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I'm so excited your playing Okage! I loved that game so much as a kid, but I never finished it because I was terrible at it. It's a really fun game tho

We enjoyed it a lot, unfortunately a couple episodes have had some technical issues, but hopefully we can get them posted later.

you can watch our Okage playthrough here

I love animal crossing games but the whole arranging furniture aspect is probably my least favorite part tbh! I guess my mind just doesn’t work in that way but I just can never make it look good at all

I was terrified enough when Infinite messed with everyone’s head in Capital City but can you imagine if there was a part in the game that triggered randomly where Infinite messes with the actual player. As in the level your playing suddenly starts glitching and acts broken then suddenly you’re in a completely different level. You go to attack an enemy but because it shouldn’t be there it acts as if the game doesn’t know what to do everything pauses the music gets stuck looping the last 0.4 seconds it played. You as the player are feeling pretty confused and weirded out then the phantom ruby sfx plays, the screen melts then suddenly you’re back where you left off wondering what the heck just happened


Can we appreciate how great Rayman music is?

OMG!!! I just watched @therealjacksepticeye’s video of Heartbound and it was so overwhelming. Not only do I love this game in general already but all the voices Jack does are so good and fitting :D And when the Anti kind of stuff kicked in and Jack started doing Antis voice I was freaking out and smiling the whole time, it’s so amazing and cool :) Thank you so much for playing this game and making my day Jack :)

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Hi. I love your games, and I'm really glad that the writing for The Wayhaven Chronicles is finished! I''m sorry if this has been answered before, but we will be able to be "evil"? As in, to be self-serving and manipulative, and do everything out of self-interest? Or at least to have "evil" motivations for what we are doing? For example, when we think about why we joined the police force, maybe we could have another option such as "For the influence and power it gave me"

I think someone asked on the forum thread once, but not here- so it’s good you did!

The option to be ‘evil’ or even kind of ‘bad’ won’t be an option in Wayhaven.

This is a decision I made from the very beginning :D You can be snarky and kind of selfish- but I don’t like writing ‘bad’ main characters. It makes me uncomfortable, and I much prefer encouraging better things in readers, lol.

The main character-even if sarcastic or selfish-ish-will still be a ‘hero’, good kind of character.

So yeah, it won’t be something you can do in this series.

Thank you so much for the ask!