Cuddly -Fred Weasley Imagine

Summary: Fred x reader where the reader is a super cuddly person. Fred invites the reader back to the Burrow for Christmas break and the reader cuddles with the others, surprising Molly. 

@phiauniverse (I did it as a blurb, hope you don’t mind! also it won’t let me tag you, but maybe its just my laptop being silly?)

  • ok so when you first get to the Burrow, Molly engulfs you in this massive hug, welcoming you to their home and wishing you a happy holidays
  • you return the hug with even more enthusiasm, thanking her for letting you stay
  • Molly decides that she likes you after that, and gives Fred a look over your shoulder like good choice.
  • you greet the rest of the family with hugs, wishing them a merry Christmas and introducing yourself to the siblings you hadn’t met
  • Arthur likes you too, and you have a long chat with him.
  • Later that night after dinner you’re all sitting in the living room
  • you’re sitting with your legs on George’s lap and leaned up against Ginny’s side sharing a blanket with the two of them and Ron. You’ve got Ginny’s arm around your shoulders and a tea cup in your hands, joking around with them.
  • Fred is in the adjacent arm chair, talking about Quidditch with Charlie
  • Molly walks in carrying a plate of biscuits, and does a double take when she sees you sprawled out on Ginny and George, as she had expected you to be squished into Fred’s side in the armchair with him. After all, you were dating him 
  • and honestly, she had thought you’d be a little on the clingy side judging from your love of hugs
  •  she decides to ignore it for now, but vows to keep an eye on you, just in case you’re intentions weren’t all sweet
  • Fred notices his mum giving you A Look and raises his eyebrow at her, like what’s the stink eye about?
  • She tips her head towards you, lifting her eyebrows back at Fred in a silent That!
  • Fred just shakes his head at her and rolls his eyes. Molly figures that if Fred is okay with it, she shouldn’t worry too much about it.
  • You’re back on her good side as soon as you ask her if she needs any help clearing up mugs and plates though
  • And her heart melts the next night when she sees you and Fred squished up in an armchair, sharing a blanket. You’ve fallen asleep on Fred’s chest and he’s resting his head on yours with his eyes shut. 
I Noticed

Alright, I’ve started on the little Captain Swan drabbles for the prompts some of y’all sent in for my Christmas “I Love You” thing. This one is based on prompt #89: I noticed as requested by the lovely @sammmtacular. Don’t worry, y’all have six more coming. Enjoy you guys. If you like it drop a review on ff.net or in the tags (I love reading your reactions when you tag and don’t be surprised if I respond).

It’s the cat caught eating the canary look on his face that gives him away.

Also, she knows what day it is and she knows her mother…and how hard it is to say no to her mother. Especially when you’re a pirate who just so happens to be madly in love. With her, not her mother.

“So, a quiet dinner at Granny’s, huh?” she asks, resting her head against Killian’s shoulder.

He hums his agreement.

“However did you talk my mother into that?”

He flashes his most charming grin. “I believe your instructions were quite clear, Swan. She wants to make you happy.”

Emma laughs. “Yes, well, she and I occasionally have different ideas of what will make me happy.”

“Don’t I know it,” Killian mutters.

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I hope things are going great for you sixpencee and that you're taking care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Merry Christmas, I love you

Things have been on there usual roller coaster ride, but thanks so much :)

Guitar lessons.

In which Luke has a twin sister who is rubbish at guitar and Calum tries to help her.

Calum + Y/n

Rated R for smut.


I had missed them. I had missed them all so much. The moment my bothers tall lanky frame came walking in the door I burst into tears. They had been gone away on your for too long. Being away from your twin was hard, but you toss in him barely having time to check in. Well that’s just unbearable. For me anyway. I’ve always relied on Luke too much.

“(Y/n) stop crying!” Luke whined as he made a beeline across the room and pulled me up in a hug. “God you’re short.” He laughed as he ruffled my hair and looked down to me.

“I’m normal height for a girl!” I defended. “If I was as tall as you I’d be just as ugly as you are.” I joked as I wiped my cheeks off, and stepped back from my twin. Michael was next to hug me, his bright red hair catching me off guard. “What’s up, strawberry short cake?” I asked causing him to groan.

“It never fails. You always find a nickname.” He pouted as he released me and patted my head. I laughed airily and found my self being hugged tightly by Ashton. He told me how much he had missed Luke’s better looking half. Which earned a smack from the other three boys.

Lastly was Calum. He had grown taller, and more fit. His large arms wrapped around me and squeezed me tightly against his chest. “We missed you so much.” Calum said softly resting his chin on the top of my head.

Luke cleared his throat and Calum slunk back away from me. It was no secret that Calum and I have always had some sort of weird relationship. It was always we either didn’t leave each other alone, or we always avoided each other. No happy medium, no in between.

Luke looked between us hard before shrugging and going about saying hello to our mother and other family members. I took that as my que to head up into my room. Once I stepped in I let out a heavy sigh and made my way over to my bed. My eyes darting right over the slick black acoustic guitar that Luke had gotten me for Christmas. I loved that thing. I loved it so much, but my only down fall was I sucked at playing.

I wasn’t being humble either. I usually just sat with it on my lap and poked at the chords. I don’t know why he bought me it, but I still loved it nonetheless. It was something to remind me of him when he was gone so often. Something we could share. If only I knew how to play the damn thing.

So I did what I usually did. I stretched my legs out straight, and laid the guitar across my skirt clad lap. I sighed a bit as my long hair fell past my shoulder. I took my pointer finger on my right hand and began poking at the chords. For some reason even though Luke was down stairs I felt so alone.

Than again I always felt alone. My chest always felt this empty hole in it. No matter how many people were around, or how many people talked to me I felt alone. I sighed again and poked at the chords a bit more. I didn’t know how long I had been just poking at chords but a sudden knock on my door frame caused me to jump.

My head snapped up and my eyes met with Calum’s tall frame standing awkwardly. He rubbed the back of his neck and looked around. “Still the same.” He mumbled as his eyes landed back on me. “Mind if I come in?” He asked sucking his bottom lip between his teeth. I had always thought Calum was attractive, but right now he just looked breathtaking.

“Oh yeah of course.” I smiled as I shifted the guitar a bit on my lap. He watched me and walked over sitting on the edge of my bed. “So what brings you up to casa de (y/n)?” I joked as I sat my hands on top of the guitar.

“The others went over to pick up the new Fifa game.” He explained as he rubbed his palms on the thighs of his ripped black skinny jeans. “Figured I’d stay back and keep you company.” He explained further eyes flickering to the guitar and back to me. I nodded understandingly and too looked to my guitar. “You learn how to play?” He asked shifting so his one leg was folded on the bed and the other was still hanging off.

“Oh no.” I laughed with a shrug. “I mostly just sit here and poke at it.” I admitted cheeks flushing a bit. “I’m not all musical and shit like you boys are. I’m the artist remember.” I laughed gesturing to all of the drawing around my room.

Calum chuckled a bit and ran a hand through his hair. “A talented artist at that.” He agreed as he chewed on his lip. “You know I could teach you a few chords. Something to show Luke later. Surprise him.” He offered causing me to look back to him.

“Really? I mean I’m kind of hopeless.” I laughed as I held on to the neck of the guitar. “If you’re willing to have patience then yeah why not.” I shrugged earning a smile from him.

“Perfect.” He grinned as he sifted so he was sitting on the edge of the bed again. “Alright come stand between my legs.” He ordered gently. I did as told and shifted my way off the edge of the bed and stood between his legs. “Well you have to be facing away from me so…” He laughed lightly as his large hands grabbed on either side of my waist and spun me around slowly. I blushed immediately, happy he couldn’t see my face. He used his hands to pull me back against the bed. I sat down on the edge, my back pressed against his chest; which was heaving up and down lightly with each breath.

“So what now?” I asked voice small. He took his large hands from my waist and placed each hand over one of my own. My hands feeling much smaller under his. “Okay so you have to hold it like this.” He said lowly as he rested his chin on my shoulder; his hot breath fanning over my neck. It caused an involuntary shiver to run up my back.

“Okay now that it’s set right you take this hand,” he paused and placed his left hand over mine and pressed my fingers down. “And you use that to control what kind of pitch you want to come out of each chord.” He explained as he took my right hand in his. He wrapped it around my wrist and began playing a few minor chords. I was like a puppet right now. A puppet that could feel her southern region growing embarrassingly wet. Something about Calum being this close to me made me want him in the worst possible way.

“See just like this.” He said softly as he pulled away. Honestly I hadn’t paid attention to the last half of it. I was too busy trying to get the picture of Calum fucking me from behind out of my head. “You think you can try your self?” He asked keeping his chin resting on my shoulder.

I bit my lip and looked down to my hands. “I guess I could.” I mumbled as I positioned my hands where I thought they were right. I had gotten up the nerve to start playing just was Calum’s rough hands landed on my bare thigh. I sighed lightly and closed my eyes. The skin under his hands was burning. Hell my whole body was on fire from such a simple touch. “Oh I’m sorry is this bothering you.” He whispered into my ear as he slipped his hands further up my thigh and under my skirt.

“Calum.” I squeaked out lightly as his thumb brushed over my mound ever so slightly. He breathed lightly into my ear and repeated his action.

“What love?” He asked innocently as he took his right hand and cupped my mound in it. “Do you like this?” He asked softly as he pressed a light kiss to the back of my neck. He used his left hand to open my thighs a bit more. He squeezed my mound ever so slightly before he ran his finger up to the top of my panties.

Another shaky breath left my lips as I closed my eyes to steady my self. This wasn’t actually happening. Calum wasn’t in my room right now groping me. “Calum.” I managed to breath out again as his hand slipped into my panties. His fingers ran over my folds slowly. My legs trembled a bit as he did so.

He didn’t say anything like he did the time before. His breath got heavy as he pushed his fingers into my entrance. A slight gasp left my lips as his long wonderful fingers worked inside of me. On instinct my legs opened wider and I pressed my self against him even more. “You’re so wet, (y/n).” Calum’s husky voice sounded in my ear as he curled his finger hitting my g-spot. I whimpered again and bucked my hips against his hand.

I was on fire. My whole body was on fire. I turned my face a bit and captured his lips against mine. The kiss was sloppy. His lips were soft, and plump against mine. His tongue glided across my bottom lip and I opened my mouth. Our tongues collided and he sighed into my mouth. He pulled away from me and pulled his hand from inside of me.

“If you don’t want to go any further tell me.” He said as he put his hands on my waist and stood me up. He spun me around to face him. His brown eyes flickered over my face to find any kind of doubt. Which he found none. I leaned forward and crashed my lips back to his. He got his answer and fell back on the bed pulling me down on top of him. His hands gripped my hips tightly as he used his legs to flip us over. All while never breaking the kiss.

His arms were on either side of my head keeping him hovering over me carefully. He brought his one hand down and tugged at my skirt taking it down to my knees. It slipped down the rest of the way on its own and pooled at my feet. He finally broke the kiss and sat up a bit. His hands gripped the bottom of his black and white baseball shirt and tugged it off of himself. “Shirt off.” He demanded gruffly as he grabbed my button up and ripped it open, a few buttons popping off. “I’ll but you a new one.” He said quickly as he tossed it to the ground.

“Don’t care.” I managed to breath out as I reached up and unbutton his pants while he worked on the clasp in my bra. I tugged his jeans down to his ankles and playfully nipped at his hardened member over his boxers. He moaned at that and huffed. “Oh I’m sorry does that bother you?” I mocked as he finally unclasped my bra and chucked it across the room.

“Don’t mock me.” He growled playfully as he leaned down. His hot breath fanned over my right breast causing my nipple to harden. “I can’t believe this is happening.” He muttered before he flicked his tongue over my hardened bud and sucked it between his lips. I whimpered lightly while bucking my hips up against his.

“I can’t believe it either.” I breathed out as I pushed his head away. He pouted like a child before hooking his fingers into the waist of my panties and tugging them down. He kneeled down, the sound of one of his knees cracking filling the room.

“I can’t wait to taste you.” He mumbled as he ran a finger over my exposed folds. He wasted no time slamming a finger back into me; to which I moaned and grabbed his hair. I thrusted his head towards my throbbing clit causing him to laugh. “Someone’s eager.” He mumbled as he flicked his tongue out hitting my bud. I gasped and tugged on his hair again causing him to groan against my mound.

Bravely I opened my eyes and looked down to see all but his nose buried between my thighs. He curled his finger in me again as he sucked on my clit messily. I moaned again as I felt the familiar sensation building up. “Cum for me, kitten.” He demanded against my mound before attacking my clit again.

I obliged to his request my walls clamping around his fingers, and juices running down on to his palm. He kept up the pace as I rode out my climax before pulling away. “How’d that feel?” He asked proudly as he hovered back over me pressing a kiss to my lips. “See how sweet you taste.” He mumbled tucking some of my sweaty hair behind my ear.

I nodded mindlessly as I shoved him off of me and stood up. I pressed my palms to his bare chest and shoved him back on the bed. He bounced a bit, eyes watching my every move. I grabbed the center of his boxers and tugged them down to his ankles. My eyes watched as his cock flipped out onto his stomach and I licked my lips. “I can’t wait to have that in my mouth.” I smirked as I kneeled down. My tiny hands wrapped around the base of his shaft.

With a few flicks of my wrist to pump him a bit I brought the head to my lips plaything a soft kiss to the tip. I heard as his breath hitched, and he bucked his hips. I smiled to my self as I wrapped my lips around his cock. I looked up at him through my eye lashes, our eyes connecting. Slowly, and keeping eye contact, I slid my way down to the base of his dick. My nose buried in his pelvic area. I bobbed my head up and down quickly causing little whimpers and moans to leave Calum’s lips.

“Fuck you’re so good at this.” He grunted out as he tangled his fingers into my hair and bobbed my head quicker. “God .. I - I’m gonna cum.” He stuttered out as he began pulsing in my mouth. The taste of salty liquid hitting my tongue right after the last syllable left his lips. I did my best to swallows down his juices as he pumped them out. After I was satisfied with getting every last drop from him I pulled away and wiped my mouth on the back of my hand.

I stood up and went for my panties but his large hand shot out and grabbed my wrist. “I’m not done with you.” He growled as he pulled me back to my bed and yanked me down. He took my nipple in his mouth again and nipped it lightly before he sat up. “Condom.” He said simply. Slowly I reached over to my bed side and grabbed on out of my drawer. I handed it to him, and watched as he opened it. He slipped it over his still hardened member and hovered back over me.

“I can’t wait to see how you feel around my dick.” He growled as he lined himself up at my still wet entrance and thrusted in. I tossed my head back and moaned. “Fuck you’re so tight.” He groaned out as he thrusted in and out of me quickly. With each thrust my breasts would bounce. Calum noticed this and captured one in his palm, kneading it softly. “You’re so perfect.” He mumbled out breathlessly as he continued to fuck me lightly.

“I also used to be in gymnastics, remember.” I reminded him before another moan escaped my throat. Realization washed over his face and he grabbed my legs hooking them over his shoulders. He leaned down creating a new angle in which he could hit my g-spot with each thrust. I rummaged around trying to grab on to anything I could as he did so. “Fuck Calum. Just like that.” I praised him. He smiled to himself and quickened the pace of his thrusting. The sound of skin against skin filling my room.

“Are you gonna cum again kitten?” He asked as he reached down and pressed his thumb against my clit. He began running small quick circles going in perfect rhythm with his thrusts. I couldn’t speak. The sensation he was giving me had me at a loss for words. So all I could do was nod heavily at his prior question. “Don’t hold back, cum again, (y/n).” He whispered in my ear as he pressed his lips against my neck.

Once again all I could do was nod again. I closed my eyes and let his actions take over me. With only two more thrusts I felt my walls clench down around his cock and I moaned out, “Oh god Calum.”

“Say my name again baby. I love it when you moan my name.” He requested. His thrusts became sloppy all of a sudden and that’s when I realized he was going to cum again.

“Oh god Calum. Calum. Calum. Calum.” I whined out my vagina sensitive from the orgasms I’ve had. With a light grunt, and his brows knitting I felt him pulsing and filling up the latex. With only 3 more thrusts he stopped and pulled out of me. He collapsed on the bed next to me.

Both of us were sweaty and breathing hard. Our naked chests heaving up and down at the same rhythm. He rolled his head lazily to look at me and a goofy grin took over his face. “Still can’t believe that happened. I’ve like you since we were 16.” He admitted shyly as he reached over and used his sweaty arm to pull me into his side.

“What a coincidence, I’ve wanted you that long too.” I laughed as it snuggle up to his side. He beamed at my words and kissed the top of my head gently. “I think you should teach me more guitar.” I joked as I lightly trailed my finger up his chest.

Calum laughed a bit and nodded. “Just let me take you out to dinner first next time.” He teased as he smoothed back my hair off my forehead.

For the first time I didn’t feel so alone. For the first time the hole in my chest was filled. All thanks to some silly guitar lesson.