Lupita Nyong’o in Talks to Star in Sci-Fi Thriller, with Ava DuVernay looking to Direct.

I’m crying inside.
We just started the 2nd week of Black History Month, and Black women have been slaying us left and right, popping out of the woodwork with their natural born slayage and hard work, giving us reasons to remind ourselves how dope we are.

I can’t.

Father God, please make this Black Girl Magic collaboration happen. PLEASE. For all that is right in the world, PLEASE.

This Week in Robert E. Lee History:
1862 February 8. In Savannah, General Lee wrote his wife.

“The news from Kentucky & Tennessee is not favourable, but we must make up our minds to meet with reverses & to overcome them. I hope God will at last crown our efforts with success. But the consent must be long & severe, the whole country has to go through much suffering. It is necessary we should be humbled & taught to be less boastful, less selfish, & more devoted to might & justice to all the world.”

You can read the rest of the letter here: http://leefamilyarchive.org/9-family-papers/310-robert-e-lee-to-mary-anna-randolph-custis-lee-1862-february-8

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When I fly over the desert, I love seeing the history of what used to be imprinted into the land. It’s incredibly beautiful to me, and adds so much to what I see. It reminds me to love my own imperfections that time and growth has carved into my body.

And on another note, happy Chinese New Year to you all! May the year of the fire monkey be one of success, innovation and discovery!

Beyonce Gets Political, and I Get Snatched Bald: An Overview of Themes and Motifs in the Formation Music Video

It is important that you know, I am not even a Beyonce stan like that. This must be distinctly understood, or nothing wonderful can come of the post I am going to relate. If we were not perfectly convinced of Jacob Marley’s death before the play began, then there would be nothing remarkable about him showing up at his “business” partner’s house to bitch him out in the middle of the night.

It’s also important to note that Beyonce usually doesn’t go in for this sort of thing. She’s not really the Artist/Activist type. This video is the most political she has ever gotten, and I swear it took the convergence of Black Lives Matter, Black History Month, Mardis Gras, a Nat Turner Rebellion movie, the blatant disrespect of casting a white man to play Michael Jackson, and all the planets to bring us this blessing. Many have said Formation is the phrase, “I love my blackness, and yours.” given physical form. It is all that and more.

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This opening line prepares us for the realness to come

Let’s start with the fact that Formation features a voice over by Big Freedia the Queen Diva of NOLA Bounce. If you don’t know Bounce music, or you don’t know Big Freedia–and if you don’t know Bounce, you won’t know Big Freedia–let me direct you to Youtube so you can educate yourself. I recommend you start with Excuse, and Y’all Get Back Now. Big Freedia also has a very nice feature in Ru Paul’s Peanut Butter.

All throughout this video we are treated to imagery from Black queer culture, from Big Freedia’s voice-over, to dancers, to queens just slaying in the beauty shop. Again, if you are unfamiliar with the richness of Black queer culture, I direct you to the internet, because there’s just too much to explain. Start with Paris Is Burning on Netflix and go from there I guess? Like, literal books have been written and it is too big an undertaking for me alone. But Formation is an anthem for Black Femmes as much as it is for Blackness in general.

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Beyonce heard all y’all talking that shit about “Why is her hair always done, but she can’t make sure her baby’s hair is done?” Uh, because Blue is a child, and that is her NATURAL HAIR, and she clearly is ROCKING IT.

In fact, this video features A WEALTH of natural hair, textured hair, weaves, perms, braids, Black hair in general.

Note: Baby hairs are small, fine, wispy hairs on your hairline that your mother would brush or gel in a specific way. If you don’t know what a baby hair is, ask a Black person, or someone with “ethnic” hair (gag).

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In fact, every single person in this video is Black except for the cops.

And let’s talk about that scene

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A little black boy dancing his heart out in front of a line of cops in riot gear,

and the cops put their hands up. YES YES YES YES YESYEYSYESYES!!!!!

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Please note the multiple nods to Majorette culture (okay ladies, now let’s get in formation, prove to me you got some coordination, slay trick or you get eliminated) which is very southern.

Formation is very southern

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From Southern Gothic imagery

to people dressed for Mardis Gras

To the scenes with people dressed in 19th century Creole garb, in their parlors, with fans.

Now let’s examine some of the lyrics:

My Daddy Alabama, Mama Louisiana

This is more than a statement about Beyonce’s roots. The vast majority of Black Americans can trace their ancestry to the South, after many of us moved to northern cities in the Great Migration. To this day, the majority of Black people in the US live in the South. I’m a New Yorker for generations back on either side, but guess what? The family reunion each year is held in Virginia, because that’s where my people come from.

I like my negro nose and Jackson Five nostrils

There has literally never been a more full-throated, stalwart, stark as hell positive affirmation of Blackness in mainstream, popular media since the original Black Is Beautiful movement in the 60′s. Maybe not since the Harlem Renaissance? I predict In a few years, people will be inverting their contours and getting plastic surgery to achieve the coveted Jackson Five nostril. Only by then they’ll rename it something more palatable to the mainstream (Read: white people).

I got hot sauce in my bag

Let me tell you something about my septuagenarian Grandparents: they literally always have a bottle of hot sauce in their car. Like many retirees, they like to travel, take cruises, do old people stuff. Never have they ever gone anywhere without a bottle of hot sauce. Never has my grandfather been in a restaurant and not requested hot sauce–even though he always has his own.

As I type this, I have a bottle of hot sauce on my night stand, next to my bed. Why? Because I put that shit on everything, and it’s just more convenient to keep it handy. I put hot sauce on pepperoni pizzas. Sometimes I sip out of the hot sauce bottle like it’s a fine wine.

I make all this money, but they’ll never take the country out me

A reminder to never forget your roots, a statement about preserving your identity under the pressures of assimilation, or commentary on respectability politics–no matter how much money you make, how famous you become, you’ll always be Black to the powers that be? Trick question. It’s all three

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Note: Red Lobster is known to be the de-facto Black date night restaurant. I have no idea why.

All of this culminates in Beyonce, sprawled atop a NOLA police car, sinking into the flood waters of Katrina. She metaphorically drowns the police in a flood caused by the colossal abdication of responsibility by those in power at the expense of the disenfranchised. She is prostrated on the symbolic corpse of the oppressor as it is subsumed by water.

I Literally Can Not.

Other images that made me want to praise dance:

  1. Black man riding a horse down the street. Little known fact, Black people were some of the first cowboys in the American west. For the most famous example, see the actual man The Lone Ranger is based off of.
  2. The newspaper with the picture of Martin Luther King and front page headline that read, “More Than A Dreamer.” A reference to the #ReclaimMLK movement, which is about countering the sanitized, white-washed, commodified version of his message with the reality of his radicalism.
  3. The fact that the portraits on the walls of the mansion are of Black women
  4. I slay, I slay, I slay

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My favorite thing about OT4 era music videos is the ABSOLUTE AND UNWAVERING COMMITMENT to the “singing to the floor” shot, something they’ve done in the past but have embraced completely in the last year. I like it because it’s exactly the perspective you would have as an unconscious person being gently woken by the healing sound of their voices, like they know they’ve knocked you on your ass with how fucking great they are and they’re saying “no, it’s okay, don’t try to get up just yet, we’ve got you.”


chill things to do with your #bro

• write super long letters to him. constantly.
• refer to yourself as a jealous lover when he doesn’t respond right away.
• invite him over!! to everything!! including a threesome with you and your wife!!
• on your wedding night!!
• tell him how warm your friendships are
• (as opposed to your cold professions)
• chide him on stealing your affections
• try not to have too many inappropriate statements that will later have to be censored
• tell him to talk you up to other ladies, and make sure to specifically focus on certain body parts no homo ;)
• curiously query as to why they want you to be married, anyways??
• yo, bro, it won’t help me get over you tf
• make sure to point out that everything in the world disgusts you but your bro
• “my dear”
• “yrs. for ever”

silly classics things that will never fail to make me happy

alexander the great loving his copy of the iliad so much that he kept it under his pillow (section 8)

that one time the praetorian guard killed the roman emperor and auctioned the empire off to the highest bidder (section 11)

the fact that ancient greek apparently has a word for damn near anything, including such bizarrely specific things as “to beat someone with a pair of slippers” and such relatable things as “to eat somebody else’s bread

emperor augustus having sleepover’s at his buddy maecenas’s house when he wasn’t feeling well (section 72)

diogenes of sinope being the saltiest bastard to ever be a greek philosopher, including but not limited to calling a bad harp player a rooster because he makes people get up when he sings, crying “land ho!” when a reader got to the end of a very long scroll, and telling alexander the great to step out of his sunlight (please just read this entire thing you won’t be disappointed)

like for the historical stuff you have to keep in mind that ancient historians and biographers were so very full of shit but at the same time i just love how silly these guys were sometimes

🇺🇸🇺🇸 ❗We hold these truths 2 b self-evident that 🚫🇬🇧GREAT BRITAIN🇬🇧🚫 is 👿EVIL👿 and 👎NOT DANK👎 (especially 👸🏼King George III👸🏼!!) Stand w/ the 1⃣3⃣ colonies in the 🔫fight🔫 for 🗽Democracy🗽 and stand w 👱🏻 George Washington aka HOMEBOI G-WASH to take down the 💂🏻British💂🏻 and pave the way for 🙌🙏Life, Liberty, & The Pursuit of Happiness🙏🙌 (just not for 👦🏾👩🏾 & 👩🏼👩🏻 lol) Petition for 🆓 TRADE ⛵️ so we can make 💲💲💲 and be richer than those 👑Royalty-Loving Wankers👑 who have not seen the 💡Light💡of the ✨💪Great Awakening💪✨ & are 💨OLD FARTS💨 who remain loyal to the 🙏🏻Church of 🇬🇧🙏🏻 SO SEND 📲📩➡️ THIS TO 1⃣3⃣ OF UR 🗽Freedom Buddies🗽 who are willing to 💀👼🏼Die For The American Patriot Cause👼🏼💀 & 🔪🔪Fight 4 Liberty🔪🔪 because 🚫NO 💲TAXATION💲W/OUT REPRESENTATION🚫 is the 🍔AMERICAN WAY YO!🍔❗️🇺🇸🇺🇸

history meme - 10 Moments - The Hindenburg Disaster [7/10]

On the evening of 6 May 1937, the German passenger airship - an aircraft that was propelled using gas such as hydrogen - LZ 129 Hindenburg exploded while trying to make dock in at Lakehurt Naval Station in Lakehurt, New Jersey. 35 people perished in the explosion, which was covered in depth by various radio and new broadcast stations. The Hindenburg Disaster marked the end of the airship era as all public confidence in airship travel was diminished by the incident.

There are two kinds of historians:

Those who study and write about themes and issues with actual political and contemporary value,

And those who email “I WANNA WRITE ABOUT SHARKS” to a teacher (who studies qiant squids in 19th century and pretty much answers “COOL!!?”)