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so this blog has been YEARS in the making, ever since i first started roleplaying; i’ve always been one to make muses & then abandon them, & finally i’ve just added everyone on here! thank you to everyone whose stayed with me through thick & thing, i very much appreciate it, and here’s to many more interactions in the future!

you guys are all so precious to me, mutuals & non mutuals, so please know that i love & appreciate each and every one of you ! you are all beautiful people, please keep on doing what you are doing ! 

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westhawne + “Can we pretend I didn’t just say that?"

thanks for the prompt, anis, my dear. i changed the wording a little to make it fit, but here you go <3 

It’s been two weeks.

Not that they haven’t been dancing around asking each other out for a while now. Every time Eddie would come into Jitters, he’d make sure to always take the table that Iris was covering. He’d learned them. It was really kind of adorable.

“You know, you could just ask me on a date,” Iris had quipped one morning, settling down his latte on the table. She probably could’ve waited until he’d drank his coffee first, because the deer-in-headlights expression that the blond had given her was quite comical.

Still, it had worked, and so they’ve been dating for two weeks.  

It’s been going well. Great, actually. They’ve been out on three dates – one of which had been interrupted by Eddie getting called into the station (her dad’s way of spiting her, Iris is pretty sure – even without knowing that they’re dating) – but it’s been going well nonetheless.

When the bell chimes above the door at Eddie’s usual time, Iris has his cup ready, so when she hears someone clear their throat at the counter, and her lips twitch in amusement. “Hold your horses, Prettyboy. Your order’s coming.”


Iris freezes, eyes widening. Crap. The voice is no less familiar than the one she’d expected, just… deeper. And. Yeah. She’s in trouble. Letting out a breath, she pulls Eddie’s cup from the machine and sets it aside – because she can’t make it look like she’d been waiting on him.

With a nervous laugh, she makes her way over to the serving station. “Sorry, dad. I thought you were Barry.”

Joe raises his eyebrows, a sceptical expression on his face. “Barry?”


“Barry?” Eddie echoes – although it’s more in amusement than anything. Iris shoots him a glare when her father’s attention is momentarily distracted as he fishes his wallet out of his coat.

“It’s just a joke we have. It’s stupid,” she says, waving her hand in a vague gesture that she hopes is nonchalant, praying that she can text her best friend before her dad does to tell him to just go with it.

Her dad looks like he’s about to question her further, so when his work phone interrupts him, the knot in Iris’ chest loosens considerably. “Gotta take this. You know my order. Eddie, I’ll be outside.”

“See you at home, dad!” she tries with an air of upbeatness that probably sounds unnatural for her, but thankfully Joe’s already making his way across the floor, talking heatedly into his phone about some crime scene or other.

She licks her lips, giving Eddie an apologetic look, but he’s leaning on the counter now, watching her in equal parts amusement and admiration. “Prettyboy, huh? Should I be worried that you keep using your nickname for Barry around me?”

Iris huffs as she fiddles around with the machine, setting up her dad’s order and lifting Eddie’s cup, placing it on the counter in front of him. “Shut up. Drink your coffee and pretend I didn’t just say that.”

With a quick glance behind him to make sure that Joe’s attention is still distracted – it is – Eddie leans over the counter, and Iris meets his lips with her own in a quick stolen peck, grateful that there’s no customers around right now. “Fine. It can just be my new nickname for Barry.”

She rolls her eyes. “You’re the worst.”

“But not the prettiest.”

“Shut up.”

Oh, how fickle fate was
To the one who decided to love with all their heart each and every day
It had but destroyed them

The love they sought had eluded them
To which they replied by grabbing it by the scruff of its neck and vowed to never relent until the day it surrendered

Thus their heart was no mere organ
It was the strongest of steel
Forged through the fires that engulfed them
Hammered by the love that punished them

The heart that has long since been delicate
I pray that it someday find solace
Counting each and every day until the Great Smith relinquishes them from the flames
That they might shine bright with the tremendous strength gained through dreadful suffering

—  v.m // Into Molten Fire

Our angry son is letting Yuuri record his jump. And the thing is, I’m sure he had to do it a few times. I’m sure he tried to acord each and every one of his movements for them to get to be clear and precise, wanting to make it easier for Yuuri to get the hang of it. Because just look at his stance, the open arms, the postion of the legs, he’s posing straight for the camera, and the landing is clean. Yurio worries more than he will ever be able to admit, he’s not someone who shows he cares with words but actions, and I love him for it.

in our silent moments
you ask me
what i’m thinking

i grasp for words
often remaining silent
as my tongue gets tied
into shy
and playful knots
begin to wander
and i cautiously ponder
yet all i can give
are mere glimpses
of the dream that exists
when my eyes are closed

let me try to convey
all i long to say…

i imagine walking the rooms
inside my mind
with you
who understands
my every weakness
seeing them as strength
i look upon you
who fills the quantum
celestial gap
the black hole
within my heart
a universe
this niche missing
from reality
i envision a home
and complete
with all the facets
of an unblemished love
and displayed
within each photo
that is hung on the walls
love thrives inside
the pages of every book
that rests
upon the dusty shelves
for us to read
letter by letter
i imagine that
on our darkest days
when lost in life’s maze
and one may not feel like reading
the other will speak
the words aloud
so very slowly
with compassion
the sound will resonate
and saturate
our home
this love will linger about
in the air we breathe
and swirling
captured under blankets
in-between the bedsheets
it will be piling high
on the harvest table
the vital nourishment placed
bountifully upon each plate
the sustenance
in abundance
that will feed our body
heart and soul
i clearly see you
and vulnerable
yet holding inside
the courage of lion heart
within your own wounds
your weakness
your greatest
i see you
who requires to be loved
as deeply you love
who looks into my eyes
and desires not to remedy
one single thing
what is yours
i see only you
the man who is willing
as i am willing
to cross even the most
treacherous valleys
climb the highest mountains
that we might enjoy the view
both together

in the depths
of your eyes
i see sheer beauty
within every scar
they hide
i see brilliance
in the divine plan
of the past
that lead you here

i am left looking into us
reveling in the perfection
that is chaotically scattered
like diamonds among the stones
that lay upon the path
we walked
before finding




Barry White Jr, a 5th grade English teacher in NC, has a special handshake for each one of his students

“I started with one simple handshake last year with a 4th grader. She would wait for me every morning before she’d go to class. She’d get in trouble sometimes for being late because she’d wait on the handshake. 

This year I started making handshakes with the kids at recess. It was just one or two students and then it became contagious. I saw how much it meant to them, so I said, ‘Come on. Everyone come on.’ Then it was my full class, then it was kids from other classes. Now I have 3rd graders wanting to do it too.”

it’s nice to see teacher who are more than just uniform, who care about their students, as the individual people they are and want make learning and school enjoyable for these kids and encourage them. I wish every student, regardless of race, would treat every teacher, regardless of race, like this!

“I feel like all my kids grew up and married each other- it’s every parent’s dream” is a wonderful piece of writing because it sums up everything you need to know about Michael Scott in one line. Funny without meaning to be, deeply inappropriate and ridiculous on every level, delivered with sincere emotion, filled with so much love. 

hance headcanons
  • whenever one of them says i love you the next ten minutes is just “i love you more” “no i love you more” “no i love you more” until someone tells them to stop
  • hunk’s phone is full of pictures of lance dabbing. so is his snapchat. every time they see each other now they have to take a picture of lance dabbing so hunk can post it to snapchat with the caption “ur daily lance dab” 
  • they always greet and say goodbye to each other with a hug and hunk is always the first one to pull away bc lance will just c l i n g forever 
  • hearing hunk’s voice is really comforting to lance and it helps calm him down
  • sometimes lance buys clothes that are too big for him so he can share them with hunk
  • ^^ lance always steal hunk’s clothes  (hunk loves it when lance steals his clothes)
  • they always take photos that look really coupley and post them everywhere with super sappy captions
  • they have each other’s names in their instagram bios with a heart next to it
  • they send each other goodnight and good morning texts
  • lance likes to brag about hunk. he’ll go around like “look at my best friend hunk he’s really smart and really cute”
  • whenever lance is feeling insecure hunk will start listing off all the things he likes about lance/things he’s good at. he can go on for a really long time
  • 10 hour skype calls are a normal thing for them
  • ^^ sometimes they go quiet for long periods of time while on skype and once hunk was just like “the sound of you breathing is comforting”

feel free to add on i love hance  (⌒▽⌒)☆

It’s actually really sad to see that there is so much internalized hate within fandoms themselves. Why can’t we all just get along and support all the members of a group, instead of pinning them against one another? We’re not going to gain anything from this other than more fanwars, and people getting hurt, including the idol themselves. I mean, shouldn’t we be happy that all the members of a group are getting recognition? Each and every member, regardless of which group they’re from deserves the love and recognition they’re getting so why can’t we all just be happy about it? Isn’t there already enough uneccessary fanwars and hate happening between different fandoms  so why waste your time by causing fanwars amongst your own fandom? It’s really not worth it at all. 

  • me every time Roy and Riza are on screen together: kiss kiss kiss kiss kISS KISS KISS KISS
Adulting 101

I’m going to start posting a weekly blurb called “Adulting 101″. Basically a list of 10 things that I have learned since I started living on my own, the list changing every week. I’m also going to @ two of you lovely followers each week because I see ya’ll reblogging everything I post and ya’ll make me feel special.

Today big shout out to @lifehacksthatwork and @b1polar-thoughts. Please go love them! And without further ado…

1. Important documents. One of the first things you should do before you move out is get all your important documents from your parents/guardians. I’m talking your Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, high school or college transcripts, banking information, etc. Trust me.

2. Get a store discount card. I save an average of $20 per $100 shop at Stop & Shop and as of today I’ve saved $125 at CVS.

3. Buy herbs. Herbs like basil, rosemary, and thyme are very easy to maintain and yield a big bang for their buck. They are cheap, hardy and easy to cook with!

4. Wash those sheets. Wash your sheets once a week (if you can afford it), it will really make a difference in your skin care.

5. Help your bathroom. Always, always, always leave your door or window open after you shower. Black mold is no joke and is easily preventable but not easy to eliminate. I leave my bathroom window open in the summer and my door open in the winter.

6. Freeze everything. I buy in bulk, separate into meal portions, and then defrost as needed. Waste not, want not! I do this with loaves of bread, cookies, meat, etc.

7. Buy xmas lights. I have xmas lights strung up year round, they’re cheap and really brighten my apartment up. 

8. Have pet, will lint roller. If you have a pet, get a lint roller. Seriously. There’s nothing worse than going to an important interview or event and realizing that you look like your cat’s mutated half-human sister.

9. Posters are cheap, frames are expensive. Frames are sometimes three times the price of the poster! And what’s worse is that the cheaper frames fall apart almost instantly and look terrible. 

10. Late night worries. If you’re out late at night worried about your safety use an app to share your location with a friend. Those with Iphones can actually just “share my location” on a friend’s contact page or use “Find My Friends”. It This is something I do all the time


Guys you won’t friggin belive it, but I think I have discovered that the villagers house won’t land on tiles placed on the ground anymore!

I placed tiles all over my town, I left no 9x9 space empty in my entire town apart from exaclty where I wanted the villager to go, and it worked!

I forced a villager out using wisp, so there was the option of the new villager’s house landing exactly where the old one was just because I couldn’t place anything there beforehand. I seriously just plot set 2 villagers and IT ONLY TOOK ME 2 TRIES EACH TO GET THEM EXACTLY WHERE I WANTED!!

This is crazy big news! No more days of plot resetting! It’s a little teedius to place tiles in every inch of your town but it is worlds better than before! Other people should try this out and let me know if they find evidence to refute this, because I would love this to be true.

EDIT* To be clear you don’t have to completely cover your town in tiles, just place them strategically so that there isn’t and open 3x3 empty space on the ground other than where you want the plot to go. It only works with tiles, plots will still go on flowers and trees.

blveblack  asked:

top five reasons why you ship kagehina??

This gonna be hella long so I apologize in advance. It seems that when it comest to Kagehina I can’t stop rambling…I just love them so fucking much

1. Because they are soulmates. Ask every single Haikyuu character about Kagehina, they would all say the same thing: they’re a match made in volleyball heaven. Their electricity, their sync, and their power is undeniable, so much that basically everyone inside and outside Karasuno openly recognize it. Oikawa even treats them as an actual couple. Or better, as Hinata himself said, partners. They are so different and yet so similar, they understand each other like no one else, they’re insanely passionate about volleyball, about improving themselves, about winning. They can canonically communicate telepathically (how extra is that), they are at the same time each other’s biggest rival and supporter. Kageyama is the partner Hinata always dreamed of, while Hinata is the sun that gave Kageyama the colors of the world back.

Originally posted by hanekawaas

By the time they reach their 3rd year I have no doubt they’ll be the greatest power couple that the world has ever seen, even beating their royal predecessors Oikawa and Iwaizumi.

2. Because they are growing together. Even if the core of their relationship probably never changed, if you look back at the start of season 1, now they’re already two completely different people. But still, as deep as it already is, they’re just in the early stage of their relationship and they have plenty of room for further development, especially when it comes to communicate with each other. Kageyama was emotionally scarred, Hinata had nothing but his physical abilities to offer. They started from the very bottom, in what was the shortest “enemies to lovers” arc ever, and never stopped discovering and learning about each other since then. The growth as technical players is crystal clear, but what they changed the most about the other is the approach to life in general.

Originally posted by kkenma

3. Because they naturally gravitate towards the other. The famous “As long as I’m here you’re invincible” sums the concept up really well. There’s a force that drives them to always be together, to always choose each other, a force they both don’t even understand. To his much displease, Hinata can even make Kageyama act a certain way on court just by influencing him with his aura. They are linked and committed to bring out the best of each other, of being the best setter/spiker for the other first, and just then for the team. They belong to each other and, together, they made a simple volleyball team feel like home. 

4. Because you can’t keep them apart. Their fight was as devastating for us and for the team as it was for them. It’s a breaking point in their relationship. But still, in their painful time apart, every single action was directed towards the other. Kageyama even went to Oikawa asking for advices on how to deal with Hinata (let the enormity of that sink in). During the summer training camp they worked their asses off, always keeping the other in mind…remember that Kageyama could make the-toss-that-stops work only when he started imagining Hinata spiking the ball. Not to mention the geniuses training camp, the first time they were forced to be apart against their will…It’s their mutual constant support that can make them play at the top of their game, so not having the other beside them affected them both to the point that Kageyama was unable to watch another guy play without comparing him to Hinata and honestly? what the fuck

Originally posted by angrycucco

p.s. it’s stated in the manga that the whole team is affected when they’re not in good terms with each other. Kiyoko even said that she felt “a sense of peace and tranquillity” when they were finally reunited.

5. Because they act their age. Hinata and Kageyama are just 16, they are basically still kids. In a show where the characters are often requited to act way more mature than they are, it’s so refreshing to see them behave exactly like the young boys they are. Around Hinata, Kageyama breaks his collected form and lets out his hidden immaturity. We see them have fun together, go on their own little adventures, constantly and playfully bickering, they’re messy dorks together, they fail their tests together, they are loud, extra and completely childish together. They let each other shine bright in the perfect carefreeness of youth, and that’s beautiful.

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Thank you for your message, if you need me, you could find me sobbing in the corner. 

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