Also I like to point out the fact that in the beginning we were lead to believe Boruto is this cocky brat who’s problems seemed to superficial/just a case of attention seeking for the sake of it but now its revealed he is a baby boy who’s expectations are way too much for him to bear, is insecure, craves his father’s attention thus why he does such childish acts like painting the Hokage mountain, serves as the angry mouth piece for his pacifist mother and sister who understand, wants to live up to people’s expectations yet also wants to be separate from them AND ABOVE ALL ELSE IS A FREAKING DORK.


16 & 21

Summary: (a prompt someone sent in) dan is a 16 year old virgin while his 21 year old boyfriend phil is more experienced; their makeout session gets a bit heated.

Word count: 1253 words [shortish]

Warning: fluff, pre smut, cursing, embarrassment

He kissed my neck softly, smiling into it as I squirmed. “You’re so cute; I love you.” He spoke, words sounding giggly.

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Hi do you know what event this photo is from?? I really want to look up more videos/photos from it because I love his hair here :) and sorry this is a submission because I didn’t know how else to ask about this photo. Thanks!

This is actually from a show called 5MBC the episode of him looking like this is here 

Its hard as fuck tryna decide when Michael Jackson was his sexiest

I mean… When I look at my faves: Off the Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous… Those eras were all so sexy man….idk…

I guess I’m gonna have to go with Thriller. Especially when I think about those videos. He was so adorable but so damn fine. In the Thriller video, he was so dark chocolate and beautiful and his little waist was so cute when he was dancing lol and his long legs…gahhh and of course I loved his hair that way the most.

But the Bad and Off the Wall eras are close seconds. And Dangerous is a close third lmao.

I’m going to be in eternal depression when GD changes his hair color. I love that red, orange tint on him so much. I already lost Blonde Seungri, I can’t lose my red-headed marshmallow.

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Tell me a cute story about Michael please I got a lot of shit going on and Mikey makes me happy he's like my best friend

omgo mgo mg okay, i bet when michael gets rlly tired he gets super clingy and lazy, he would probably hold onto you like a ffcking koala in bed and hide his face in the crook of your neck pls he would just want u to play with his hair too i love sleepy michael