raven totally hums while she’s working on machines. sometimes, she imagines their buzz is them humming back, their two voices in harmony.

the first time raven sees a picture of a city, she is five. she vows to one day see the skyscrapers in the old, crinkly pages realized on the ground. there’s a journal she fills with sketches of what she plans to build one day, perhaps

raven doesn’t really like stars all that much, prefers to dream of wide blue skies and tall gleaming buildings, but she discovers she can plot her way around them using math, and the first night she’s on earth, she swears she sees one of the stars from near the ark wink at her

the first time raven kisses finn is when he gives her a part for a robot project she’s building on the side, which he traded a week of rations for.

raven’s never tasted coffee, but she finds the descriptions she’s read about it fascinating. sometimes, she sucks on her tongue, and she can almost taste it.