Lips laced with poison -
But the real dangerous poisons
Were your heart
And your intentions.
—  excerpt from a book I will never write #76

SFSJDKFJSGD LONG TIME NO KLANCE or actually art in general ahah well…

I wanted to practice bgs and i wanted to draw klance so i tried to hit two birds in one stone since my time for drawing is super fucking limited akjsdfas. Hope you guys like it! <3<3

me when i fuck up my whole life and then hope no one notices


“The bromance. The captivating couple”

Dong Wook. It was so nice working with you.I hope we can work in another drama again. I miss you.
- Mr Goblin, Gong Yoo hyung. We had beautiful days. I wasn’t lonely, thanks to you. If we could work together again. I think we can have more fun.

do you know in the darkest hour part 2 when lancelot and merlin went back to the knights and arthur but lancelot walked in first solely to give arthur a panic attack that merlin was dead, only to have merlin walked up five seconds later?? what assholes. what honest to god jerks. i love it. they literally planned that out. they stood outside that ruined castle, about to walk in together, but then one of them was like “wait wait wait, hang on. dude. i got an idea. everyone will go crazy.” and i am willing to bet all the money i have on this earth that it was lancelot’s idea

So I’ve been seeing many people talking about Even not having a squad. Well, that’s true because he does not have only one, he has several:

‘The Queens™’ squad:

The ‘we don’t look cool enough to be Even’s friends’ squad:

The ‘we are here to kill the mood’ squad:

The ‘hate me now’ squad:

‘Kollektivet’ squad:

‘The cathooker’ squad:

Everyone wants to be friends with Even because he is an amazing human being.