Stuff I've Actually Heard People Say Part 3
  • "If a leaf fell on your face and stayed there, would you eat it?" "Wait. What kind of leaf?"
  • "One time I broke my finger during school, but I just ignored it because I had a test the next period."
  • "I just chugged four bottles of lemonade and ate half a bowl of Milky Ways, I'm ready to go!"
  • "You can't do the splits to achieve your destiny."
  • "Amoebas don't breathe."
  • "I hate this, even though it's to my advantage."
  • "We've gotta trick Ryan Gosling into being a furry."
  • "Who is Mac, and why is he cheesy?"
  • "Ah ha! All I have to do is ram myself into trees!"
  • "You smell like a piece of shoe."
  • "I love contagion food."
  • "Today I cried listening to the Trolls soundtrack."
  • "Ah, but this is a good thing! It just means I can begin manufacturing leg irons!"
  • "If you don't do it, I'll put the paperclips back in my ears."
  • "I thought we were gonna be furries together."
  • "Oh no, they're trying to be relatable!"
  • "I've got some sick hula-hooping tricks."
  • "Is that a pair of pants with no body?"
  • "Get schooled by a cucumber picker!"
  • "Your flowers are fat." "They're still pretty." "They're pretty fat."
  • "Your mouth, your money."
  • "All the money we've paid for violin and piano and voice, and the chicken noise is what gets them every time."
  • "Hey! No one coughs on my mom!"
  • "Yes, a Roaring 20s themed wedding!... but also dragons!"
  • "Everyone must come in their best armor."
  • "They do match! This one says "I love British boys", and the other is a picture of Zayn, who is a British boy!"
  • "I clip my nails, and they keep growing back!"
  • "Congrat! A single congration, no congrats for you."
  • "This is my finished."
  • "Memes will be the death of this country."
  • "I am ready for death to claim me."
  • "Sasquatch and stretch."

Imagine Eddie spots you in a crowd, wearing a beautiful gown and he can’t help but bite his lip and stare…

Don’t Ever Leave Me

A/N: So I wrote this in one sitting, and it isn’t my best writing but I wanted to post something and I thought it was decent. Also, I basically cried writing this. Anyways, enjoy, I guess!

FANDOM: Maze Runner

PAIRING: Newt x Reader




Newt watched the sleeping girl in front of him with eyes glazed over and lips pulled into a tight line. Y/N was too pale, too white to be healthy. There was a quilt placed carefully over her body, protecting her from the chill of the night air. Newt could still see the bump on her side through the blanket, the bandage that covered up her wound.

It was a long lesion across the left of her torso, caused by a Griever. None of the boys knew why the Griever had sliced her instead of stinging her, But everyone was more focused on the fact that she was dying because of it.

When Newt had heard Minho’s cry for help and turned to the entrance of the Maze, he had been stunned. Y/N was being half-carried by the Asian boy, her hand covering her side and grimace on her face. The amount of blood that pooled around her hand and cloaked her normally light blue shirt caused Newt’s heart to drop.

He’d helped the med-jacks carry her to the med hut and watched as they hurried to cease the flow of blood. She had passed out from the blood loss almost immediately when they had set her on the table and hadn’t woken up since.

That was thirteen hours ago. Newt was counting the minutes, his heart sinking in fear and worry with each passing by and no sign that she would wake.

His hand, permanently calloused from his work in the gardens, gripped onto her own, terrifyingly cold. Hers was so small compared to his, and oh so soft. He held it like he was her lifeline, but perhaps he was the one who needed the touch. Nevertheless, he never wanted to let go.

“Newt,” a careful voice came from the doorway of the med hut, and he didn’t have to look to know that it was Thomas. Some of the other boys had already tried talking to him, and he’d been expecting him to be next. “You should try to get some sleep. I’ll watch her for a few hours.”

The blond boy shook his head with finality. “I’m not leaving.”

Thomas sighed quietly but didn’t try to push him further. He only moved to take the other seat next to Y/N, eyeing her warily. “She’s going to be okay, Newt.”

“Everyone keeps saying that, but I know what they really think,” he replied, his voice surprisingly calm and even. “You think I didn’t hear Clint and Jeff talking earlier? They didn’t believe she’ll make it. Her heartbeat is too slow and isn’t getting better.” Thomas didn’t say anything further and Newt took that as a sign that he had been correct. “What if I leave and she passes? And I don’t get to say goodbye?”

Thomas tried to choose his words carefully, not wanting to set the other boy off. “I know that you care for her, Newt, but-”

“You know it’s a hell of a lot more than that.”

“You’re right. I do know. But I won’t let you hurt yourself over it. That’s not what she would want.”

It was silent for a few moments before Newt spoke once more. “You know, Tommy? I never got to say it to her.”

“Say what?”

“That I love her.” the British boy was solemn now, his eyes never once faltering from Y/N. “We’ve been together so long, but I’ve never said it. I was so scared that once I said them, I would fall even deeper for her and then she’d take my heart and break it.” he let out a humorless laugh. “I know she’d never do that, but it’s always been there, in the back of my mind.”

Thomas placed a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “She knows how you feel about her, Newt. Even if you didn’t say it exactly like that. And she feels the same way.”

Newt nodded before went rigid beside Thomas and stood up so suddenly that his chair was sent toppling over. His hands moved frantically from her wrists to her neck, his breathing coming quicker and quicker until he was hyperventilating. “No, no, no.”

“Newt, what’s wrong?” Thomas asked.

“She doesn’t have a bloody heartbeat, that’s what’s wrong!” the boy shouted, his voice filled with anger and worry.

Thomas cursed under his breath before hurrying out of the hut and across the Glade, hollering out for the med-jacks as he went. Things seemed to be moving rapidly as suddenly everyone was awake. There was a huge commotion as followed Clint and Jeff, along with Alby, Minho, and Teresa, back to the hut.

They all walked in to find that Newt was shaking Y/N’s shoulders and begging her to wake up and not to leave him. Thomas and Minho took the second-in-command by the arms, struggling and screaming out her name, out of the hut. They forced all the way to the treeline of the Deadheads before he stopped his struggling and collapsed to the ground in tears.

The heart-wrenching sobs from Newt became too much for Thomas and he had to go, leaving Minho hugging the blond boy tightly and telling him that everything was going to be okay.

It was hours later that Teresa found her way over to the two best friends, crouching beside them. Newt’s sobbing had calmed down, but still hadn’t fully gone away. Teresa rubbed the boy’s arm and told him that Y/N was still alive. That Clint and Jeff had managed to start her heart once more.

So now Newt was back in the chair beside her cot, his hand gripping hers once more. It was a total of thirty-seven hours since she’d been hurt that her eyes finally fluttered open again.

“Oh my god, Y/N,” Newt managed out while pulling her into a hug. “Don’t you dare ever do that to me again.”

He was crying into her shoulder and though she was confused about exactly what had happened, she didn’t ask any questions. Y/N only hugged him back and promised that she never would.

“I love you so much, Y/N,” Newt said, pulling back and staring into her eyes.

The girl smiled brightly, tears brimming her own eyes now as she replied, “I love you too, Newt.”


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