Mikasa’s love for Eren is so pure, it breaks my heart, he’s so lucky to have her, she’s so lucky to have him, if you have someone who’d follow you anywhere without even doubting, someone who’d give their lives for you and love you unconditionally no matter what you do, in every season of your soul… you are so lucky. Eren is so lucky. 


Okay, but what if Bianca had lived?

I don’t know, I just have all these feelings and I wanted to write it so here’s a Bianca Lives AU

  • Bianca goes into the giant Talos robot but just before it crashes she feels something pulling her, then she’s falling…
  • there’s a rush of darkness and her stomach flips before she lands on her knees in a dimly lit room
  • she looks around, confused but strangely unafraid- there’s an odd sense of familiarity- a subtle feeling of being at home
  • looking around she finds herself in a room with a throne made of bones, and who’s sitting in the throne but her father Hades himself? He stands, telling her not to be afraid. He tells her who he is and where she is.
  • For a moment Bianca is terrified, because it’s Hades, and she’s in the Underworld and she doesn’t want to die or leave Nico, she doesn’t want to be dead (not to mention it’s headcanoned that  like Thalia, Hazel, Leo, and eventually Percy and Nico, she was afraid of her element- death- which would give her another motivation to joining the Hunters and extra fear now as she’s before Hades)
  • But as Hades explains that she’s not dead and that he has shadowed travelled her to the Underworld to protect her, just as Zeus turned Thalia into a tree as she was dying. He claims her as his child, and tells her that she’s going to stay in the Underworld for a while in order to protect her from Zeus, and he doesn’t care what his little brother says about it because-
  • “If he gets his daughter back because he intervened then there is no way in Tartarus I am letting you die right now. Not after he tried to kill you already once.” (also because it’s canon Hades was a bit of a jerk and liked Bianca better- if Zeus and Poseidon broke the oath and still get their kids, there is no way Hades is just going to sit by and let his children, both of whom were born outside of the oath, die so easily- not to mention the prophecy never used the words ‘dead, death, or die’ only “One will be lost in the land without rain” and she is lost… the others have no idea where she is)

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