Exploring my gender has been such a wonderful experience for me. Sort of like falling in love. I always get really excited for other people who are on a similar journey. I have unearthed so much self love in my own process. It’s been such a pleasure to figure out what makes me feel happy and confident and authentic. I just love it.

When I first cut my hair, I was misgendered by a lot of folks and got really insecure. So then I would try to wear pink or other really feminine clothing/colors to compensate for orientation and hair cut and make myself feel “pretty.”

And then one day, I decided I loved myself more than anything else and said an eternal “fuck you” to anyone else’s ignorance or hatred.

And now,
I am well.
I am queer.
I am proud.
I am always beautiful……and some days (like today), I still wear pink just because I can.


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