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I’m not submitting this to be suggestive or pornographic, I just really love this picture because one obviously my butt looks fantastic but also because I’ve grown to love and appreciate my body. I have too many stretch marks to count, rolls and folds, and lots of cellulite..And to be honest, rebelling against society by being proud of myself is so empowering..I’m truly untouchable. 

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Regina and Snow standing up for each other.

I really love the delivery of 花樣年華. Yoongi’s breathing and intense rapping make it seem like its a rush of swirling thoughts that he is trying to understand and accept in himself. The video delivers more of a melancholy feelings that comes with those thoughts where he is reflecting on his life and where his future will go. He reflects on his feelings and how they carry him forward. 

I loved the connection the lyrics and video had with basketball, something that he really loves. It was clever and pleasant.

I am seriously anticipating this new mini album. 

OK no idol is more thoughtful, sweet and always thinking of his fans as much as Bummie does…he dyed his hair flame red/pink just so fans sitting at the top of the Tokyo Dome could easily tell him apart from the other members..i am still not over that… he is SO cute and wants to make his LiL Freaks happy , his personality is the reason hes my second bias omg

Theoretical Demonology

All through college Adelaide told her friends and family she was majoring in Supernatural Studies. She left the ‘Emphasis on Demonology’ out of it. They wouldn’t have understood – sweet, uneasy Addy, choosing a field of study that focused on the most powerful, unpredictable, and uncontrollable preternatural beings known to man?

The truth was, Adelaide hardly understood it herself.

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What I wore to the @everythingbeforeus movie premiere tonight! So proud of my friends @wongfupro for telling such a beautiful story about love. I totally connected and got the feels! 💕 What kind of movies do you guys like to watch?