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Top 5 things Anders has done. <3

1. Blew up the fucking Chantry, simultaneously preventing a needless massacre of innocent mages while also showing the world the hypocrisy inherent in the fact that even if one man killed a Grand Cleric, entirely of his own doing, the Templars would go after mages as a whole.

2. Opened up a free clinic for refugees, refusing to charge the poor, sick and wounded to heal their ailments and deliver their children. 

3. Spent several years drafting a manifesto for the cause of mage rights and freedom.  Note that this was after he spent a solid two decades locked up in a tower, spent one year in solitary fucking confinement, and saw his lover lobotomized.  No, even after all that, he was gonna try to save the world through his writing first.

4. Named a cat Ser Pounce-a-Lot.  Self-explanatory.

5. Is, in general, the most terribly caring person in Thedas, he wears his heart on his sleeve and follows his own personal and moral convictions no matter what.  In Awakening, if you let him go and tell him to run, he comes back to you, of his own will, to help you fight Darkspawn.  He then sticks by your side thereafter unless you start being a wanton asshole, at which point he fucks off.  He doesn’t care that you’re the Hero of Ferelden.  If you’re not doing the right thing, he wants no part in it.  In Dragon Age 2 he wants to give you the best world he possibly can, and he will work at that day and night, without rest.

Bonus #6:

Did this:

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and promptly stole my heart.  Bastard.

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Thank you everybody SO MUCH. When i joined tumblr a month ago I never dreamed (seriously) I’d reach even 50 followers! So this means a TON to me! Thanks so so so so so so much! I’m going to make another RTTE music video tomorrow to celebrate, so keep an eye out for that! THANKS AGAIN!

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I was watching Voltron and my grandma looks at Lance and says, “Oh! Is that boy Mexican?”

And I looked at Lance and then at her and say, “Ya know, I don’t know, Abuela.”

And then she said, “If he’s cute, he’s Mexican.”

And I asked, “Is he to you?”

And she responded with a “Yes. So that makes him Mexican. You want to know how?”

And I asked how. And my grandma said (as she strokes her hair and bats her eyes;

“Just look at me.”

And I started laughing so hard I almost choked on my Sprite.

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Silk Sheets and Dragons? For the ask :P

Silk Sheets: Any ways you treat or spoil yourself?        

Montparnasse: face masks while watching Project Runway, doing my eyebrows, painting my nails, using five finger discounts-

Jean: Don’t tell them that! You’ll get into trouble.

Montparnasse: Don’t give me that look.

Jean: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Montparnasse: …*winks*

Jean: >____>
I treat myself by buying secondhand books, snuggles with the cat and bubble baths! I love bath bombs! 

Dragons: What makes you feel powerful, what breathes life into you?

Jean: Poetic word. Language is a very powerful thing.

Montparnasse: Do you really want to know?

Jean: No.

i told myself i was gonna finish that really old sketch of maevaris and i finally did it :’0)

harry potter books rated by the amount of dragons
  • sorcerer's stone: norbert. norberta. cute af until she bites ron's hand but lets be real shes still adorable even as she's setting fire to everything in her wake. 12/10
  • chamber of secrets: disappointing lack of dragons. -1/10
  • prisoner of azkaban: brief mentions of charlie and his dragons, but no actual dragons. 1/10
  • goblet of fire: The Best. not only four grown up badass mama dragons but lil mini versions too 100/10 fantastic use of dragons
  • order of the phoenix: there might be a mention of charlie and his dragons. gotta wonder what harry's mini hungarian horntail is up to. 2/10
  • half-blood prince: still no dragons. it's a very dark time. 0/10
  • deathly hallows: sad and abused dragon is given a sock! sad and abused dragon is free! and gets to destroy a bank in the process. 20/10 would free again.

@new d&d players and dungeon masters starting because of critical role, aquisitions inc, the adventure zone, etc: 

hey listen. i know it’s really super easy to compare and set up expectations that your game, your DMing or your roleplaying should be like theirs. i know. it’s super easy to look at matthew mercer and feel like you’ll never be as entertaining as him or you’ll never be as good at roleplaying as the cast, or that you’ll never be as funny as the mcelroys.

but listen to me. i’m serious. they are professionals, but they’re playing with their friends. every single person brings something unique and great to a tabletop game, and if you let go of the expectation that everything needs to be perfect, everything needs to be like the podcasts you listen to or the shows you watch–

it WILL be perfect. d&d is a game where you can do whatever the fuck you want and you should do that, but realize that with these expectations are unfair to your fellow players, your dm, and most importantly yourself. sometimes it takes a while for people to get comfortable with how things are. sometimes it doesn’t. that’s ok. just enjoy your game as much as you can