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Can you post your favorite pics of Thom where his hair looks really ginger but naturally? The ginger Thom tag always has pics of him with his hair dyed dark red but I really love natural ginger Thom. <3

I’ve never really thought about thom’s natural  hair color as ginger, to be honest. It looks more like blond/sandy/brownish to me and i like it a lot. I won’t make this too long for those on mobile ;D 

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i love michael so much, why have i been plagued by loving the most beautifully soft boy???? i want to play with his hair more than i want hair myself. i'll shave my head just to run my fingers through it. also imagine just nuzzling into his neck when you're upset or cuddling and imagine seeing him smile up close or wrapping your arms all the way around him and him doing the same to you. or, even better, imagine puNCHING HIM IN THE JAW AND DROPKICKING HIM INTO SPACE BC I CAN'T HANDLE EMOTIONS


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top 5 girl group songs & top 5 hoya hairstyles

otl someone played? im sorry i decided to leave the office becuz i thought i wouldnt get any of these and i was hungry lol im only seeing now but thank you for playing ❤

(in no particular order i mean it took me like 20 minutes to pick out only 5 songs ;A;)

  1. 4minute - I’m OK
  2. Sistar - Bad Guy
  3. 2NE1 - If I Were You
  4. Ailee - Teardrop
  5. Taeyeon - Set Me Free

i hope you know you are a very mean anonnie for asking me to choose my top5 Howon hairstyles… ;;^;; jknoiloveyou :D

ok first of all, i know many people doesnt like it but i LOVE his colorful cotton candy hair, okay?

his Pretty era hair was… PERFECTION!

you see im a sucker for up-styled hair… especially when the hair is really short!

this fluffy black hair looked so cute!

annndddddd i also love blond-ish hair on him esp when he styles it like this. he had a similar style in TS3 as well and i kinda died :’)

ask me my top5 anything!