A Collection of Funny Things of Super Junior ~

A little kid who lived in Super Junior’s neighborhood saw Yesung walking into the dorm and kindly told him, “Hey, you know that Super Junior lives there, right?” Yesung and this kid were in the elevator together. Yesung asked him what singer he liked. “Super Junior,” the kid replied. “Who in Super Junior is your favorite?” “Yesung.” Yesung was about to give him his autograph when the kid asked, “So who are you by the way?”

 Right after Kyuhyun’s debut, some of the Only 12-ers protesting in front of the SME headquarters started shouting that he had a nose job as he walked into the building. He came right back out and started explaining how his nose is 100% au naturel.

Hangeng was about to walk into the SM building when a huge, extremely tall fangirl ran towards him at the speed of 60 mph. “Oppa!” Hangeng freaked out, dropped his card, and started pounding on the door fanatically, crying for help.

Sungmin apparently couldn’t find his car so he just stood in front of some random van that was parked in front of the studio. His manager pulled by and asked him “Why are you standing in front of SHINee’s van?” Sungmin replied, “I’m riding with SHINee.” He ended up hitching a ride from SHINee.

 Two girls were walking on the Chungdam streets when they saw some dude that really looked like Eunhyuk walking towards them. One of the girls said, “Oh yeah, the Eunhyuk guy in Super Junior.. what was his height again? 173? 174? 176?” The guy whispered “176” as he passed by. You guessed it right, that was Eunhyuk.

When he gets bored, Sungmin opens the window of his van and shouts “We are Super Juni-OR!” to random people on the street.

☆  Back when Donghae had really long hair, his fans were always begging him to cut it. So one time at the airport, his fans spotted him and told him to please get a haircut. Donghae freaked out and shouted, “But I did! I did get a haircut! I just got one this morning! I got a haircut! I did!”

During the Pajama Party promotion, Eunhyuk, fully in his stage costume (with the hair, makeup and everything) was sitting in the green room eating ice cream. One of the newbie staffs came up to him and asked him where his parents were.

☆  Leeteuk’s comment to the first song Donghae has ever written: “What the hell was that?”

☆  When Hangeng first started his Korean Cyworld, he posted up his username and password as a blog entry: “My Cyworld is all yours ^^”

☆  Sungmin was drunk and started acting cute in front of Heechul, who in turn got annoyed and pinkberry-slapped him.

☆  Kangin was in a taxi when the radio station started to play Don’t Don’. The taxi driver turned the radio right off complaining, “Why is this song so damn loud?”

☆  At the autograph signing event, Kibum’s Sharpie ran out. Sungmin handed his Sharpie to him, telling him that his Sharpie hasn’t run out yet. Kibum didn’t take it, saying “Stop lying.” Sungmin got ticked off and started making a scene. “I’m not lying! I don’t lie! Why don’t you ever trust me!”

 Ryeowook and Kibum use honorifics to each other. “Please take care, sir.” “You too, sir.”

☆  Before debut, the members played a bet that Heechul could go into the womens’ bathroom without being questioned. When Heechul walked in, one of the women in the bathroom looked at him and murmured, “Wow, she’s tall.”

☆  Heechul’s girlfriend complained that he was a terrible kisser, so Heechul asked Kibum to practice kissing with him. For three consecutive months.

☆  One time during Twins promotion, sasaeng fans found Yesung wandering on the streets. “What’s wrong?” They asked him. “I forgot where I live.” The fans had to guide him to the dorm.

 Kyuhyun once made Seohyun cry by telling her she looked sexy. Yoona told him off.

☆  Sungmin once took his sasaeng anti-fans out to dinner. They’re still around though.

☆  A fan kept asking Ryeowook if he could give her a hug. He reluctantly stood up to hug her, when Heechul yelled behind him, “Don’t hug your fans! They start to get bean pie about it!”

☆  Once Donghae and Heechul had a huge fight in the dorms, throwing things at each other. Then after five minutes they forgave each other and went out. Leeteuk was the one to clean up all the mess.

 Ryeowook once got drunk and threw up all over on his endorsed clothes.

 A Thai fan saw Ryeowook poking at his eyelids to create the crease.

 Seeing that no one was recognizing him on the streets, Yesung called Kangin, literally screaming into his phone. “Oh, hey, KANGIN!”

☆  An ELF wore piles of makeup and even eyelid tapes and waited in front of the SM headquarters. Late for their schedule, the boys darted out of the building and literally jumped into the van, but Kangin quickly came back out to ask “Hey, what’s that tape thing on your eyelids?”

☆  A fan was lining up in front of Ryeowook at the signing event to get her album signed. Kyuhyun has finished giving autographs and was just sitting there. “Wow, oppa you look so hot today,” the ELF told him. Kyuhyun did not even look up as he replied, “I know.”

☆  When Yesung was in high school, he bleached his hair and wore a helmet to school to avoid getting caught. The teacher asked him to take it off, so he responded “I can’t, my head’s too big.”

☆  A fan went to an autograph signing event to get Heechul’s autograph. Freaking out upon seeing Heechul, she started screaming “Kim Heechul! Look over here! Kim Heechul!” Heechul shouted back, “How old are you! How dare you not use honorifics!”

 The first time Hangeng went to China after debut, he asked his Chinese staffs where the bathroom was… in Korean.

☆  On Yesung’s birthday, his parents came to the broadcast station. But they had come to see Shin Hyesung’s comeback stage, not their son.

☆  Heechul once dressed up as a girl to be able to go out on a date with his girlfriend unrecognized. Apparently it worked, and he strutted around the streets in his disguise while proudly holding his girlfriend’s hand.   ©

Okay, just a little note to my latest Telink art:

WW!Zelda being brown isn’t a far-fetched idea; because if you remember in Spirit Tracks, the castle has a Tetra’s picture on the wall:

Wich means that, even if Tetra’s Zelda incarnation is white, it doesn’t matter much, because the game suggest, that she never really changed to an incarnated princess to take the throne. She stayed as Tetra, the brown skinned sassy girl we know - she stayed who she is. The royal blood is there nevertheless. And putting her in royal clothes doesn’t change the fact that she is still Tetra. (and it doesn’t change the fact either, that I did find weird in WW that her skin changes and I don’t like it much, but at least ST gives us this and I’m like this is fine yeah)


happy birthday to this beautiful person, eliza taylor. she’s one of the greatest person that ever exist in the world and i hope she does know that. i mostly loved about her is the positivity that she shows people.

i hope she’s having a great birthday because she deserve it so much. i love her. keep sending her some love.

My animals are honestly the best thing in my life.

When everything sucks, and all I did was feed my babies and sleep all day, I know that they appreciate me. They need me and I am there for them.

And in return, they save me from the horrible things in the world. I can escape into playtime with my ratties, or rescaping my fish tanks, or decorating the rattie cages, or creating new enrichment for Cyan, or brushing my kitties fur.

They’re there for me in a way nothing else is.

I am so thankful for my babies and I’d never change a thing about them.


@norcumi​ set me several prompt, and I misread one of them. Mixed with another one (the settings one where a group of cadets wanders out of the youngling’s area), it looks like this ! Thanks for the prompts !

(Also introducing some of my clones OCs, because the opportunity was too good to pass)

CT-03-2501 wanted a name. He wanted to leave Kamino with his squad, and join his brothers, and win the war, and meet and protect HIS Jedi, but most of all, he wanted a name.
He knew he was young, not five yet, and that most of his brothers didn’t find their names until they were at least eight, or even not before they left and fought and lived, but he wanted one.

But nothing sounded right.

He did not love computers and data and electronics as Slicer did. He was not one-in-two-bodies as Twins was. He was not a blaster-maniac like Melt, nor a sticker to the rules as Law was.
He liked to fight, yes, and was good at it, but so were hundreds of his brothers.

He did not spent all of his time thinking about it, but the thought was never far from his mind, and he waited for the day something would resonate with him on a deep level, and he would just know his name.

CT-03-2501 was studying along a bunch of others cadets in one of the libraries when Melt, Slicer and Twins ran into the room, their gaze searching before settling on him.
They grined.

« Come on ! You have to see this ! » said Melt, bouncing.
« What ? » he asked. 

But he was already putting his datapad aside.

« You’ll see ! Come on, I don’t want to miss more of it ! »

He looked at Twins and, as always, his two brothers had the exact same smile, inclining their heads in unison.

« You’ll like it. I… »
« …believe you should all come, but… »
« …be discreet, we’re not supposed to go there »

Used to his brothers’ way of speaking, CT-03-2501 rose from his chair, definitely curious.
He was not the only one, and soon, a dozen of cadets were following Melt in the corridors of Tipoca City, Slicer opening doors that they were not supposed to open, until they ended up in a large viewing room.

And CT-03-2501 fell in love.

« I do believe we have admirers. » said Obi-Wan as he retreated for a few seconds, swishing his lightsaber back into a guarding pose.

« Do you ? I’m pretty sure most of them are looking at you. » smiled Shaak Ti. « They are used to me. »

The two Jedis jumped toward each other again, their lightsabers clashing and hissing, sending flashes of light through the room, blue against blue almost becoming white.

« So, is it the novelty ? » asked Obi-Wan while ducking under her ‘saber.
« Do you always talk so much while fighting ? » smiled Shaak Ti as she jumped backwards.
« Anakin is a terrible influence. » deadpanned Obi-Wan, following her.

The togruta snorted.

« Yes, of course. Not your fault, then. »
« Absolutely not. »

The two Jedi exchanged several blows before Shaak Ti, sensing her fellow’s Master curiosity, answered at last.

« I believe it’s more the fight than the new Jedi. They have seen holos, but a real lightsabers’ fight can be spectacular. »
« Quite. » agreed Obi-Wan.
« And you are way flashier than I am. »

Obi-Wan protested but, since he did so while twirling his saber and smirking, she laughed and attacked anew.
He blocked, his guard as perfect as ever as she followed with several blows, ending up with their blades locked up above their heads, the flare of light almost blinding.

Above them, in the viewing room, the cadets were quietly cheering, encouraging either their instructor, the other Jedi or both of them, as they watched the fight with bright, fascinated eyes.

CT-03-2501 turned his head, tapping Melt on the shoulder.

« Thanks, I really like it. »
« It’s awesome, isn’t it ? They are so powerful… » said his brother, stars in his eyes.

The young clone nodded.

« Yes. »

He inspired, feeling that this was right, then smiled.

« You know, I found it. »
« Oh ? »

He felt glad that all his friends were here to hear it, all of them quietly paying attention, Melt and his excited look, the silent gaze of Slicer and Twins turning their heads in one smooth movement towards him as well.

« Yup. My name is Lightsaber. »

(Yeeeah, so I misread “Shiny as a Lightsaber” as “a Shiny as Lightsaber”…)