THEME 008. WILD BY IINSANES. // preview & code.

01. contained theme.
02. size 400px posts.
03. three sidebar images.
04. optional ‘fade’ for the sidebars.
05. optional black and white images.
06. title above sidebars.
07. four custom links.
08. description in scrollbar.

i personally think the sidebar 'fade’ looks better if you use the same picture, but use it as you wish !


kchypark asked:

I'm surprised, you have frogsona and haven't drawn froggit yet. Tsk tsk

kchypark asked: But anyway’s OMG I LOVE YOUR THREE BOOPS THERE SO CUTE!!!!11 ;w; (English: I really like how you draw sans, papyrus, and frisk their so adorable I want to hug them -w- keep up the good work!)

well gosh, thank you, i’m glad you like i draw those three~ =) but shoot, you’re right, i have yet to draw that cutie, even though i’ve been meaning to! here, lemme fix that real quick…

aaand there we go, all better!

pure-cinnamon-roll-cutie-cole asked:

12 Fenris/Anders

“Justice doesn’t… I’m not scared of him anymore.”  Fenris admitted one night.

Anders stayed still, he was surprised as Fenris spoke to him when he thought Anders was asleep.

“Three years and you’ve tried to keep me and him apart… scared I would call you abomination again, scared I couldn’t accept him but… Anders, I love you, all of you, including Justice.”  spoke Fenris quietly.

Anders shut his eyes.  “We had a long talk a few days ago… why did you not tell me he was a warrior?  Or that he would like to kill every magister after what happened with Danarius?  Why do you still not… trust this?”  Fenris spoke.

Anders couldn’t answer, he wanted to… but he didn’t want to let Fenris know he was awake, he had to hear the rest of what Fenris had to say.

“I know… I know why, no need to answer.  I also know you are a fool, because know this… no templar will ever touch you with me.  You are mine, and I will rip out their hearts before they lay a hand on you ever again.”  spoke Fenris.

Anders relaxed, Fenris laying next to him… well this was good right?  Justice could… he could talk with Fenris, and things were looking up.  “Also, you are a fool if you think I believe you are asleep.”  spoke Fenris.

Anders couldn’t help but laugh and turn, looking to Fenris with amber eyes.  “I love you Fenris.”  Anders said.

“I love you as well, my mage.”  he spoke, holding Anders close.

I’m stupidly (heh) excited for this comeback.

walking-trigger-warning asked:

Castiel! For the playlist thing (if you dont mind)

I don’t mind at all! :) I love doing these!!

C: Cigarette Daydreams - Cage the Elephant
A: As Long As I Have You - Mayve
S: Skinny Love - Bon Iver
T: Three Little Birds - Bob Marley
I: I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie
E: Everybody’s Watching Me - The Neighbourhood
L: Left Hand Free - Alt-J


Ok, before I start I just want to say that this is all @knuxtiger4‘s fault for always posting cool gemsona stuff. I was perfectly happy to just nod and like posts and stuff, but now I’ve been infected with gemsona madness. How dare you.

Anyway…I was just fussing around with the gemsona maker on doll divine and ended up with these three cuties who I am now completely in love with.

On the left is Zircon. Over on the right is Charoite. And in the middle is their fusion, TANZANITE.

I haven’t worked out their exact details yet (I mean, I did just make them up today), but I do have some basic ideas for them.

Zircon is kind of on the feral side. She’s prone to excitedly running around on all fours and is known to bare her teeth at any kind of provocation. Of course, most of this is bluffing, and she’s honestly not that into fighting. She will if she has to, but she’d rather bluff her way out of a situation. She’s definitely more of the problem solver type, interested in puzzles and drawing and of course having long conversations with Charoite. Her weapon is a bo staff, and she’s skilled at shapeshifting. She is also quite agile and it good at sudden bursts of energy, though she is at risk of overexerting herself.

Charoite is a very nurturing and patient gem. Like Zircon she’s not big into confrontation, though she is more likely to try and work things out diplomatically and with words. While not as fast as Zircon she has more endurance and is definitely more plan oriented. She has also taken to reading human books that she finds (or steals quite honestly) as is particularly interested in the animals of Earth (which could explain why she likes Zircon so much. Zircon likes to shapeshift into the creatures she sees in those books). Her weapon is a shield, and her level head in battle is he greatest asset.

Both Zircon and Charoite are Earth gems, but they are from the other kindergarten (not Amethyst’s). Both of them were a little late coming out of the ground, so they’re both a bit smaller than they ought to be. That puts Zircon at about 5′6-7″ and Charoite to be around 5′0-2″. The two of them hid out during the war and as such aren’t aligned with Homeworld, and while they are pro-Earth (it being their home and all), they initially don’t know about the Crystal Gems in any kind of detail.

Tanzanite didn’t come along until later, and at this point I’m thinking she was a result of them interacting with the Crystal Gems in some way (hence her marking being that of a star, though she does not display one anywhere on her attire). Previously, the two of them didn’t even know it was possible for gems of different kinds to fuse. Since they’re still figuring out Tanzanite she doesn’t have a particular weapon, but she can summon each of their weapons.

So yeah, that’s all I got right now, and I feel like a complete nerd but like…that’s okay because they were fun to make. And now, I just gotta actually practice and learn to draw them (with some possible tweaking since a generator can only do so much). I also kinda want to find music styles to suit them as well as maybe voice actors, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

So, I fell in love with marimo roughly at the same time as I fell for fish. I originally ordered a big one and 7 small ones and put the big one with three small ones in Oolong’s tank, and put the remaining small ones in a beautiful glass 1 gal I had lying around from my uneducated days as a betta owner.

Last week I placed a second order of three large marimos and 7 tiny ones, and they all got here tonight! They can all be seen here! I really, really love marimo and intend on getting even more (in another container though, this one’s gettig packed!) because oh my gosh, they are beautiful and my kind of decoration!


Good afternoon Lima!

Look at our little cuties! All three of them were in such precious moods today. Olivia begged Will this morning to wear a tutu to nursery school and spent her entire morning spinning around the kitchen before Will bundled her up to drive to nursery and work. Charlie was all sorts of goofy today too! He was running around all morning making “Minion” noises and flying his planes. Will and I were talking about it just last night; Charlie has really started to come into his own now that Olivia is in school and he has time to play by himself. He’s really enjoying playing with Evelyn in the mornings too when she has her tummy time!

Speaking of Evelyn, she is doing wonderfully! Will and I took her to her one month check up this afternoon, and she is sitting well on the charts for her size. Our only problem this far is her sleeping schedule, and the doctor recommended that we try to control her naps during the day. Hopefully, if she’s up more during the day, she will sleep more at night!

anonymous asked:

if you had to pick a holy trinity of alt-emo music, what bands would you pick? i think mine are wavves, american football, and neutral milk hotel

when u say “holy trinity” I immediately think of panic at the disco, my chem, and fall out boy (all of which I loved) but if I had to pick my personal three it’d be weezer, brand new, and death cab for cutie if you count any of those

kenmai asked:

hmmm that would be eijun, yogi and haru-chan!! :D <333333

Name three characters you think of when you think of me 



OMG OMG OMG AJHAJJAHAJKHAKJA  let me cuddle to you o.k? because ajahlkahlja omg it’s too adorable >///////<, because all of them are just too cute angels ajahakhakja i totlaly don’t deserve and ajkhakah all of them are parts of my the biggest otps (Miyusawa, Yoreki, Makoharu!!!!!) ahjahjakhajha.

eijun is my prEcious precious adorbale sunshine, son, my light! Yogi my sweet sunshne beloved prince! And omg haru, awww haru-chan my beloved beautiful lil merman. :D LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH! THANK YOU BABY CHLOEEEE! :* 

this omegle conversation i just had with a total cutie

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hi

You: your hair is so curly

Stranger: lol thanks

You: it’s very nice

You: i want to sleep in your pillow soft hair

Stranger: that would be quite lovely

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calmturquoise asked:

2, 7, 10, 15 :)

2. What are your top five most ticklish spots?
Well like literally everywhere but back of the neck (I will literally hit the floor), shoulder blades, hips, knees, and feet.

7. If you could be tickled by any three people, real or fictional, who would you pick?
Well absolutely my babe @cuties-and-cupidarrows like please. Natasha Romanov because seriously I love her and she could easily wreck me. Aaaaand Clint Barton cause he’s a fucking adorable nerd and that’d be fun. (And okay also my friend Lilith who knows and keeps fucking teasing me and making me a blushy mess but hasn’t DONE anything).

10. Would you rather be tickled with a paintbrush, feather, or electric toothbrush?

15. Why do you enjoy tickling?
Because it’s fun and carefree and it’s close and silly and someone cares about you and wants you to smile and laugh and be happy and I like the feeling and like that it makes me let go and just be happy and okay I’m blushing too much

were-coyote-cutie asked:

"Please kiss me."

three word starters

and all the dream that he dreamed about, the only thing that he wanted to hear since kindergarten just made him happy. well, they were still locked into the friend zone since he had a girlfriend but he couldn’t help. when he was around his best friend, it was like they were already together. they fight like a married couple, they laugh like a married couple, they judge each other like a married couple. it was like they were already together.

she know everything about him like he know everything about her.she was there when he got sad like he was here for her too. it was impossible to separate them, even though people tried hard to get between them he know they can’t do it. so when he heard her telling him to kiss her, he couldn’t help but kissing her tenderly.

being with her at this moment just made his heart melt. He was in love, he can’t say he wasn’t because at the end of the day, he always end up thinking about her and him together, though it’s impossible. he doesn’t want to lose what they have. He doesn’t want to lose her…

anonymous asked:

mom i want you to cheer up and have some fun let's play the ship game like old times? i think this time i want to ship you with mingyu because people have been really mean to you and so i think he'd be the best at cheering you up! he'd just hug you all the time and stuffs. anyway three things about me; im energetic, kind, but shy can you ship me with seventeen and vixx?

haha ah thank u of thinking of me and trying to cheer me up mmm and for shipping me with someone so cute like mingyu ;;;;

seventeen- dino!! u guys sound similar and would always be jumping around having fun but the second ur fingers brush u 2 r blushing cuties
vixx - mmm ken?? he’d love ur energetic side but would tease ur shy side ^^

anonymous asked:

For the Exo's lockscreen (sorry for bothering u with it) i don't know if it's possible and clear but : - ot12 with (if it's possible) some pictures of Yifan/Yixing or even Chanbaek - in pink/blue (in the idea of Love Me Right MV) Love u 💜

Cutie you’re not bothering me at all, I was happy to do it. Things got real shippy real fast, so I hope you don’t mind. I hope they’re to your liking sweetpea.

So I’m not sure if it’s exactly what you wanted, but I did my best. I made three in the hopes that at least one of them were what you were looking for, so click here and you’ll find them.

-Admin Chrissy


Goodbye dinner at the Italian 🍕🍝

It’s time and I’m leaving this awesome, funny, lively, incredible, friendly and lovely family after three months and I’m so thankful for all you’ve done for and with me!! You were amazing and i couldn’t wish for a better family to have spent my first time in this awesome country with!!

This is for you boys: I really enjoyed the time with you two cuties!! I’m going to miss you a lot and I hope you’ll become perfect men with beautiful girlfriends 😉 Ai Hunter, Mate? 😏😘 and Lenny stay caaaaaalllmm 😁

Thank you & lots of Love for you guys ❤️xx

Let the new adventure begin☺️ east coast I’m coming! 🚘🍺☀️