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역사적인순간..진심 사랑합니다 #moma #chicago #우리빈센트반고흐형 #VanGogh #iloveu #아진짜너무좋아 #고흐의방처럼내방꾸밀래.. #하 #고흐형😳

A historic moment….I really love you #moma #chicago #ourvincentvangoghhyung #VanGogh#iloveu#Ahireallylikeit #iwillmakemyroomlikegogh’sbedroom #ha #goghhyung 😳

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I rarely post personal pics, but I thought I would share this with you guys.  

When my friends & I went to Chicago last November, I decided to reenact her pic at the Bean. This time around, I decided to do her pics at the mural. I’m pretty excited about how they turned out lol my plan is that everytime we go back & find something monumental like this that she posted a pic with, I’m gonna reenact it. My own little way of twinning with Soph haha :)

In 40 years, I’ll tell my kids about Game 1 against Nashville. I’ll tell them what it felt like to lift the Cup. But more importantly, I’ll tell them about Johnny and Brent and Duncan and Crow and Kaner and Shaw and on and on. I’ll tell them about all the time we spent in hotels, and on buses and airplanes, just talking about hockey, and about life — and if it was Johnny, probably about life on Mars.

It all means more to me than anyone will ever understand.

I love you, guys.

I love you, Chicago.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.



—  Scott Darling in The Player’s Tribune

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If you could go anywhere on vacation for one week all expenses paid where would you go? I would pick Ireland cause I'm like 80% Irish and never been there :)

This is gonna sound so lame but I would go to Chicago and just ball out of control. I am hopelessly in love with Chicago. Every time I’m there, I feel like the truest version of myself. Best food, best people, best architecture, best public art and cultural scene - it’s my fav place on earth. I wish I could move there but alas, I’m a chronically-ill Canadian that needs universal healthcare to live. I hope you get to go to Ireland some day! I am only 25% Irish and I still had a good time there ;)

Chicago. It’s insane and violent and corrupt and vital and artistic and noble and cruel and wonderful. It’s full of greed and hope and hate and desire and excitement and pain and happiness. The air sings with screams and laughter, with sirens, with angry shouts, with gunshots, with music. It’s an impossible city, at war with itself, every horrible and wonderful thing blending together to create something terrifying and lovely and utterly unique.
—  Harry Dresden (Ghost Story by Jim Butcher)