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i'm so happy for lois, clark probably been giving her the perfect amount of kryptonian love, hopefully on a daily basis, look at her smile, superman been dealing with so much shit from the haters, but a least clark is happy, this movie is already making me so emotional

right!! we’ve got at least two years of happy domestic clois that’s happened since man of steel. the best part about clois is how natural they are. in every version. they are just the strongest, most loving, supportive, epic, bickering, sarcastic, goofy, and ultimate buddy system for life couple. 

the sun god & the storyteller.

fucking amazing.

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Here have a sloppy Volpina doodle lamenting how I binged Ladybug hoping to see her when she’s not even in the show yet this is fine.

Raia was practically pulling her mother along, going from room to room searching for her father. Just because she hadn’t seen him, didn’t mean he wasn’t there somewhere! She checked a few of the nearby rooms, but they were all empty.

Revan followed after her daughter as she was tugged along. As they went through several rooms, she reached out to trying and find her husband. After the number of years they had been together, it was easy for her to locate him and she gently began to steer her daughter in the direction of her father. “This way, dear.”

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hey!! i know you’ve been strugglin’ a bunch with oc stuff and thought i’d draw you a little callie. ;3; i hope you don’t mind! she’s a cutie, and i hope things get better for you, yeah?

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i always want to talk about raven. let's talk about raven wrapped up in a warm blanket with a mug of hot chocolate taking a nap and generally being happy/not in pain/not being tortured. let's talk about raven getting to have good dreams in the midst of everything awful happening and let's talk about raven smiling and driving that car in 3x01 and being the precious sunshine that she is

she was so happy for that little bit. she deserves all good things and only good things. i need her to get a girlfriend who cuddles her and kisses her and makes her feel worthy and happy. and she only smiles no more tears ever.