I feel like throughout homestuck we saw far too little on their relationship. Not to mention, far too often people mischaracterize Equius as a total freak- rather than a kid with weird hobbies like the rest of the cast.

Fundamentally his strength, his religious belief in the hemospectrum(which he has started to question) and antisocial behaviors seems to be what generally separate him from the others.

I think that’s why I love their relationship the most of the entire homestuck cast.

If you think about it, in order to be friends with Nepeta at all- Equius had to push back his personal feelings about the hemospectrum- since Nepeta is on the low end of the Midblood caste.

So the way they became friends in the first place was likely formed during an emotional time for Equius. Or perhaps the other way around.

I hope the Paradox space crew will one day write a comic on how they both first became friends. Because I think it would be really interesting to see how such a strong and unlikely relationship was originally formed.

Also i’d probably cry. I’d cry a lot.


Thank you paperseverywhere and poinko for the great work they did on the comic.

Standing ovations everywhere.

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Thanks so much!!

That Vriska/Equius exchange was so good though like

it’s so obvious how desperate she is, but there’s no way vriska’s gonna just flat out ask for help, especially from someone like equius; she’s waaay to proud for that (she even admits this shit’s embarrassing for her).

So she tries to buttering him up, maybe hoping that he’ll just offer to help given her condition.

and then, just before passing out she compliments Equius while simultaneously reminding him of how terrible her own lusus is.

Bottom line is, Hussie is incredibly good at writing his characters and I am so fucking excited for the rest of this comic. 

More ramblings on Heart players

I just love the Heart aspect okay? There’s so much depth to it (and I’m not even a Heart player)

I had the thought the other day that Heart players and their personal identity are all heavily influenced by outside sources. Meulin was influenced by Kurloz and essentially indoctrinated into his cult. Nepeta was heavily influenced by Equius, to the point where he told her what she could or could not do.

But the biggest example is Dirk, who without his personal aspirations to be more like his perception of Alpha Dave as well as his friends could have ended up more like Bro or even Hal. As I’ve said in the past, he could have been a cold, heartless monster if not for his friends.

So just some food for thought.

Ok but there is already just so much to love in this new PXS in just one page. Consider:

  • Equius’ backward cap and ripped jean legs
  • Kanaya’s cutesy vampire backpack
  • Tavros’ tacky shirt
  • Karkat making buff man pose at the lake
  • Vriska’s shiny sun visor and BLUE ELEPHANT T-SHIRT
  • Curvy Feferi
  • Curvy Feferi
  • Curvy Feferi
  • Sollux wearing a top that says “eat shirt” while trying to find cell signal
  • Eridan in the goddamn back like a weenie
  • 51 PAGES!!!!!!

I am so pumped, y'all.

I just. I love this so much. Equius has gone through mountains of character development. He grew up in a society that taught him that he was superior to every troll below him on the hemospectrum. He was born with this sense of entitlement and superiority drilled into his head, but after just a few years in the game he’s grown to outright calling himself out for his behaviors. Many people with similar senses of casteist superiority never realize this in their whole lives but Equius was able to overcome most of that mindset fairly quickly.

We even start to see his development when he was still alive on the meteor. Before SGRUB he hardly considered roleplaying with Nepeta, deeming it too childish and below him, but while on the meteor they often engaged in RP shenanigans. It took him dying, being a ghost, being revived, and being combined with a sassy pair of shades to get this far but I am immensely proud of Equius Zahhak and I think his character development is very important.

This part also crushes me though because Arquius is obviously beating himself up so badly about Nepeta’s death that he automatically assumes that they are “former moirails”. That he just fucked up so bad that there’s no way that he can forgive himself and so he concludes that Davepeta won’t forgive him either. Just fuck me up, Hussie.