whether it be melodies that give you inspiration for your muse,  or songs that get you into the writing mood,  pick 10 songs you find give you the urge,  the drive,  or the creativity to write for your muse, then tag your favourite peeps to get an insight on their musical inspirational feels

tagged by: @vitess

001.  The Wolf - Fever Ray
002.  Crazy = Genius - Panic! At The Disco
003.  A Dangerous Mind - Within Temptation
004.  Thoughtless - KORN
005.  Raised By Wolves - Falling in Reverse
006.  The Hunted (Apocalypse version) - Snow Ghosts
007.  Fury Oh Fury - Nico Vega
008.  Killer - The Hoosiers
009.  A Demons Fate - Within Temptation
010.  Pendulum  - Pearl Jam

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