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Klaroline Olympic AU:

Where Klaus is an equestrian jumper and Caroline is a figure skater. 

“Bring us a medal home, will you Forbes?”

“I will if you do,” she retorted. 

His chuckle was a mix of amused and mocking. “Challenge accepted, sweetheart.”

(Requested by @accidental-rambler)

kennedymariekapernick  asked:

Mennedy: Send “✆” for a MORNING text. 
Send “✉” for a text that WASN’T SENT. 
Send “☎” for a RUSHED text. 
Fairhewitt: Send “⁇” for a DRUNK text.
Send “✿” for a SUGGESTIVE text. 
Send “ø” for a LATE NIGHT text.
Darling pan:
Send “#” for a RANDOM text.
Send “@” for a SCARED text.
Send “&amp;” for a LOVING text.
Orion/Aaron: Send “%” for a CURIOUS text.
Send “$” for an ACCIDENTAL text. Ps. I miss you and our ships. <3

Oh my gosh, I love you man


[ micah  → kennedy: ] good morning, babe!

[ micah  → kennedy: ] you usually get up right around now. i had to leave for work early today

[ micah  → kennedy: ] buuuuuuuut i bought you some donuts that should be on the counter

[ micah  → kennedy: ] love you!


[ micah  → kennedy: ] ken, i’m so so scared


[ micah  → kennedy: ] oky so i cant rly txt right now (meeting) but one of the new students is named kaden i rly like that name can we put that in future-baby-name-box?

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