i think what especially makes me happy about seth turner sato is that he was specifically designed and written to be absolutely unlikable - he was the big jerk, the one who everyone in the story would hate (save for abigail, that sweetheart), and for the longest time i did get asks where people complained about him and wished that he would just go away!

and then i flipped him over, revealed him to be the most insecure gangly nerd this world has ever known, and now he’s turned into one of the most liked characters of the story despite the fact that he’s a character that no one in canon has ever truly loved, and that’s beautiful.

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I think the duality of lexa's character is my favorite part of her character and the reason i love her so much. I think it also works very well as a metaphor for the masks LGBT have to wear, putting on a harsh public persona and having to hide their true feelings. Especially since Lexa is usually softest around Clarke and has to hide her love for her in order to not seem "weak."

I’ll toast to that

Lexa is Camu’s poem come to life … in the midst of her winter an invincible  summer lay

I really wanted to draw the first fusion version of Garnet since I saw her! This was a little challenge to practice somewhat more simple set-up comic pages that look flashy yet don’t tire me out. There are things I would redo but I’m trying to learn to keep moving forward rather than nitpicking.

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