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•Favorite Andi Mack character? Cyrus Goodman

•Is that your all-time favorite? If not, then list that here: It’s a tie between him and Simon Snow

•Favorite Andi Mack cast member? Joshua Rush

•Is that your all-time favorite? If not, then list that here: Probably but I also love Chris Colfer

•Original reaction to show: Woah is this seriously a Disney show?!

•Current reaction to show: Best show on air right now, would recommend to anyone

•Fave Andi Mack Plot Point: Hmm probably the whole mother/daughter storyline, but I loved the Cyrus questioning his masculinity plot

•Least Favorite Andi Mack character? amber.

•Is that your all-time least favorite? If not, then list that here: Okay my least favourite character will ALWAYS be Umbridge.

•Lastly, what about upcoming Andi Mack episodes worry you most? I’m worried they won’t tackle important issues as seriously as they should

To say that Glee means a lot to me is an understatement, and there are a lot of people who worked on that show who I love dearly. Chris Colfer is one of them. He’s not only a talented performer, but he’s also a bestselling author and just a generally amazing human being. When we were on set, he’d be off in a corner, writing novels in longhand in a notebook. I don’t know how he did it, but it’s incredibly inspiring.
—  Naya Rivera in Sorry Not Sorry

Chris Colfer | human | 

Because I love him. Because he is amazing. Because he always inspires me to stay strong and be who I am. And he does these things although he’s only human.

And even he bleeds when he falls down.

You asked for it and I did it and gosh I love him

idk anything about Chris Colfer but I’m watching Chopped Junior and he’s a judge and he just said to a kid “you know what being bullied is a sign of, right? greatness” and ive decided that i love him