Hayffie Week Day 6: District 13 

“Close your eyes, close your eyes and forget all about us tonight…

I couldn’t help drawing another cuddle scene in 13 and I regret absolutely nothing. I just love the idea of Haymitch coming to Effie’s room late at night after long war meetings and just crashing in bed and cuddling with her and that’s the only way he’ll fall asleep


Some HxH sketches with Kurapika, Alluka and Kite, because I haven’t drawn these characters until now and shutupstefana loves Kite’s hair so I wanted to make her a surprise! I hope you like it Stefana!! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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Pro: I love tangling my claws in that auburn hair of his and holding his mouth shut so our son doesn't hear him Con: INSUFFERABLE. JUST INSUFFERABLE.

“I know who this is…”

“I love you,” Steve murmurs, his fingers gently combing through Tony’s hair. “I’m sorry if I’ve made you feel like I don’t.”

Tony closes his eyes, relishing the contact. “You have every right to be mad at me, Steve.”

“Being mad at you isn’t the same as me not loving you anymore,” Steve says. “I’m so ridiculously, head-over-heels in love with you, and I highly doubt anything will be able to change that.” 

First(Hayes Grier)

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He smiled sweetly and left a trail of kisses down your neck, taking his time. Hayes presses his lips against yours, as you walked backwards and falling onto the bed. 

He removes his shirt and crawled along the foot of the bed, hovering over you. “You’re so beautiful,” He whispers biting your neck. “So amazing.” He pulls you into another kiss. “I love you.” 

“I love you too.” You whisper running your fingers through his hair. 

“This is up to you, do you really want this?” He asks, taking deep breaths and looking into your eyes. 

“Yes, I wouldn’t want this to happen with anyone else.” You cup his face pull him down, lip locking yet again. 

He’s gently and doesn’t rush, he wanted to hear every moan and sigh you gave. “You’re perfect.”

Phase one

This morning i put his things in the wash. Im going to give him all of his stuff back. Anything he’s given me… everything. I dont want it. If he doesnt care enough to even check on me, then i dont need to harbor anything of his. I dont need any reminders. Today i have decided to start the process of moving on. I haven’t cried not once. I thought about him when i saw a red head today… i thought about how lovely and better his hair was than the person i was looking at… and then i continued about my morning… i will get through this… zachary took a year… nils may take more or less… but it will happen. It must.
So phase one is to get rid of all physical traces of him.

Joe Sugg imagine || Glass part: 2 ||

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I loved ‘glass’. Please make a part 2, don’t mind what happens, maybe they get together or kiss or something, I don’t know just major fluff! thank you very much if you get round to this xx

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Part I: http://imagines-joesugg.tumblr.com/post/127812635386/joe-sugg-imagine-glass

- - -

After laughing at Caspar and his reaction to your being silly, Joe carried you into his door, pushing the door closed with his foot.

Placing you carefully into the bed you were still laughing, “we are so ridiculous.” You admitted watching as he took his boots off getting back into the bed himself.

“We are, I love it.” He smiled, running his fingers through his hair fixing it a little bit.

“You know…” Joe said after a moment of silence went by, “hmm?” You asked him looking up and over.

“Most superheroes usually get a kiss from their damsels in distress after saving them.” He said casually looking from his nails to you, a sideways smile appeared.

“Is that right?” You asked curiously and he nodded. “It’s standard practice.” He bit his bottom lip.

“Well, I guess we better not… Break hero code.” You whispered, leaning closer to him, you tilted your head and placed your lips to his kissing him lightly for a short moment pulling away.

“Sometimes, to make sure they are really grateful, they give a second kiss.” He pointed out.

“I’m starting to get the feeling your kiss milking this for all its worth.” You pointed out and he playfully smiled. “Maybe.” He admitted.

His finger trip lightly started to trail up your bare leg carefully, “I can’t say I mind.”

Both of your eyes closed, as you kissed again, your fingers found Joes hair twisting carefully into the soft locks - you pulled at it gently. His hand stopped, holding your hip, he pulled you closer so you’re fronts had pressed together during your kiss…

i wanna throw myself at the ground and cry like forever how can someone be beautiful FOR NO REASON god zayn why i wanna cry god i love him so much his hair his face his everything why am i blessed to stan the perfect person ever i just wanna cry