wow i didn’t think i could love bastille more but im just laughing so much at the fact that they ran across a busy road because they were late for the brits, took the tube there, and dan wore a bomber jacket and a t-shirt. my love for these dorks is so big and im so proud of them even if they didn’t win

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lmao I love it when brits complain about heat. 90 isnt even that hot in some cities it gets to 100 or 110

We did this last year too, when I explained to y’all in painstaking detail that a) our houses do not have air-conditioning. Some of our supermarkets don’t even have air-conditioning. My office doesn’t have air-conditioning. I went to the dentist today and they didn’t have air-conditioning. B) Our houses and buildings are designed to literally trap heat. The brickwork is constructed to keep heat in so we don’t freeze in the winter. 

I’ve traveled a lot, I’ve been to India in the middle of June, the week before the monsoon broke, and I can confidently say that London is the worst city I’ve ever been in when it’s unseasonably hot, because our dumbass country isn’t designed to deal with even the most mild of extreme weather. 

So stop sending me these asks. [Madonna voice:] I don’t like repeating myself.

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Prompt: “I’m not wearing that.”

For some reason this one inspired me to do kid!Clint

“I’m not wearing that.” With his arms obstinately crossed, Clint set his jaw in a stubborn line just to be sure Jacques knew how serious he was. 

Jacques’ brow arched and Clint’s mentor took measured steps towards him, the bright purple costume clenched in his hand. Clint stiffened as Jacques drew closer, but held his ground. Jacques could be a bastard and he wasn’t shy about raising his hand for punishment when he thought it warranted. 

But he wasn’t Phillip Jacobs. No stray backhand to the mouth for being a smart ass or sharp cuff to the back of the head for lack of focus would ever measure up to what Jacobs had put him through. Jacques thought Clint was intimidated by him because Clint let him think that. 

But Clint wasn’t afraid of Jacques, not even a little. 

Jacques’ hand settled heavily on the curve between Clint’s shoulder and neck, fingers tightening until the pain was there but it wasn’t debilitating. 

“You will wear this,” Jacques corrected firmly. “Or you won’t perform.” 

Clint glowered at him. 

“If you don’t perform,” Jacques went on, fingers still digging into Clint’s skin, “then the crowds will be disappointed. Then they won’t buy tickets and everyone at Carson’s will suffer for it. Do you really want to be responsible for that?” 

“You’re a bastard, Jacques,” Clint grumbled, snatching the new costume irritably out of his mentor’s hand. 

The Frenchman chuckled mockingly and patted the side of Clint’s face. Clint pulled away irritably. 

“Good boy,” Jacques mocked. 

Clint bit back the retort he wanted to fire back and stalked out of the tent. Jacques may not even be in the same league as Jacobs, but that didn’t mean Clint liked getting hit. 

“I like it.” 

Clint rolled his eyes and snatched the flashy mask out of Brit’s hands. 

“You would,” he shot back.

Brit chuckled at Clint’s expense and then softened. 

“I think you would too if you stopped to think about it.” 

Clint narrowed his eyes, meeting Brit’s gaze. 

“What do you mean?” he asked warily. 

Brit’s eyes lifted from where they were focused on Clint’s mouth and the acrobat motioned for the mask. Clint handed it over and watched warily as Brit circled behind him. He jumped when the mask suddenly settled over his eyes and frowned as Brit tied it in place. 

His friend circled back in front of him and waved a hand towards the mirror across the tent. Clint obediently stepped up to the mirror and stared at himself.

Blue gray eyes hidden beneath a flashy layer of purple and black. A block letter ‘H’ emblazoned on his forehead in bright, crisp white. 

“Behind a mask, you can be anyone you want,” Brit explained, stepping up behind him and looking at the reflection over Clint’s shoulder. 

“You mean I don’t have to be Clint anymore?” he asked quietly. He used his hands to sign the words as well, saving Brit from having to read his reflections’ lips.

Sometimes he wanted to leave Clint behind. Clint who jumped at unexpected touches. Clint who overcompensated his toughness with Jacques to prove to Jacques and himself that he wasn’t afraid of him. Clint who hated hundreds of strangers staring at him and leaving him nowhere to hide. Clint who still had nightmares about the bastard Phillip Jacobs and who childishly still wished for his parents to come back. 

Brit shrugged.

“I happen to like Clint, but if he wanted to take a break, with this mask and that costume you could become someone else for while.”


Brit reached around and tapped the H on Clint’s mask. 

“I’m thinking Hawkeye is a good start, just as long as you don’t forget how amazing the kid behind the mask is.” 

Clint smirked. 

“How about The Amazing Hawkeye?” 


Get to know me meme: 4/5 tv shows
The Secret Circle


A/N: Request from @arrowswithwifi. I utterly enjoyed writing this, like, I love both Brits and Aussies and I have a strong British accent myself so this was seriously so much fun. See translations of slang words at the end of the imagine. Have fun!

Words: 2689
Warnings: smut, light bondage

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The Letter [DK Imagine // Part 1 of ?]

Trigger Warnings: Homophobic Slurs, Hints of Bullying, Battles with Depression, Suicidal Thoughts, Alluded to Potential Self Harm.

Listen Along With Me - Track(s) I Listened To As I Created This: 

Butterfly by Crazy Town

Want to listen too? Click here: [X]

Author’s Notes: This is a request and truth be told, I’m probably actually going to build a full length story/imagine out of this.. Once I started this, I realized there was absolutely no way I was just going to contain this to a one or two shot. However, I do plan to keep writing it more and more over time.

Warning: This story will touch on the obvious planning and suicidal thoughts Dylan had displayed in the letter. There’ll be a darker tone to the boys interaction with your character, in this one. I feel bad, because it’s almost as if I’m breaking my own rule with this, not really though? But it’s necessary to the story. Also note, that I was watching Sue’s Ted Talk recently and she said something that’s going to apply in this story and be a major theme. Hopefully this little warning will make more sense, by the time you’re all through with this first half of the story. 


To you, it was just another normal Friday… Until fate steps in and a mysterious letter comes tumbling out of your locker at the end of the school day. It’s contents, were a mix of romantic and strange. The sender? Unknown. And the letter in question, is about to change everything you’ve ever known. Once you cross this line, there is no going back. 

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i can see the clouds are moving faster now (1 of ?)

This is my CSSS gift for @thegladelf! It has been an absolute pleasure chatting with you, Margaret, and I hope you enjoy this actually-married-but-pretending-that-they’re-not thing! This is the first part of… a few. Not sure how many at the moment. 

Many thanks to @literatiruinedme and @becauseyouwantme-itwouldbeenough and also my sister for reading over this also.

Merry Christmas to all!

Emma Swan Jones woke up to the sound of the phone ringing. Judging by the sound, she had left her phone in the kitchen last night. Killian, lying beside her with his arm tight around her waist, groaned into the pillow.

“Your turn,” Emma muttered. It was probably Ariel, their next-door neighbor with absolutely no concepts of boundaries, probably asking to come over and watch Netflix. There was literally no one else in the world save their boss who liked risking the wrath of the Joneses prior to 10:00 a.m. on a Saturday. And literally no one else in the world save their boss knew that they were, in fact, part of the CIA. The go-assassinate-someone part.

“Nope,” Killian whispered back. She pinched his back. “Fine,” he muttered, standing slowly and kissing her briefly before slumping to the kitchen. Emma grinned after her husband. His hair was gorgeous all scruffy, and he really needed to shave. Adorable.

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Nervous - Valenna

“Hey love!” Val says happily answering Jenna’s phone call.

 “Hi. Are you busy?”


“Well now and maybe later.”

“I can always make time for you babe. You know that. You’re more important than anything else that could be happening right now. What’s wrong love?”

“I want to talk to you about something but I don’t really want to do it over the phone.”


“It’s not like that Val. I promise. We’re ok.”

“I thought we were better than ok. What’s up?”

“Can we meet up for dinner tonight? I was thinking…”

“Are you asking me on a date Jenna Johnson?” he asks with a smirk she can hear through the phone.

“I um…”

“Hey, what’s going on? Why do you seem scared? What happened?”

“Nothing happened. Where do you want to meet tonight?”

“Jenna, I know you don’t normally ask someone on a date but that’s not how this works. You have to plan the date.”

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Happy Kingsman meetup!

WOW can’t believe it’s a month until the sequel!

Hi guys, my name is Bristi, teenage Indian-American, gay, and self-proclaimed geek and fangirl.

Now, you know those fandoms that you see and hear a lot about, you know they exist, and sometimes get excited by posts even though maybe you’ve never watched the show/movie or read the book, but once you do, it becomes an infatuation and addiction. And oh look, a ship comes along, sometimes it can be a popular ship that 99% of the fandom ships or a rare ship that you just happened to like. Next thing you know, you’re reading 100k and 200k long fanfiction, scrolling through your tumblr dash and tags trying to find new blogs to follow, looking at fanart, AUs, fanfiction, headcanons, trailers, posters, interviews, everything in between. That was me with Kingsman.

I joined quite late, but I remember wanting to watch the movie ever since the trailer for the first movie came out couple years ago. Ever since then, I would see it on my tv, and never got to watch the full thing, until recently. I went to the movie theaters twice in July, and both times saw The Golden Circle’s trailer. I had watched scenes and parts of the first movie, but never the full thing. And then, it blew up on tumblr. I swear, it’s like I saw a few hartwin posts and I said, “I’m going to find a bloody website and watch this bloody movie and ship this bloody ship.” I had known Colin Firth for years, watching a lot of his movies and series from the 90s, 2000s, and recent works, always thinking he was a brilliant actor and his characters were made of charm. But Hartwin gave me another reason to watch The Kingsman, and I’m so happy I did.

Please don’t judge me for being a new fan, I wished to god I had joined from the beginning, but I think I have seen so much and read so much in these past 3 or 4 days that it feels as though it’s been years I’ve been in this fandom.  I swear, I’ve done nothing but read fanfiction and look at blogs on tumblr these past few days. The number of blogs I have followed and posts I have liked these past few days, especially relating to Hartwin, is crazy!!! Yesterday (or rather this morning), I stayed up until 3 am to finish a 100k+ fic- I finished this in less than 3 days- the fastest I have ever read any long fanfiction ever. I honestly think I am in love with Hartwin.

So more about myself and me watching and becoming addicted about the Kingsman and Hartwin! Oh yes, Hartwin. SO MUCH LOVE FOR IT!!! That is my main ship, and I have so much to say about it, so please don’t be afraid to message me if you want to fangirl about it or share something with someone! None of my friends irl, much of whom are fangirls like myself, have watched the Kingsman so I have found this community on tumblr with all of you fabulous people!! I’m always ready to talk about my spy husbands!! Of course, I will talk about absolutely anything else Kingsman related, any ships (I’ve even though about Hartlin, Merlee, and Reggsy!) I’ve already befriended a few people on here and bonded over Hartwin, even sharing a few of my hopes and fears over the ship with some people. It feels like I’ve been part of this fandom for years, and I love it!

Like I said earlier, I am a huge geek, I could list all the book, show, and movie fandoms I am part of but that would make quite a long list. Some of my all time favorites are Doctor Who, Sherlock, Orphan Black, and NOW THE KINGSMAN! Wow, I really love Brits I guess. I post a little bit of everything I like as well as reblogs on my blog.

I can’t wait for meeting more of you and The Golden Circle!!

Yandere England~ Burn.

Yandere England x Reader. The reader is a female and is the personification of the capital of the capital of America. This is based on the song “Burn” from Hamilton, I highly suggest that you listen to that song while reading. Thank you!

  Pain. A strong pain inside his heart, breaking it into two. That’s was all the powerful nation could feel. It ran throughout his body, spreading faster than the disease that almost wiped him off the map.

“How could this have happened?” The older nation thought, rereading letters given to him by the one he loved more than anything. “She lied! Everything she told me was a lie!” All of the many letters she sent him, scattered around his “room” that was hidden in the forest, close to the capital of America. Every single letter had the same things said in them.

  My dearest England,

I have received another one of your delightful letters. If only America would stop his foolish fantasies of freedom, we could finally be together. I have no choice other than to follow the his orders, but if I had it my way, we would still be with you. Forever. Not a day goes by that I don’t hate him for keeping us apart. I love you more than there are stars in the sky. Until we see each other again my love, I must sadly say goodbye.

                                              Always and forever yours, Washington DC

He looked over the letters, looking for any foreshadowing of her betrayal, but he found nothing. Nothing to show him about what would happen at Yorktown, nothing showing about the troops that would surprise attack his troops. But he should have known it was too good to be true. He should have known that she was only trying to get his whereabouts to attack him. A certain frenchman told him even before the revolution started.


  “You, the "almighty Great Britain”, former deadly pirate, and most “powerful” empire in the world can not be falling for the tricks of a capital that’s not even 100 years old!“ The blood covered France spoke in a sarcastic tone. The country of love was being held captive by the said powerful empire after being captured during war.

"You know she dedicated to America more than anything!” France couldn’t believe that England, (though he hated to admit it) a smart and powerful nation couldn’t see the love you have for America. The dedication, affection, and pure love you had for your young nation. “Could England really not see that you were playing him for information?” He wished he could say it out loud, but he was to afraid of the Brit.

  “Shut up you bloody frog! She doesn’t give a damn about that bloody American! She’s mine and only mine! She loves me and I love her!” The Brit yelled, furious that the frog questioned her love for him.

End off flashback

  Before he could finish the flashback, Canada came into his room. A white envelope was in his hand, with familiar handwriting on it. “England, I have a letter for you. I-it’s from DC…” The Canadian was clearly nervous about the letter. He quickly handed it to his “owner” and left the room.

The nation looked at the letter, admiring his loves beautiful handwriting. In all honesty, the once powerful empire was terrified to open this letter. Putting the fear away, he carefully opened the envelope and started reading.

  Dear Britain,

I’m sorry I had to do all this to you, I really am. But you know how important independent was to America, to me. I even more sorry to say that I don’t really love you, I never have… I didn’t want to led you on, but for America, I did. I bid you farewell.

                                                                   Respectfully, Washington DC

This letter confirmed all of his thoughts to be true. She never did care for him like she said she did. She didn’t feel anything for him, other than, most likely, hate.

“No. No! Why does this always happen to me?! What did I do to deserve this life?!” The empire screamed, hands pulling his blonde hair. His sadness turning into rage rapidly. He stood up quickly, turning his head to a bright light coming from a candle on his desk. An idea popped into the insane nation’s mind and he smiled. He called to his loyal colony to give him a order.

  “Canada, I need you to give a order to the General in charge of the base nearest to Washington.” The Brit smiled darkly to the Canadian. “What would you like for me to say to him?” The young colony asked, scared of what the unstable empire would do.

  “I want you to tell him to set fire to the capital. Burn down every house, building, and people if they have to.” He said calmly, staring back at the flame. The Canadian swallowed hard, nodding as fast as he could. He quickly left the room, wanting to be far away from the crazy empire.

  England stared at the beautiful flame, slowly bringing the horrible letter towards it. Once the letter meet the flame, it quickly was engulfed by the beautiful red and orange fire. The Brit laughed to himself, “Now she will feel all the pain she has caused me.”

Moments pasted as he continued to stare at the fire covered letter, till he heard a blood curdling scream coming from his loved one. He smiled again, tears running down his face and spoke again in a sad voice.

                                                “I hope that you burn.”