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I’ve never done a follow forever post before but it’s about time I get to it. I mostly focus on HurtsFamily and Sherlock blogs and I really hope I didn’t miss anyone here. All the listed blogs are the ones I absolutely love seeing on my dash, I adore you all and hope to see such fine content for the rest of my life. ♥

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Source: Elle Decoration.se

Considering I’m not the biggest fan of blue, I’m having a serious blue moment. I looove the richness of those doors painted in that deep royal (slightly electric) blue, surrounded by the lighter, soft blue. Bluuu-mming marvellous (get it?…….that was dreadful I know…….)

16 Days Of Outlander - Day 7

The Wedding

This is probably one of the most giffed/reblogged episodes of S1 and as much as I absolutely looove those moments, I’m going to do something a little different today and refrain from screencapping the entire ep and highlight instead some of my favorite in between moments. Those simple moments where everything just falls away, leaving just them… Here we go! :)

The Playful Punch

It’s just such a sweet, adorable moment amidst their awkwardness that gives me such feels as to be quite heart-fluttering.

All in A Look 

Everything they want, but can’t say to each other is written so beautifully on their faces. Glass faces - the both of them.

Distance Is Nothing But Illusion

Her face as his fingers leave a blazing trail over her skin. Whatever determination she had for keeping a safe (emotional) distance between them uncontrollably slipped a few more notches.

“Your Mother Had The Sweetest Smile”

“Still waters run deep, ye ken.” 

The Feel Of Him

There’s just far too much clothing between her fingers and his arm! Which is then quickly remedied.

The Scent Of Him

She just completely inhales him in,,. In Every Way.


The feather light shoulder kiss she gives him is just so exquisitely tender. No more barriers. No more distance. Just the Two of them.


Frank wobbly rolling his way out of her heart, falling through the cracks.


Claire saying:

Coz she’s beautiful AF!

And a few Honorable Mentions: