Orlais presents a veneer of opulence, but the aristocracy are committed to a system of social one-upmanship they call the game. Sprawling receptions delight friend and foe, while bards strike from shadow with insinuation, larceny, and assassination, often to the strange delight of their targets. Control of these auteur agents is yet another layer of the game.The Orlesian Game of Intrigue (click to enlarge)

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Myth AU where Mercy, a village's orphaned healer tries to help dragon!Genji who's wounded by dragon hunters. Pls? :3

I’m always down with a good myth AU, here ya go doll! 

  • The healer was a known girl throughout the village. Mostly since it took nearly all of them to raise her after her parents died.
  • Mercy had a special gift of picking the right herbs and finding the correct measurements to cure any illness. As she became a young women, she study to become a physician.
  • She often took treks into the woods surrounding the village for her special plants and medications. She wander by a cave that was dug deep into the face of the mountain that towers over her home only to stop at the sight of red blood trailing inside of it.
  • Worrying of a poor traveler or two gravelly injured, she followed the trail of blood into the dark cave. She stumbled over something large in the darkness and upon adjusting her eyesight, she saw that she tripped over a scaly green tail. 
  • She almost screamed as she saw the rest of the beast. A dragon, three times her size, hard scales with horns curling back and sharp claws.
  • She almost fled, but stopped when she saw that the blood lead to several spears embedded in its body. The dragon itself seemed to have lost consciousness due to this.
  • Dragon hunters were no rarity, but they never came to her village simply because no dragons were ever spotted near it. Until now.
  • Mercy was never never one to kill, especially a wounded, sleeping… thing. Though she knew it might be foolish, she left the cave and retrieved herbs to stop the bleeding and prevent infection. A silent hope blossoming in her heart that her act of kindness might stop the dragon from attacking her village.
  • She worked well into the night, removing the spears and clogging the wounds with her mixed herbs. She had just pulled the last one out of its back when the creature’s body shifted. Suddenly its brown eyes open and settled on her with a spear in her hand. 
  • The dragon attempted to move, to attack, but it only let out a weak growl while Mercy stumbled backwards in pure terror. She pressed herself against the cave wall and watched the dragon with wide eyes. Slowly the dragon took note of the removed weapons and the covered wounds upon his scaly skin.
  • “Why are you, a maiden, helping a dragon?”
  • She almost couldn’t answer but she managed to say, “Because you would have died.”
  • The dragon is suspicious, wary, but Mercy bravely takes a step closer and says she wishes to help him. Carefully speaking aloud of her actions and what the herbs do, she covers the last wound, and the dragon seems to relax in the slightest.
  • The morning sun is just beginning to rise when both are dosing off. Mercy urges the dragon to get rest but first, the dragon speaks.
  • “My name is Genji.”
  • She tastes the name, and its sweetness is incomparable. Though, she had never known a dragon to have a name. 
  • “My people call me Mercy.”
  • The dragon, Genji, says her name, and finally allows himself to rest. Mercy takes a moment, admiring his scales and wondering of his kind voice before setting off into the dawn to retrieve more herbs for his wounds.

Part 2 maybe?? Yes? No?

  • Sebastian:You know, when I return to Starkhaven you're welcome to come with me.
  • Fenris:And do what, exactly?
  • Sebastian:You're a fine warrior. If you could train men to fight like you do, we'd be unstoppable.
  • Fenris:I'm no leader, and I doubt humans would want me training them.
  • Sebastian:Then why not train elves? I bet there's plenty who would admire all you've accomplished.
  • Fenris:I... haven't accomplished anything.
  • Sebastian:No? You are your own man, living as you see fit—you give yourself too little credit.
  • Fenris:You are being kind.
  • Sebastian:Not at all. Think about it.
Drive safely.

100 Ways to Say I Love You: 27/100

“Drive safely,” Jiyong had said over the phone earlier that evening before leaving your parent’s house. And you had; checking your blind spots, coming to complete stops, doing everything by the book. The irony was that the other person had not.

The flash of headlights kept playing through your mind as you sat in your car on the side of the road, trying to comprehend what had just happened. Some moron had sped right through a red light and was seconds away from hitting you square on. If someone else hadn’t seen or honked to alert them, they probably would have.

Your heart was still racing even minutes later as you held your phone limply in your shaking hands, debating whether to call Jiyong or not. He was a worrier, and you knew if you called him he’d go insane waiting for you to get home. His number blinked on the screen as your thumb hovered over the call button, his smiling face looking up at you.

“Hey, are you okay?”

You jumped and looked at the person knocking on your window. An older man, a taxi driver, peered in. You let out a breath and rolled your window down a bit.

“I’m okay, thank you.” Your voice sounded weak and thin.

“I saw what happened…. that idiot didn’t even slow down. I couldn’t get his plate number.”

“I didn’t see either,” you replied, feeling stupid now that you didn’t even think to look. “Thank you again for checking on me though.”

“You’re lucky, Miss. Could have been real bad…. Head on home safely now, okay?”

You nodded and he walked back to his car behind you. With once last glance at Jiyong’s picture, you stuffed your phone back into your pocket and pulled out onto the road once again.

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EHEHEHE OKAY SO I love fantasy novels and so I’m writing dragon fic influenced by my fave series (Enchanted Forest Chronicles) in which Hanzo and Genji are dragons and they collect people (Well, mostly genji collects people– hanzo collects skeletons) and then a variaty of other OW peeps sho w up

It’s a fun time (I don’t have nearly as much as I do for the ghost fic buT HERE HAVE SOME DRAGON FIC)

And so it was an unremarkable morning on the outskirts of Hanamura when Hanzo heard the tell-tale sound of a bicycle bell—a proper bike, with wheels that touched the ground—a sound that heralded the arrival of his brother in his human guise. With a grunt, he stretched, slowly unwinding as he moved from his sleeping chamber to what Genji jokingly called his ‘dining room’.

Which was ridiculous—Hanzo didn’t eat humans, just killed those who sought him out, looking for power and revenge. Not that there were many skeletons– legends seemed to be enough to keep trouble makers away.

“Hanzo! Brother, come to town with me– I’m meeting the most intriguing omnic this afternoon, and I think you would like him!” The green-haired menace was bouncing on all too human legs, watching expectantly.

“Why? Once I have seen one omnic, or human, I have seen them all. They surely can not be as remarkable as you make them out to be.”

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Demon Hanzo AU is too good, hold on, I need to sit down.

Same, save me a seat

  • When the sun finally sets, Hanzo returns to Tracer who is waking up after sleeping all day. Hanzo places the charms around her leg again to clean any remain poison and assure that infection doesn’t set in. They talk once again, but this time Tracer tells him he can ask her anything he wants.
  • Hesitantly, he does. He asks of where she came from and what she’s doing here and why she fought the demons and even if she has found love. She answers them all easily, and it surprises Hanzo to hear the genuineness in her voice because he has taken mortals as dark beings almost like those other evil creatures.
  • Tracer notes the way he grows still when she says she hasn’t found love yet. The look in his eyes is almost impossible to pin down. Somewhere between anguish and hope.
  • Nights past like this as Tracer slowly regained her strength and her body recovers from the demon poison. Tracer grows to know the dark figure as more of a person then an actual demon. He confesses that he used to be a lighted spirit, but was cursed when he harmed his brother. 
  • He did not explain further then that. The dark look on his face does not escape Tracer’s notice.
  • After three nights of not moving, Tracer tells Hanzo she’s going to lose her mind if she has to lay here another second. He starts mildly panicking because she’s not strong enough to walk by herself and the demons are still running through the city and he needs to make sure their isn’t one drop of poison left in her system.
  • Tracer starts getting up by herself because she’s stubborn and bored. Hanzo reluctantly catches her before she falls and then sighs in defeat.
  • “If you wish, I could show you something.”
  • Tracer agrees, anything to be ‘moving’ plus, she likes being so close to him. He’s warm and a safety that Tracer can’t describe. 
  • He carries her through the dark forest, two ghosts traveling by the light of the full moon. He finally reaches the destination, and Tracer loses her breath.
  • Water like glass fills the pond surrounding by rows and rows of pale pink cherry blossom trees. Their beautiful petals rest upon the ground and on top of the water. In the moonlight, it looks like another world, and Tracer can’t believe she’s viewing it.
  • Hanzo only watches her face, and lets himself dream of kissing those pink lips. Then just like that, he shoves such thoughts away, and silently lets Tracer enjoy his favorite place. 

rip me

Confession:  Although I love all the Dragon Age titles, within my favorite, D.A.: Inquisition, I feel that with all of the DLC [The Descent, specifically] and updates, some of the mid-level gear becomes far too unbalanced. For example, I had to literally stop myself from even USING any of the items I had acquired from The Descent until the late game due to the fact that they all completely out -performed EVERYTHING in the whole base game! Frankly, it’s ridiculous, but I still pray to the Maker for D.A.:4.

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Hiii! Just wanted to say how much I love your writing and I hope it's not annoying that I'm reblogging so much of it,yet I've never even messaged before x_x I was starting to feel a little rude that I never said hi yet so hey, hello, I love your all of your writing and you have great taste in ships and you're amazing and I love your blog! 💛 Ok I'll stop now @_@

Hey doll! Oh thank you so much, your posts about Time Dragon were what actually got me falling into that ship in the first place <3 I love to read your tags that you always put on my headcannons, they make my day and I’m just happy that someone loves Time Dragon as much as I do <3

Trying to talk to Solas about *anything*
  • Me:Hey Solas, do you want some of this chicken fettuccine alfredo I made?
  • Solas:In dreams I have traveled through the Fade and had chicken fettuccine alfredo beyond your wildest imaginings. I ate such pasta with men set to be executed at dawn, shared in their last, doomed wine and revelry. I've watched legendary heroes of old sit in their camps before apocalyptic battles against the darkness, and eat fetuccine alfredo such as this. And once, I befriended a curious spirit who above all lusted to know the taste of human food, and schemed for centuries to find ways to enter our world with a human palate and sample pasta dishes like the one you are currently offering.
  • Me:You know, I get it.
My Dad Also Wants Me to Be a Pokemon Master
  • Me:*gasp* Oh, my God! It's a Dratini!
  • Mom:In the Wal-Mart? *pause* What's Dratini?
  • Me:Cute, baby dragon.
  • Mom:Oh.
  • Me:But he's underweight.
  • Dad:So feed him! Poor thing!
  • [Excited by this malnourished baby dragon, my parents take it upon themselves to drive me all over downtown, looking for Pokemon.]
  • Dad:Okay, so do you see anything around here?
  • Me:A Pidgey.
  • Dad:A Pidgey? I drove all the way out here for a PIDGEY?
  • Me:Oh, here's a Magikarp!
  • Dad:That's worse!
  • Mom:What's a Magikarp?
  • Dad:A useless fish.
  • Mom:*pause* Can you feed it to the underweight baby dragon!?
Taeyang trolling CL on IG

It started with Taeyang commenting

‘’Dope video… congratz!!’’

on almost all CL’s recent posts

others joined the fun too

Taeyang started to encourage fans to join too

He posted this on IG

..and even taught fans the right way of using the joke

More YG members finally took notice of the joke

So CL answered to Taeyang’s constant trolling (on which he had to troll again)

But Taeyang wasn’t done

Now they both can’t stop