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I loved your thoughts earlier on the panel. Why do you think Gillian shut down emotionally? Do you think it had to do with WBD and his dislike for her? I couldn't believe the moderator asked what their first impressions were of each other. WBD wrote a book saying that she was a terrible actress (in the early years) and very lucky to have landed this role for goodness sake. Gillian brushed it off pretty well and then tried to make nice with him, asking about his holiday, but it was awkward.

I have gotten so many anons about this and every single one of them asked “why” she shut down, while no one challenged the notion that she was a bit off - which I find interesting. I wish my answer was as juicy as some of the speculation (”Their relationship was on display! She had to rein it in!”) but you know me…I need to get drunk to be THAT fun. ;)

Anyway, I have a few theories about this. Let’s examine:

- The people who sat there together are not close. David and Gillian are close. That’s it. WBD trash-talked Gillian and will clearly do anything for a buck - which he readily admitted during the panel (and David and Gillian noted). That man is all kinds of slimy and I sort of hate that he’s Canadian. Yuck. Can some other country please take him? Let me just add that he was also at the Toronto Expo I attended in 2012 and WBD and Gillian did not even acknowledge one another, much less do a panel or photo ops together. 

I don’t want to blather on too much about Mitch, except to say I would be willing to bet significant funds that he and Gillian are not close. So we are dealing with this awkward reunion where David and Gillian are each other’s rock - and it shows. 

- As many have pointed out, the moderator was a disaster and the questions were woefully uninspired. Every single question either a.) prompted a story we’ve heard a dozen times; or b.) was so trivial, no one even wanted to answer it. The only question Gillian noted as “good” was the one about Lauren and Robbie and I thought she answered that one very articulately.

- As a result of the poor questions and chemistry, I suspect you could feel it in the room. Gillian is a performer, a stage actor who has a keen awareness of audience reaction. I would speculate that she felt the crowd discontent to a certain extent - which may have caused her to shut up unless she had something funny or interesting to say.

- I also wonder if Gillian, sitting on a panel with two people who get far less exposure than she does, just wanted to give MP and WBD a “turn.”  A 45-minute panel isn’t long to begin with (every panel of hers I attended was one hour and that was just Gillian) and with four people speaking, it can get eaten up pretty quickly. I had a feeling she didn’t want to launch into a long-winded story about being moist in the anteroom or anything else. She seemed to keep her one-liners (some of which were quite funny) and questions going, but she didn’t seem to want to tell any stories about the old - or new - days. 

- At some point, I think Gillian sort of gave up her schmoopie/”I was talking about you” antics and turned on business mode - which functions well, does its job, answers questions, but with an aloofness we are not used to from warm, giggly, flirty, funny, red-from-the-chest-to-her-forehead-on-Kimmel-Gillian Anderson.

- Which brings me to the overall lack of sentimentality in general among them. Mitch’s story about marrying Arlene was sweet and all, but that’s all anyone gave up in terms of “sharing.” I wasn’t expecting a “for me” moment but it would’ve been nice to see these people, who did work on an iconic show that has endured all these years, launched a revival and is now incredibly alive in the fandom, connect about something

I could also talk about how bitterly disappointed I was that no one asked David about Streetcar, but I won’t. I didn’t cry about that. Not at all. But I will say that motherfucker would have sentimental-ized the fuck out of that question and Gillian would’ve welled up listening to his compliments…but don’t worry. IT’S FINE.

- Finally, there is no way this panel could live up to fan expectations. It was truly set up to fail, unfortunately. Short of David and Gillian literally making out or at least sitting on each other’s laps, there was going to be disappointment. Unfortunately, we rely on Silly!Gillian to lose her shit in fits of giggles and hide behind David and remember nothing and talk about David’s penis. However, Professional!Gillian came out to deal with an awkward situation, incompetent mod and vacuous questions. 

On the bright side, we’ll always have David biting her sleeve like a hungry Golden Retriever. 

               ⌦ Holy hell…;;

         I was surprised to find that over these last few weeks my followers have doubled. I don’t know if it’s due to my recent activity, new muses, or something else entirely, but I’m grateful to each and every one of you. You’re all wonderful people and I can’t help but smile every time I look at my dash.

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I love joshaya making fun of lucas together 😂 they are both imature dorks and i love it!😂

This actually gives me life. Josh and Maya balance each other out on every level and them teaming up is always going to be great. I am completely behind you with the dorks part, but they’re not immature. Not to be rude but they are one of the most mature couples on this show. They both agreed to someday and that says a lot about how much they care about each other and want the best for each other. Who doesn’t love them?


Fandom: Chicago PD
Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: Set during and after 3x08
Genre: Fluff
Prompt: “Please keep writing! I love your fics :) After the lawyer gave Jay her number I always wanted to read a one shot of Linstead running into her somewhere (maybe at Molly’s or even the grocery store). Think that could be real interesting!“

A/N: Thank you, nonnie, for the prompt. I had this half written already, but I never felt like continuing it, until you gave me a slight push. I hope you like it. Also thank you, to everyone who has sent in prompts (I will get to them soon, I promise), and to everyone who has shown support for my writing, by liking and reblogging my work. I appreciate each, and every one of you! I love you. 💙

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but my beta is amazeballs! @dylanobrienstyler ILY.

Erin Lindsay didn’t really have much experience with jealousy. As Voight once so kindly pointed out to her, she had left a string of broken hearts behind her since she was fifteen. She had boyfriends and flings, she had one-night stands and she made mistakes when it came to men. But she never actually cared enough for someone to feel the sting of the so called green-eyed monster.

Until she met him.

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I'm confused is Barry destined to have a relationship in all earth's and timelines with the whole West family or is it just Iris that he will always have a relationship with in all earth's and timelines

Technically there’s no hard and fast rule for it, but if you’re destined to be connected to one person in every universe then you’re also connected to their family.

I mean, look at E2. Barry and Iris were married, but Joe didn’t like him. Still, they were a part of each other’s lives. Of course, Wally wasn’t in the picture. So while the general concept of “the Wests are my family” is true for Barry in every timeline and universe, the constant is that he’s in love with Iris. That’s how the finds himself as “family” to the rest of them. Even on Earth Prime, Joe wouldn’t have taken Barry in if he wasn’t Iris’ best friend. Does that make sense?

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ok so i watched almost all of white collar and i never really got into neal/peter :/ i felt like peter was constantly distrustful of neal which i can understand to some point but i just got tired of it ya feel?? plus i loved elizabeth so much lol

*shrugs* Different people see and ship different things. Personally I can find half a dozen new reasons to ship every episode (Neal gave Peter a lollipop the first time they met and Peter held onto it for a year, my god).

There’s a lot of push and pull in their relationship, and constant reasons for them to distrust each other for one reason or another, but inevitably they always come back to each other, believing in each other when it really matters and having each other’s backs no matter what.

Maybe my feelings will change as the show goes on (if the same dynamic drags out for six seasons I could see it maybe getting old) but as of now I just love everything about their interactions.

Have I mentioned how much I love my seniors? Just the level of respect I get from them is so incredibly different from the constant disrespect thrown my way from freshman every day last year. I even have seniors that aren’t in my classes saying hi to me and coming in to chill with me in my classroom.

Then there’s the maturity factor. My freshmen/sophomores can’t go 50 minutes without calling each other gay. In one of my senior classes, in a single period, I heard one kid correct another on his use of “hermaphrodite” and tell him the term is intersex, another kid cursed and immediately apologized and promised not to do it again even though I hadn’t actually heard it happen, and a kid jokingly asked me on a date (after a girl turned him down) so I responded “sorry no students” and he just kept the joke rolling by asking another student – not a single person went “WHAT ABOUT THE FACT THAT HE’S A GUY”, because you know that would be a freshman’s response.

I just love my seniors. Better work ethic, better attitudes, much more respectful, and WAY more socially mature than most teenagers I’ve known in my life. Maybe I got the luck of the draw, but I’ll take it. If I cry during graduation this year, blame them not me.


I’m not trying to sound clingy or anything, but

*deep breath*



thank you

Lauren Zuke episodes are, and always have been, my favorites, they are fun and sleek without being muddled, funny in an ‘all ages’ way- like not in the offensive adult way or the soulless ‘kids laugh at this, right?’ Johnny Test kind of way

It’s always sharply animated, engagingly colored and has fluid transitions, and I love the simple story lines more than anything. Story lines like ‘Peridot’s audio diary,’ ‘going to fun land,’ ‘meeting a new fusion.’ The concepts are small, but that’s what makes them so good. Straightforward and character driven, the stories have a depth and wit to them that make me look forward to each and every one, as well as anything Zuke will work on in the future.

I hope she’s doing okay.

My take on kpop fandoms (based on my experience)
  • ELF:The most perverted and loyal fandom
  • Exotics:The most crack-filled, derpy fandom
  • Shawols:The cutest and most adorable fandom
  • Babys:The most spazztic, funny fandom
  • Sones:The most protective and hardworking fandom
  • Cassies:The strongest and most forgiving fandom
  • Affli(x)tion:The kindest most easy-going fandom
  • V.I.Ps:The most determined and resilient fandom
  • Black Jacks:The coolest and most unique fandom
Little Spark Headcannons



-Sweet as a cinnamon roll

-Loves memes (but not as much as some have suggested)

-Loves his pokemon and names them all, then remembers their names. Each and every one.

-Spends most of his time hatching eggs and gets excited when they finally do.

-Had to (tearfully) be convinced by Blanche and Candela that letting the pokemon he hatches be researched isn’t a bad thing (but guys, I want to cuddle them…!)

-Appreciates tf out of all pokemon, including Magikarp, because even they have dreams (and maybe some of them don’t want to be a Gyarados….!)

-Asks every pokemon before he evolves them if it’s what they want.

-Is a strong leader with a powerful team, but still prefers to find a peaceful solution before fighting.

-Naturally attracts and is trusted by wild Pokemon as his empathetic heart gives off a vibe of kindness that they can sense.

-Secretly thinks the other two would be a cute couple, but would never tell them because they are their own people.

There’s probably more. xD

I want to talk about the look in Dean’s eyes when Sam doesn’t know he’s looking. About how his mouth softens, and his eyes get really gentle, and years fall away between the two of them, because Sammy will always be every age he’s ever been to Dean, each one of them filled with precious and bittersweet memories. He just loves his little brother so.fucking.much.

What do you want to talk about?

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It's a fact that Will and Hannibal cannot live without each other, so what do you think about the other (first one being murder ofc) physical aspect of their lives - the sex? Do they actually need to consume their relationship in every sense of the word? Is it smth that may come in time or is it smth that they actually desire right now? In short, do they want to be literal murder husbands? Personally, I think yes, for them there is no line, love and death grips them in the same embrace.

The show has been fairly blatant with the subtext that there is a sexual attraction between Will and Hannibal since season 2 (season 1, even). Plus Bryan Fuller has said that he had to ‘shit or get off the pot’ in regards to what was happening between Will and Hannibal (which means committing to the relationship and all that entails). Plus, Mads and Hugh talked beforehand about the Wrath of the Lamb final scenes and where they thought the natural progression between the two would go and then implied this in those scenes through the most intense date night ever.

And let’s not forget, neither Hannibal or Will are confirmed in text as any particular sexuality. 

So what does this all mean?

That there is a romance between them. That it is recognized and it is mutual. That they’re in love.

But is it sexual? 

Yeah. It is. This is mostly subtext (though it’s pretty obvious subtext that it’s barely subtext) in camera shots like the Ortolan scene or Will getting a facial via Hannibal’s blood or Hannibal talking about Franklyn being attracted to Tobias sexually (and since Franklyn and Tobias are Hannibal and Will, this means Hannibal is wondering about his own attraction to Will. There’s a meta post floating around about this that’s great, I don’t have a link though) or the quiet intensity they had when they reunited in the museum and both Hannibal and Will checked the other out (go look at that scene again, those eyes are roving and liking what they see) or the Dolarhyde fight which can be a metaphor for Will and Hannibal physically consummating their relationship.

And then, of course, the embrace. Where Hannibal leaned in to kiss. Where Will nuzzled Hannibal’s chest (which isn’t strictly sexual, but it can be).

(There are more examples, but you get the idea)

So their relationship is confirmed romantic and sexual. 

While in my dream season four it would be 13 episodes of Hannibal and Will doing couple things while every five minutes stopping to make out/love, that’s not realistic.

Realistically, I do think it makes sense for Will and Hannibal to continue on their course, which means having references to a sexual relationship either shown through subtext or explicit (though not explicit as we might want it to be). At the very least a kiss or even a sex scene akin to the Margot/Alana one. Artsy and a brief glimpse of two naked men kissing while kneeling on a bed (if only to be fair).

But your question is, do they want to be literal murder husbands?

The text tells us that yes, they do. They’re obsessed with each other. There is no line they wouldn’t or haven’t crossed when it comes to the other (and both of them being men is not an issue at all). There’s also a possessiveness shown in both of them (Will being supremely bitchy with Bedelia, Hannibal being the pettiest man alive when it comes to Molly). 

They both have realized they cannot live without the other and there is nothing they wouldn’t sacrifice for the other. They’ve found acceptance and understanding in the other when they’ve never experience either before.

Sex is much simpler in the light of all this and it’s a natural next step for two men like Hannibal and Will who are already intimately intimate and still want to be even closer.

tldr; They’re gonna bang their way across Europe and into freedom.