after a lot of crying, anger, and disbelief, i have finally (somewhat) come to terms that derick brassard will no longer play for the rangers. he’s an ottawa senator now. at first i couldn’t believe it. i was texting a friend when i got the notification and my heart dropped to my stomach because i thought i read it wrong. people say that this is sports and that players get traded all the time. this is their job and this is what they signed up for. this is what you signed up for when you started watching. the players are the players and the game is the game. but to me, brass will always be more than a player. he’s a good center, a strong leader, and he gives his 110% every time he steps on the ice. there’s the hockey to it. but he’s genuine and pure and an even better human being. there’s a special place in my heart for him. i love the game as much as i do because of him. i see his passion for hockey and it translates to me and makes me want to believe in something the way he plays: with his whole heart and soul. i loved the rangers before i knew of him. i loved the rangers even more because of him. brass even brought me to tumblr (so i could share my love haha) and introduced me to friends that i would have never known otherwise. there are so many things that i am grateful for because of him and i’m so incredibly happy that he is happy to return home. i’ll be missing his face on the bench next to the other blueshirts. i’ll miss his crazy good slapshots and his passes. i’ll miss his bromance with zucc and him always protecting zucc when someone roughs him up. i’ll miss him so much i can’t even describe it well. i’ll be biased and start liking the sens because of yes, one player. however i am still 100% loyal to the new york rangers no matter how many times they rip my heart out. it will take some time to get used to seeing zibanejad’s name without feeling upset. i know he’s a great player and that this trade is a good one (even though our defense is still not fixed lmao). and i won’t be changing my url either because it seems like a hassle and once a blueshirt, always a blueshirt. i look forward to lighting up whenever i see brass’ name on my phone because he scored a goal or got an assist. i look forward to the rangers-sens game to see brass and zucc together again, joking around when play is stopped. i look forward to seeing brass smiling and happy because he’s still doing what he loves the most, just in a different uniform. i will always love derick brassard and i will always support him wherever he is. thanks brass, we’ll miss you.

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Stranger Things on netflix is awesome. I spent half an hour on Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary’s FB page this am. I’m a little bogged down on my CP fic and I need brainstorming/hockey advice. Tell me about your pokemon if you play pokemon go.

I saw the vid with the elephants!!! i cried!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lmao also you said CP and there’s two fandoms that i follow that use CP as their shorthand and i had to take a minute to ???whichone?? but we’re good lmao but now i’m picture a hockey!au with captive prince characters and i’m like “>:) could be worth examining”

ALSO okay pokemon go, here it goes: I LOVE IT but i feel like I’m more of a casual player than anything. I have two of the three eeveelutions and a gyarados that i love w/ my heart. I’ve ALMOST got enough candies to evolve my abra (finally) because the Abra-Kadabra-Alakazam evolution is my FAVORITE and has been since I was a wee pokebabe.

on another note, i started a book and so far i like it but sometimes certain plot points come back to smack me in the face and i spend a few minutes like ?????????????

Another tumblr prompt snapshot…don’t mind me…


#60: “Before you decide to murder me, let me explain…”

All Patrick wanted was a dog. I mean, more than he wanted a dog, Connor, Emmett and Kate wanted one. That’s what he claims, anyway.

“No, we’re not getting a dog, Patrick,” Jonny had said, that one early July morning, standing in the kitchen while the bacon sizzled in the pan. He was sipping his coffee casually, as if he didn’t just crush all of Patrick’s hopes and dreams.

“But whyyyyyyyyyy, Jonny? We totally could handle it, and it would teach the kids responsibility!” he pleaded, putting on his best pouty face. He knew very well that Jonny never fell for it, but he still thought it was worth a shot, the way this conversation was going.

“Because, Patrick, Connor and Emmett play hockey, and Kate is about to start daddy-daughter lessons. We don’t have the time, honey. Dogs are a piece of work,” he said, in the most monotone voice Patrick had ever heard. It was unfair, frankly.

Before he had a chance to counter, Jonny said, “Can you go wake up the kids? Breakfast will be ready in five,” turning back around to tend to the pancakes and bacon.

“Fine,” he mumbled, and trudged up the stairs. He always woke the boys up first, jumping onto their beds and tickling them until they begged him to stop. Jonny always told him to be careful, they could literally have a heart attack, but the boys loved it.

When he woke up Kate, though, he was a lot more gentle. He’d scoop her little body up, standing in her dark room, the only source of light coming from her princess night light in the corner. He let her come to when she wanted, holding her in his arms.

“Daddy?” she’d whisper, nuzzling her face into Patrick’s neck. He doesn’t think he’ll ever get over the way she’d look at him, eyes still slack from sleep and voice weak.

“Yeah, sweetie, I’m right here,” he’d say, hugging her a little tighter. He’d round up the boys and drag them down the stairs, sitting them down in their seats while Jonny served breakfast.

Everyday was the same, their mornings spent together. But this morning was a little different.

“Before you decide to murder me, let me explain…” Patrick started, avoiding Jonny’s intimidating stare from across the table.

“What are you-“ Jonny began, but he never got the chance to finish. A small, golden ball of fluff bounded into the kitchen, paws skidding against the hardwood floor.

“Surprise?” Connor asked, hesitant to look his Papa in the eye.

“You’re kidding me, right? Why is there a dog in my kitchen?” Jonny demanded, trying to catch someone’s eye. It wasn’t until Kate jumped out of her chair and laid on the floor next to the puppy that Jonny’s expression softened. She was giggling uncontrollably, letting the puppy lick her face over and over.

“He’s pretty cute, huh Papa?” Emmett asked, reaching his hand down to rub the puppy’s soft fur.

“The kids begged me, Jon, and I couldn’t just leave the store without him. He’s such a good puppy, house trained and everything already, and the kids just love him, Jon,” Patrick said, words smushed together as they flew out of his mouth.

“Can we keep him, Papa? Please? Daddy said he would teach us how to take care of him, and I really, really want to take care of him, I think I would do a good job, Papa,” Kate said, eyes littered with tears.

“Yeah, sweetie. I guess we can keep him,” Jonny sighed, giving in to give the puppy a soft scratch behind the ears.

Patrick smiled at him, and gave him a small peck on the cheek. “Thanks, babe,” he said, the pink rising in his cheeks.

Their family seemed to feel a little more complete.

helsinki-nights  asked:

Can u roast me even though we haven't been mutuals super long also roast Tony Bologna Banks

of course, thank you ❤️

- ur avatar is really too precious?? (btw who is it he looks very familiar)
- finland more like… not winland ooh son
- ur taste in prog and metal is like too much for me
- Justin Hayward is TERRIBL(y good)
- u give too cute nicknames for every prog dude why

u got roasted yo (but really i love your blog~)

tony bologna:
- a flippin grump
- wears a hockey jersey but doesn’t even play hockey he is a poser
- his 80’s wardrobe is all striped shirts and one sweater
- prettier hair than everyone wtf
- nerd who writes trashy songs
- why is he such good friends with mike every pic i see of them together my heart explodes
- too talented ugh

u just got roasted Anthony George… (my fave keyboardist i love u)

send me people/stuff to roast ❤️