Hey Taylor! My best friend Kayla and I are coming to see you at gillettestadium on July 24 and Naomi are seeing you the following day on the 25th! I can’t believe that after 9 months of waiting there’s only a week left dhakajabsilansjslsmsj *feels hit*. You were so awesome during the RED tour and although it rained nothing stopped you and I screamed and cried so loud that I lost my voice for days. 
This time around you’ve upped your slayage game and I can’t wait to experience it! I have no idea where we’re sitting for night1 because we got the Swiftstakes and will only find out at Will Call. (Btw please tell me you got my letter and cat toys). On night two we’re sitting on Floor A5, Row 11, Seats 21&22! If you have no surprises in set for either night for Style, squad and I will help you slay the stage! I’m being dead honest we’ll do it!!! See you at Gillette!

your arms pulled me from dark and doom
all I could see was chains and flesh,
you dragged me out of hell mother’s womb
made me whole again out of blood and ash

i hated you and you’re voice like knives,
piercing my ears and tearing my skin
your careless look and empty eyes,
they made me a sinner, you being my sin

when the bell rang loud, a piercing gong,
and you and I went down below
your screams became a siren’s song,
your bluewater eyes began to glow

three wayward sons, two fathers lost,
one cause, to save this earth,
we fight and die and kill at cost,
only we can know life’s worth

and so it breaks when I see you,
blood gushing from your clothes,
you wheeze and gasp and there’s nothing I can do
your eyes come to a close

my second soul, my feathered friend,
as you fade, I’m dying inside,
I’m aching, cannot comprehend
please, love, don’t close your eyes

I stumbled across a piece of really beautiful Destiel fanart and poetry happened