Irene Diaz - This cannot be

“we left our hearts there on the floor”

I was taking the elevator in a hotel I’m staying at and this girl was bright red, obviously wasted, and she stares at me. She slur-yells “DO YOO LIKE PEENUT BUTTR?” so naturally I say yes and she says “I… EAT IT.. BY. THE. SPUNFULL.” I look at the guy she was with and he had his lips pursed but then says “The sex is great, I promise.”


Yoongi: Thank you for having us, Chitown. *stuttering* I love Chicago, because *mumbling* Chicago blues. So! I love Chicago. I never ever ever ever ever forget you and Chitown. You never ever forget me and BTS. *mumbling again* Thank you Chitown. Thank you!