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alec “heart eyes” lightwood
or, the one where alec lightwood is so in love with magnus bane

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OH MICHELE THAT WAS ALL WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED FOR MY BABY!!! I LOVED IT, but now I'm very interested in Remus as a barista too. please write sore headcanon about it ♥♥♥

omg i’m so in love…. my heart is a slut from Remus Lupin

  • he’s a mess, let’s be honest
  • he shows up to work punctually, but mostly because he wakes up late and runs to the store
  • so he arrives very flustered and his hair is dishevelled and he’s trying to catch his breath
  • sometimes he puts his apron on the wrong way…. well actually, most of the time
  • and he won’t notice until he tries to put something in his front pocket and his fingers just glide down
  • and OH NO now it looks like he was touching himself and the customers in the line are all looking at him funny
  • but when he gets into the groove of working, he’s a master
  • juggling cups and making coffees like a pro
  • whenever a little kid orders a drink he puts in the effort to draw something cute on their cup (even though he wasn’t an amazing artist or anything)
  • like one day a girl who was wearing an Elsa shirt came in and ordered a hot chocolate - Remus drew little snowflakes all over her cup and her face lit up when she saw it
  • but when cute girls or boys his age came into the store he never attempted to draw anything - let alone write his number down
  • although he would get many tips from them, sometimes even a flirtatious wink or a napkin left on the table addressed to him with a number and lipstick stain
  • sometimes he ended up gathering the courage and calling them - going on dates that ultimately fell through because it was hard to find someone he really connected with
  • he has a great work ethic - he’ll stay back sometimes for even hours at a time if someone forgot to show up, or the store was a little more busy than expected
  • you showing up late at night, just as Remus is closing the store
  • you knock on the door, eyes frantic and pleading until he comes and lets you in
  • “I have an assignment due at 9am tomorrow morning and I haven’t started it yet-” “say no more”
  • he’s a sweetheart, and although he looks super tired, you notice how beautiful he is
  • he chats with you with a lazy smile, a yawn leaving his pretty pink lips and his hair falling onto his face as his head hangs as he pours your coffee
  • and you notice his apron’s inside-out but before you can think to tell him your eyes are drifting around his body - taking note of the curve of his neck, and the mesmerising scars across his face
  • so as he gives you your drink and tells you it’s on the house, you can’t help but stand there, stunned
  • he asks if you’re alright and you nod like an idiot because wow this boy is such an angel but you don’t know how to tell him that
  • and maybe it’s your sleepy, unthinking brain, but you blurt it out 
  • you tell him that he’s the prettiest boy you’ve ever met, and of course he blushes, busying his trembling hands with the rag he’d been cleaning with
  • but he knows you’re in a hurry, so he takes a pen, and scribbles down his number on your cup
  • “you do that often?” you ask. “it’s actually the first time i’ve done it” he responds. 
  • suffice to say, after you had finished your assignment in the early hours of the morning, you sent him a text and found out he was working again that day
  • so you had a cute impromptu date at the coffee shop during his break
  • and he found he liked looking at you and listening to you talk as much as you did him

So this’s the reason why 2Kang laughing 😂😂
Daniel did “wonhae” choreo (with ong version), he did it twice 😂😂😂



This AU is honestly my baby, I love it so much and have been having a lot of fun putting it together in my head. Basically, it all started with me thinking… What if Morro never left Wu, never died, and never became a villain?

In this AU, he stayed even though he found out he wasn’t the green ninja, completed his training all the way to becoming a Master himself. He’s an adult when the ninja are taken in by Wu, and he assists in training them. When Kai and Nya come into the picture, Morro and Kai butt heads and it gets to a point where Kai leaves. When he shows back up, he’s gone villain. It’s basically Kai takes on Morro’s original villain role.

Nya also becomes the water ninja much sooner in place of Kai (because Morro decided to actually TELL HER instead of wait five million years to let her know she was probably another elemental master)

If you guys are interested, please feel free to send me asks about it! I’ll be doing my best to post bunches of art about it as time passes

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how r you and the gf doin?

goooooood every time we have a disagreement or upset the other we have a mature conversation about it and are able to work thru it and honestly? it’s So refreshing being in love w someone who has your best interests in mind and wants to work w u to improve your relationship it’s great i love her @deputy-disaster i love you