AYUMU: If you’re going to die, do hundreds and hundreds of jobs. Then, once you are an adult, you can die.
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Poor Pharrell.
He was trying to sound SO PROGRESSIVE when he tried to disassociate himself from Black people who are consistently hurt by the system that drips White Supremacy and who speak up about it on a regular basis.
He tried to illustrate that he is where he is because he no longer blames the White man, and decided that if he wanted to be successful, he just has to work for it.
That his skin color won’t stand in his way if HE doesn’t ALLOW it to.
That White people will admire and appreciate that, thus dismantling their privilege to let him into their club.

Poor Raven.
She, also, tried to sound very progressive when she said she didn’t want to be labeled African American because she doesn’t know how far back her lineage goes, but then labels herself…an American.
Then says she is colorless, because America should be that way. We should not see color, just people.
Because though people have different skin tones, and different cultures, we should ignore the skin tones instead of…embracing them.

… . .

See, the problem with Black people like Pharrell (the coiner of the term “New Black,” to the mainstream) is that they have this way of believing that we who fight for our civil rights are fighting a fight unnecessary. They’re the type who are tired of talking about race, who point out Black-on-Black crime when we speak of police killing us, who believe we can live if we dress/behave the part. “New Blacks,” as Pharrell calls them, live in this mental state where the issues Black people face on a regular are things they bring onto themselves, and that if they want it to stop, dance the jig. They don’t take into consideration that there are many hard working Black people who get shat on regularly, getting fired with no financial preparation, get their businesses taken away, and who aren’t given chances. That there are Black men and women who wear suits, get degrees, weren’t raised in an environment where ebonics were spoken, who get Caesar cuts and perm their hair, and yet STILL get killed by police.

The thing about being Black is that White people will always see you as such, and to them, it won’t be a good thing. Doesn’t matter if you’ve been able to pop champagne with them in the same room, or have had them call you to play mini golf in their 40 acre backyard. Doesn’t matter if they let you produce their album, and doesn’t matter if they funded your film. You may be the exception, where they’ll ridicule another Black person who doesn’t “dress the part” or “speak properly,” and then praise you because you do. But you may also be the exception that they praise, all while giving an under qualified white person the promotion you’ve worked so hard for because, well, y’know… “I get you, I know who you are, but… the big guys? They don’t. And they don’t want to. No hard feelings, right?”


Someone said that Black people shouldn’t penalize this specific group of people because they’re living in the ideologies we’ve been taught for years by our parents, just so we stay safe.

Uh … you do realize a lot of these people have SEEN and/or EXPERIENCED the racism that plagues this world on a regular? Have lived the same hardships, and, because they “made it out,” have now believed they did it because they choose to not allow those same hardships to “define” them? These people are smart enough to understand what it is that they’re saying. They just choose to ignore how problematic it is because, hey, if they got out, you can, too.

But as Jay-Z rebutted against Pharrell’s wack-ass statement:

“It’s crazy when people think that just because you have some money and white people start to like you that you transcend race. People try this shit all the time with successful black people, even with someone like me who was plenty black when I was on the corner. It’s like they’re trying to separate you from the pack—make you feel like you’re the good one. It’s the old house nigger-field nigger tactic.”


If you encounter someone Pharrell considers a “New Black,” either use a small percentage of your time to school them, or walk the other way.

If there’s anything I’m learning on this journey to understanding and embracing my Blackness, it’s that YOU CAN’T SAVE EVERYBODY.

Reading the iliad is so crazy because like alexander the great was reading this story over 2000 years ago?? he probably wrote fanfiction about achilles and patroclus and told hephaestion his headcanons?? life is absurd


positive lady characters meme
daenerys targaryen + strengths and flaws (asked by viperofsand)


Black Girls Are Magic

"You have to DECIDE who you are, and force the world to deal with you, not with its idea of you." -James Baldwin


Dear Young Black Girls Rising Up,

Be carefree. When I say that, I mean exactly that. Be the person you want to be, whoever she is.

Patriarchy & Sexism forces you to see yourself as a object, as someone who obeys the man, as someone who doesn’t make decisions, and to be intimidated by being in control of yourself, and it’s all nonsense. You are shamed if you actually like sex and don’t only see it as a means of reproduction. Called a ho, a THOT, a bitch and etc. for not wanting anything more than pleasure from more than one person. Killed, raped, and humiliated for turning down the advances of men who think they own you. Told what to do with your body when with child, having regular bodily functions such as your menstrual cycle made a joke out of… You’re so much more than that.

Racism forces you to see yourself as a person who isn’t respected because your skin isn’t light, your hair isn’t straight, your nose isn’t narrow, your lips aren’t thin, the way you talk isn’t “proper,” your fathers are deadbeats and your mothers are whores, and you’ll end up living a life just like them. You’re meant to grow up strong and unable to feel pain, meant to be the backbone to the men in your life, meant to cry behind closed doors so no one can call you weak, meant to take the spit that’s spat at you, the hurt that’s inflicted on you, and the abuse you endure just to keep on living. You’re forced to be seen as anything but human…

And that is all a lie.

They’ll call you angry, but won’t ask you why.

They’ll say you give too much attitude, but won’t wonder where it stems from.

They’ll say you’re a grown woman just because puberty brought you hips and breasts.

They’ll call you ghetto (like it’s a personality and not a lifestyle) because of your doorknocker earrings and pink hair and edges swirled around the perimeter of your face.

They’ll say you’re “pretty for a Black girl,” as if that’s a compliment. As if Black girls aren’t meant to be pretty and you’re an exception.

They’ll say not to trust the next girl, because there is only one spot.


You don’t have to like or be anything other than yourself because people aren’t comfortable with you being anything other than what the world has forced you to believe you should be. The great thing about being human is that we are all different. No carbon copies needed.

Willow Smith has been called so many things because, at her age, her mother gave her the CHOICE to be whoever she wants to be. Hipster. Negligent. Reckless. Wild. Weird. Freak. Crazy… You name it, she’s been called it. AND YET… She makes music consistently, music that isn’t created with the intent to make money off of it by people who don’t care about representation or everyday struggles. It’s free falling, eclectic, dreamy, unhinged, and true. She can’t stop making it because she loves it, and the mind it comes from. Her own. Willow Smith is so in love with herself, that she shares herself with us. She has her opinions, and stands up for them. Being Black, being a woman, and simply being a human with gifts is a blessing this Carefree Black Girl doesn’t take for granted.

Amandla Stenberg has been looking and searching for roles to portray on film and television that’s written for girls like you: A Black young woman who doesn’t stem into the stereotypes White people have and continue to written for you. And it’s disheartening to her that she hasn’t been able to find any. That didn’t stop her from creating. She’s now working on a comic book featuring a Black girl by the name of Niobe from the comic series “The Untamed.” She uses social media to talk about certain Black Girl problems, like the fact that people still ask her questions like how she gets her hair to be curly. And from this success, we can only assume more works will branch from this Carefree Black Girl.

You don’t have to be like Willow or Amandla to be Carefree. Just …  live. Live in your truth. Do not be ashamed of what you love, even if it goes against the stereotype. Let no one create you. You create yourself. Unlearn what has been forcefed to you by the same people who don’t include you in their TV Shows, their Films, their Magazines, their Young Adult fiction series, their make-up, their clothing… 


Your reflection is the dopest thing there is. Don’t compete with the next Carefree Black Girl. Don’t be jealous of her. Join that movement. Be your own version of carefree. Be you.

Live your life and tell the tale of the Carefree Black Girl.

(purchase “Black Girls Are Magic,” here)


ultimate dragon age meme: one villian


The Chantry teaches us that it is the hubris of men which brought the darkspawn into our world. The mages had sought to usurp Heaven, but instead, they destroyed it. They were cast out, twisted and cursed by their own corruption. They returned as monsters, the first of the darkspawn. They became a blight upon the lands, unstoppable and relentless. The dwarven kingdoms were the first to fall. And from the deep roads, the darkspawn drove at us again and again, until finally we neared annihilation…


- — - Whether they call me a dog of the military or curse me as a devil,  Al and I will get back our bodies. But we’re neither devils nor gods at that! We are humans. We are just humans. Puny, powerless humans… who can’t even save one little girl. - — -