スイートルームで悪戯なキス Love Trap (Kissed by the Baddest Bidder Love Trap)
『 江戸の恋は艶やかに 』Event
Soryu Oh

Blushing Soryu is so adorable! (>w<) I really like his outfit for this event (heck, I like ALL the guys’ outfits lmao). I thought the colors suit him really well! I would actually love to see him with his hair down in that outfit too, but alas, my wish is not to be.  

So I swapped his head over from the previous Wedding event LOL! (Sorry for the crappy edit.) I think I kind of like this look better rofl! ♥

I’m also a little disappointed Ryosuke and Koichi didn’t appear in Soryu’s route wearing those Edo outfits. I would really LOVE to see them in it! (T^T)

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Freddy: Ruby (Kings and emperors had these, felt it was fitting) and his weapon would be a Bow and Arrow, because that made the most sense to me. Goldie: Larvikite (Psychic work, instantly clicked) weapon: A magic wand, though mostly ice magic. Chica: Chrysacolla (Harmony, and removing negativity, felt it worked with her no swearing policy) weapon: Boxing gloves >:D, Foxy: Bloodstone (Name ) Weapon: Hook, Bonnie: Bixbite (Harmony, Compatibility) Weapon: Healing, and stat boosting stones.

Okay I read this and


Honestly I love Harry so much I love his smile and his hair and his eyes and his body and the way he dances and how polite and loving and warm he is and the way he dresses it’s honestly no surprise to me that everyone who gets to meet him loves him and that he’s friends with some of the biggest stars in the industry. He has so much potential and I’m honestly so excited to see what other things he’ll do after 1D is over.

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What was Harry's bad 2013 Australia haircut? Also do you like his hair right now? I'm loving it!

^ this

but yesssss I completely adore his hair right now! He’s beyond gorgeous 

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Luke has always been so on point and so hot lately and I don't know if I want to cry or make out with him....

Ok me, like chill Hemmings. He’s all hot and confident at the moment and i fucking love it. He doesn’t stress about his hair or his beard and his clothes are all black and wow that kid is so hot i kinda wanna cry whilst making out with him jfc 

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Hey babe I love your boobs I miss your boobs when I come back home I'm going to bury my head in your boobs and just stay there while we cuddle and you can pat my head. Okay see you later babe Michael's dying his hair again love ya! -lukey :-)

i just giggled like an idiot oh my god okay i havent rp’d since i was 12 but boy do i fucking love it

Okay so the best things that I can remember (atm) that happened at the Mindcrack party: 

  • Arkas hugging me (he was so tall that I had to tiptoe) 
  • Chad saying “omg I love your hair” before I even get to say hi
  • Chatting with Jazz, she told us a lot about Millbee 
  • Talking with Sev. Twice.
  • Jordan photobombing me and Aurey
  • Aurey telling me she loved my hair
  • Wes asking if I wanted to hug (he is the most adorable person I s2g) 
  • Talking with Pyro (who is also the most adorable person irl) 
  • People in general commenting my hair
  • Dadbee trying to figure out where we were on the guest list, the names were mixed up and we were all under my name, which was sorted by the wrong letter. Wes complained about us not being normal. 
  • Sev walking along the queue outside and apologizing for having to wait outside in the sun so long
  • The McDonalds manager who watched the queue desperately trying to get people to realize they were not queuing for McDonalds, but a party. 
  • The people who actually queued with us, thinking it was for McDonalds. 
  • Telling Guude that his name is pronounced as “God” in Norwegian. 

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And then I saw him I knew it was too good to be true. As I drew closer I could see the details in my loves eyes, in his hair and on his beautiful cheeks. I grinned with happiness as I realised I was next. I moved up to him and sat on his lap. The love of my life Santa Claus.


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8, 9

8. I have the biggest crush on the cutest boy and he is really tall and handsome and dreamy!!! His hair is always greasy and I love to play with it so much and he always tries to make me laugh and he really is the silliest dork!!! I love laughing w/ him and seeing his smile more than anything bc he has the best smile in the world! He’s honestly the most special person I’ve ever met and he is so sweet and considerate and nice!!! He’s my best friend!

9. my perfect mate is also my crush and my best friend and my everything!!!! He always puts me firsts and takes such good care of me and I always feel so loved and special now bc of him!! He adores me and would do anything for me and really he is the only person I wanna give all my love too!!!! I could never be this close with anyone else and being with him always makes me feel so good and I could honestly spend all my time w/ him and never get tired!!! I just wanna take care of him all the time and he is all I could ever ask for and really I could just talk about him all day oh gosh oh jeez okay anyway I’m just so so so in love with Ryan!

oh gosh thank you so much!