Call out post for Hideyoshi Nagachika for being such a mom

Honestly he moms Kaneki all the time:

“Child pls eat more you look so pale”

Has this weird radar for when his child needs him.

Does the talk bc child is not good with people.

“I may look like i couldnt harm a fly but will track you down and wreck you if you dare to hurt my child”

Mind reader.

Oh but his mothering doesnt stop with Kaneki - no

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u know what i love the most about jack wilder

he’s a street kid, that’s p much a given. he’s a thief, a pickpocket, a burglar, a street hustler. he can fight like hell and defend himself against two fbi agents and have you see his getaway driving? the guy also rocks a leather jacket every time he’s not on stage, gets the Death card when he’s called in. if u see him walk past with a scrape ur just gonna assume there’s another guy out there who is currently registering to er

but the second he opens his mouth

purest, sweetest fucking cinnamon roll ever to cinnamon roll


-Carol Gilligan (insp)

Assignment: Paint The Body

Sam is pretty sure he’s falling in love with a short little blonde from his art class. 

Now, to know Sam, you must know that he hates art. Loathes it. It’s not that he doesn’t like actual art. It’s that he hates taking the class. 

Sure, when you’re in high school, you can some times get by with some splatters on a page and saying that it was how you felt in the moment and that to do any more would be to stifle your creativity… at least that was how Dean did it.

But he had never been good. He’d been passable. In fact when he was interviewed for his spot of enrollment for Stanford, the woman that handled admissions said she was thankful he wasn’t going to study art. It was a joke, of course. 

But then when he got his schedule and learned that he’d accidentally been put in an art class instead of something he was actually good at like writing or anything else… he freaked. 

He’d tried so hard to change it but all the school kept telling him was that if he dropped the class, it meant taking on more the next semester and the next semester was where he was going to have all his important classes with teachers that showed no mercy. It was better to just do it and get it over with. 

“Come on, Sammy. It won’t be that bad,” Dean had said to him. 

“Dean, this isn’t high school and I’m not you. I can’t make something that looks like something a child did,” he had looked at the other. 

“I’ll have you know my art was legendary,” he offered in a joking tone. “But you can do it. How hard can it be?”

Hard. Very hard…

And Sam was not referring to the level of difficulty of the class. 

The class had started off fairly easy, actually. They had just been talking about art for the first month and that was a relief. But then the teacher started to dive in something he wasn’t the worst at and that was painting. 

He painted his feelings and emotions– which earned him an A– and then they moved on to fruit like everyone always did in the most basic of art classes. But then they were moving on to the human body. 

Sam sighed as the guys in the corner snickered to each other, obviously thinking that since the professor was male, they were going to get a nice curvy female to paint naked. 

Oh how they were wrong. 

Sam hadn’t seen the other come in as he readied what he would needed, almost hoping their skin would be a darker tone as it was so much easier to mix the colors. But as he got his things together, he heard the guys in the corner suddenly stopping before making a ruckus. 

“If you are uncomfortable with the body you are to be painting, you may leave and take a zero,” the professor said in a haughty tone. 

Sam frowned and looked up at the man standing on the small platform so that he could be seen by the whole class. 

His mouth dropped immediately as he saw the man wrapped up in the sheet. His hair was long-ish, golden as the light hit it, and he wondered if this man looked so good wrapped in a sheet and perfectly normal… how would he look after he’d just–

He cleared his throat, rather loudly, getting the attention of the short blonde and he perked up a little when the man gave him a small smile before he was told to drop the sheet and to get into a comfortable position. 

“Whenever you’re ready, Gabriel,” the teacher said softly. 

Gabriel. So that was his name. He liked it. 

When Gabriel dropped the sheet, Sam squirmed in his chair. Oh… so not only was he handsome, he had a nice body. Great this was going to be impossible. 

It’s going to take three classes, the professor informed them before letting them get to work. So he would get to look at the other naked for three classes? That was… well it was either torture or a slice of heaven. 

The entire first class, Sam spends it trying to get the others curves right. It’s impossible, he was sure. Gabriel was tiny but he was nearly built feminine, curved like a stereotypical woman. It’s beautiful… what would be even more beautiful would be if he didn’t have to waste three canvases on trying. But the professor just gives a knowing smile and turns back to his desk. 

The second second class, Sam is sure Gabriel is looking at him the whole time. He can’t prove it because every time he looks up, the other is switching poses it seems, and to the pose he’s not even doing. As he tries to work, he can’t seem to concentrate. If this was how it was to be, he would just have to ask Gabriel out and get it over with… but when the professor declares the class over, Gabriel picks up his sheet and races back into the professors office and Sam has to be across the campus in fifteen minutes for his next class… so he leaves. 

By the third and final class, Sam has decided that Gabriel is way out of his league. He has decided to just paint the other, to try and make it decent and get a good grade on it. He’d let Gabriel go on his way. 

When the professor says that time is up, Sam races to put the finishing touches on when he ears a voice. 

“Isn’t that cheating?” he hears. 

Sam swallowed before his eyes trailed upwards, first casting upon the sheet that he’d become familiar with and then to the beautiful eyes he’d been trying to get right. 

“Uh–” he flounders because the guy he’s been thinking about for nearly a week… he’s talking to him… and they’re the only ones here. “I just um… I wanted to get it right,” he said. “I wanted to make sure that I captured your beauty.”

God help him, Sam loves it when Gabriel suddenly blushes but he smirks at him. “You know… I thought I felt someone staring at me extra,” he said to the other. “But you know… you’re not very good,” Gabriel seems to tease at the other as he takes the others wrist that is holding the paint brush.

Sam frowns with mixed emotion. Firstly, the guy he knows he could fall for is touching him and it’s electric but he is also telling him he sucks in the nicest way possible. “I know. I’m trying, though. I suppose that’s what matters?”

Gabriel nodded. “It is, I think. But maybe you should take a different approach to this?” he asked. “The assignment, I believe… was to paint my body… perhaps you should get a little… creative,” he whispered as he brought Sam’s hand up the same time his sheet dropped and he dragged the brush across his abdomen, painting him a blue. 

Sam gasps when the sheet falls but it’s when Gabriel brings the paint across his skin that his jaw hangs open only long enough for him to realize what Gabriel means, what he wants before he is on the other, kissing him deeply. 

Sam misses his next class in favor of spending it in this one. He is thankful that this seems to be the last class the professor has as they paint each other a medley of colors, kisses causing it to get just everywhere as they touch. Their colors are at such different ends of the spectrum that later, Gabriel jokes that when they joined they made a rainbow. 

When they’ve finished, they lay panting, absolutely covered in paint, not one regret about them; the sheet wrapped around their cooling bodies. 

“My name is Sam, by the way. I don’t think we covered that. Though, maybe you were moaning it, I can’t remember,” he laughs. 

Gabriel laughed with him and cupped his cheek. “You always sign your art before painting. Most sign it after. I saw your name on the ones you threw out.”

Sam smiled. “I’m sorry I didn’t paint you very well,” he said softly. “I wanted to. You’re gorgeous.”

Gabriel smirked. “I can honestly say you painted me just fine,” he whispers as he brings Sam in for another kiss. 

Oh yeah. Sam is definitely falling in love with the blonde from his art class…

The Sea Glows Violet - OfStrangeShadows - Borderlands [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Borderlands, Tales from the Borderlands
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Characters: Rhys (Borderlands), Vaughn (Borderlands), Yvette (Borderlands), Handsome Jack (Borderlands), Timothy Lawrence, Wilhelm (Borderlands), Nisha (Borderlands)
Additional Tags: mermaid au, Alternate Universe - Pirate, Pirates, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Slow Burn, Mermaid!Rhys, Pirate!Jack, rated for later chapters, Other Additional Tags to Be Added, Other additional characters to be added
Summary: “Never swim to the shadow-casting creatures,” Rhys had been warned by elders with more dyed skin than not, aged hands clasping his like the pressure could keep his curiosity away. “Those who do never come back.” Thinking back to those words now - a tattooed hand coming up to rub at the point where his arm and shoulder used to meet, eyes focused on the vast expanse of his home through the small cabin window - he can’t help but wonder if those elders knew more than they had ever let on.

Stop being a jerk

@paleo-neanderthal for some reason you keep using my posts to promote your anti vegan blog.

Please stop, I have asked nicely already.

I do not want to be part of any blog that bashes anyone’s lifestyle choice. If someone wants to be vegan, good for them…if they want to follow a keto diet, good for them too. If they want to eat whatever they want, then good for them too.

Push your agenda on yourself, not others.

chizuru-yukimura-okita  asked:

I must confess now i like zen in jumin route.. he like father who doesn't want his daughter married... lol

I like to think of him as an overprotective big brother in anyone’s route but his own (and Jaehee’s, kinda) >_< Jumin acts pretty dad-ish in Zen’s route, saying things like “I don’t believe in living together before marriage” :P

I honestly just adore the interactions between people in the RFA. Teasing Yoosung with Seven, Zen and Jumin’s conversations, Jaehee fangirling over Zen, Seven pestering Jumin, Jaehee and Jumin talking through chatrooms when they’re in the same room…lol >_< I have so much love for this game ^^

Some things to consider

*deep breath*

Okay, I wasn’t going to make this post. I’d been holding these thoughts in and only sharing them with people I trust a lot because I really don’t want to end up where I was a couple years ago. That was a horrible experience, and I’m still not completely over it. However, since this keeps happening and it’s incredibly upsetting to me, I figured I’d give in and talk openly about why a certain scene in the most recent episode of Zetsubou-hen bothers me so much.

Komaeda Nagito is canonically a teenager who is extremely ill both mentally and physically. He has a disease that is causing his brain to slowly rot away on top of having cancer. Komaeda Nagito lost his parents at a very young age due to a plane hijacking/crash and, if his POV manga is to be believed, he was the only survivor. Apparently, he’s been completely alone ever since. He has no relatives and no friends. He’s been left alone to do whatever he wants since elementary/primary school. Komaeda Nagito has gone through severe trauma throughout his entire life, from the loss of his pet dog to the plane crash to being abducted by a murderer for an unknown amount of time. Komaeda Nagito has been confirmed to have extreme fears connected to these traumatic events, one of them being a fear of planes. In the Island Mode of SDR2, the mere mention of the jets at the military base is enough to cause him to have a meltdown. Komaeda Nagito lacks a lot of awareness of himself and what is socially acceptable, as evidenced by some of his jokes and his attempts to help his classmates. Komaeda Nagito doesn’t take care of himself properly. All he eats for breakfast is bread, even if someone has gone out of their way to make a bigger meal for him. Komaeda Nagito has no self-worth or respect. He views himself as a completely useless, stupid piece of trash whose only worth lies in perhaps being of use to those he admires and respects. Komaeda Nagito once told one such person that he was up for anything they wanted to do to him. On another occassion, he told them that he was completely fine if they wanted to see him naked. Komaeda Nagito most likely does not have a complete understanding of sexual situations due to not having someone to properly talk to him about this stuff, the experiences he’s had, his illnesses, and some of the casual jokes he makes with Hinata in both the main storyline and in Island Mode. This can possibly be further evidenced by the scene in episode 2 where he is given aphrodisiacs.

Komaeda Nagito was the only person who stood up for a classmate who was being sexually harrassed by another classmate. Nobody else stepped in. He was the only one.

So, now you’re telling me that he has been missing for a year. One whole year. Not one of his classmates misses him. They all talk badly about him and joke about him, and they don’t particularly care much about the news that nobody’s been able to contact him. You’re telling me that the reason he’s been gone this whole time was because he was in another plane crash, and he landed on a deserted island. He’s been all alone for all that time, after re-experiencing one of his childhood traumas.

Okay. I think I understand the setup for all of this. So then. What are we going to focus on during this scene?


Wow, doesn’t this sick teenagers naked body look good under that waterfall? I bet you’re glad this episode wasn’t delayed, huh?

Oh, and let’s not forget that the last episode had a csa joke about him.

Guys, I know that I’m getting worked up over a fictional character in some anime. It seems silly, sure, but I think that it’s warranted. The treatment of Komaeda’s character in these last two episodes have been in really bad taste, and I’m not happy with it. Komaeda is one of the most fascinating characters I’ve seen in anything! He’s done so much for the series, even if so much of what he did was bad. He’s a character that made people think. In the second game, he basically single handedly moved the plot forward. In the third game, his scenes weren’t always in good taste (I mean, they stuck him in a position of servitude to a bunch of kids who treated him horribly and portrayed that as comedic), but he was still so smart and was able to manipulate so many things! He’s intelligent. He’s interesting. He’s complex and sympathetic. He’s capable of so much plot-wise! Yet, here he is, reduced to a useless comic relief/fanservice character that nobody cares about.

There’s nothing funny or appealing about that. It ranges from annoying and unfair to straight up gross.