Hey guys! Just a super super quick update on what’s going on ! I really hope things are going swell for you guys ? Over here the studying is going pretty well! One exam’s now done and went ! Absolutely amazingly yooo !! o(*゚▽゚*)o *celebrates* The worse is yet to come though mmnngh ! Please wish me luck 3v3 ! 

ALSO I AM DYING YOU FOLKS ARE ALL SO ADORABLE AND SWEET, YOU SENT ME SO MANY LOVELY MESSAGES BUT I HAVE NO TIME TO RESPOND TO THEM ALL RIGHT NOW I AM SO SORRY–(cipherking lobstronomousskeleton​ cutieolivia1​ or liannrocks​ for example!! Hopefully y'all don’t mind waiting until I can answer you properly /;v;\ !)  

Just–Sorry for being so dead ! As soon as I’m free, I swear I won’t leave you alone, hehe !! *misses drawing so hARD* 


soooo i feel really bad because i’ve sorta been keeping something from you guys?? not really but i’ve been very preoccupied with this thing and i haven’t had a chance to really tell you all about it so it feels like i’ve been keeping it from you but it’s really just been me being busy

so do you remember cute video game store guy? of course you do

well we’ve sort of gone on dates. multiple. and things have happened. and it’s sort of amazing. i have to tell you everything.

i’m going to be making a post about it soon. my computer is being crappy and slow so give me a moment, but i’ll be filling you in shortly.

i hope you all have been doing well and the universe has been extra kind to each of you lately! 

rattymaple asked:

I am VERY curious about this two head duck XD

This is 

Duke Quackington and his lovely lady  Clementine

They greet me every morning on my way to class, sadly they’re on Vacation during the summer at my aunt’s place until next semester. 


shes so cute,,