Doodles of one of my absolute favorite hidekane fics, inkstains and flowers!!  \(*^▽^*)/ 

It was just too cute not to draw! ^v^

and now back to finishing the emoji asks

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Oops,I forgot how to draw.

I’ve purchased Clip Studio Paint yesterday and I was trying out some of its features and the result was this.

I may have been listening to a TAS video while testing out stuff. It sucks to be Ryou. You all know he’s always having a worse day than you


“Ooh, she’s turning red!”
“Shut up!”

I’m still overflowing with KanaMari feels, so I drew a cute scene from episode 9! It’s not perfect, but at least it was fun!!

Artwork © 2016 Siobhan (dashofcreativity.net)
Mari, Kanan and Love Live! Sunshine!! © Ascii Media Works’ Dengeki G Magazine, Lantis, and Sunrise
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So I thought it would be a good idea to listen to the unravel acoustic again… I ended up making myself sad so I had to draw the sunflower child more (╥_╥)

my sketchbook is filled with him, i might need help

Please don’t steal or remove my signature (◡‿◡✿) thank you!