at the same time. 

“It’s going to detonate in two minutes,” Carol said full of panic.

“Marcus get him out of there!” you shouted.

“I’m trying,” she said as she frantically examined the missile, pushing buttons.

“Y/N,” Leonard said quietly.

“Yes?” you said, tears filling your eyes.

“If I don’t make it out-”

“Shut up. Don’t even begin to think like that,” you said immediately. 

“I have to. I don’t know if I’ll be getting out of here. We need to have our conversation from before right now.”


“Please,” he pleaded.

“Okay,” you said reluctantly.

“I don’t want to keep anything from you. That was the last thing I wanted you to think. Y/N the real reason I’ve been so distant is because I’ve been so nervous.”

“About what?” He began reaching into his pocket and struggled but pulled out a ring. You gasped and put your hand over your mouth.

“I’m sorry you have to hear it this way but you need to know. I love you so much, Y/N. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and if that’s only the next minute then let it be as my fiance. Will you marry me, Y/N?” You let a few tears slip down your face, turning to look at Jim who was also tearing up. 

“I love you, too, Leonard. I want to marry you,” you replied. Leonard smiled and laughed, clearly relaxing as the timer went to thirty seconds. 

“Carol get out of here,” he shouted.

“I’m not leaving you here,” she said, continuously working on the missile.

“Go!” he shouted, the timer getting down to ten seconds as Carol worked frantically. You reached for Jim’s hand as you watched in terror. The timer counted down as Carol pressed more and more buttons. You closed your eyes at two seconds and counted, but nothing happened.

You opened them again and saw that Leonard was free from the missile and it had opened up. You let out a sigh of relief and hugged Jim. 

“Get back up here and we can see what’s inside,” Jim instructed. You cried into Jim’s shoulder, so relieved that Leonard was okay. He tried to shush you and rubbed your back. You relaxed and ran down to the transporter. You arrived just as Leonard beamed up. You let out a cry/laugh and Leonard turned towards you. 

“Y/N!” he said, running towards you and lifting you up in his arms. You smiled into his shoulder, holding him as tight as you could. 

“I’m so glad you’re okay,” you said when he set you down and looked up at him, your hands on his cheeks. “I love you so much.” He smiled and slipped the diamond ring on your finger. It fit perfectly.

“I love you, too.”

She looked in shock when she saw how big she had grown this week. “This shirt fit just three days ago! I’m over 50 inches around and I still have three and a half months to go!”

She looked at you with a seductive smile. She loved being like this, so full and swollen with life. She loved the fact that you were always willing to pump your seed into her unprotected womb and give her the large family and huge belly that she constantly craved.

You loved the fact that she was prone to multiples, always carried overdue, and none of her children had been less than 8 pounds. Even after 5 pregnancies and 11 children, you were still always happy to fill her up and watch her grow. You would spoil her and never let her do too much work around the house. This only made her grow and swell quicker.

“Honey, I know there are six in me this time, but I still can’t believe how big I am!” She looked up at you with a sly grin, “Now help me out of these tight pants to show you how grateful I am.”