meet me among the sunflowers

Sunflowers are Jughead’s favourite flower. The epitome of summer. Embodiment of happiness. Harbinger of hope.

But then, there’s Betty Cooper.


Maybe Jughead’s secret sunflower field isn’t so secret after all.

A/N: Maybe I look at Sprousehart’s flower photos too much. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Sunflowers are Jughead’s favourite flower.

Immortalised in Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting, sunflowers are the epitome of summer. Embodiment of happiness. Harbinger of hope.

Jughead loves watching them follow the Sun as it makes is way across the blue summer skies, casting shadows that never stay still.

He loves watching optimistic faces gaze with wonder at their beacon of light, only growing taller and taller as the days pass by. Yet, they are elegant and poised.

Rare to find in Riverdale.

But Jughead has a lot of secrets, and this tiny field of yellow blooms that he’s nestled in, is, perhaps, his most precious one.

Dusk is dawning upon him, and he lies in the centre of his sacred sunflower field, shrouded amidst the stalks. He has his camera nestled between his hands and on his stomach, while his wavy black hair migles with the grass. He can’t see it, but his eyes are a brilliant cauldron of gold, blue, green and hazel, and he watches the sun retire for the night through his lashes.

His headphones are on, and he lets the musical overtones of the Beatles wash over him and spill into the sunflowers next to him.

He’s content. He’s happy, even if his lazy elation is due to disappear soon.

For now, this small field will be his home for the night, and the grasshoppers and bugs will give him company. For, now, he turns a blind eye to the fact that he’ll go home to absolutely naught.

His left hand reaches out and strokes the petal of one particular flower that’s near his face. It’s short. Hidden. Depraved of the sun it needs. But yet, it survives.

Jughead smiles.

He really does love sunflowers.

Everything’s cast in a peaceful orange glow, and Jughead lets his eyes drift shut. He could get used to this.

Then someone trips over him.

Jughead’s eyes snap open, and he bolts upright, his forehead getting slapped by yellow petals. A girl in a white summer dress is on her knees next to him, a poor sunflower victim lying trampled at her feet.

She has blonde hair, streaked with highlights no doubt renewed thanks to the summer sun. Her eyes are the colour of green- the kind of determined green that’s the first to push its way through the winter snow when spring finally arrives. Her lips are strawberry red, dulcet in the evening light.

Betty Cooper.

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Egu - I’ve been talking to my mom through email at least once a month, but just now, she just sent me a mail saying “The scream of that monkey in Higashiyama Zoo that everyone is talking about right now actually sounds just like you.”


I don’t know. All I know is I’m seriously LMAO’ing right now…so hard…because when I looked it up, it’s actually true. LOL

You guys be the judge…XD

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honestly i love tae so much just in general too but in this video (youtube(.)com/watch?v=e2JphzsaTIE) he's so funny when he teases jimin about jungkook avoiding him lol i guess jk wasn't really avoiding jimin behind the scenes

an iconic video that i love. honstly, tae is such a lil shit to jikook (jimin especailly) most of the time and this is no different. he really loves teasing them lmao. and i mean, look at  jk’s face after jm tries to “kiss” him. he was smiling from ear to ear, doesn’t seem like the face of a kid who avoids jimin lmaoo. 

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"Every time I look into Kat's eyes"

reminds me of that time katherine said she was nervous on her first day filming and she just kept reminding herself to “just look into dominique’s eyes” bc it calmed her down :^)

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Hi! I've been trying to find information on prison conditions in Canada as compared to the US. Any idea where I could look? There's so much out there on US prison conditions that it swamps every search I perform.

I post everything related to prisons in Canada under the #prison hashtag. I also cover a lot on solitary confinement in Canada here too, as well as immigrant detention.

Hope this helps!

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do you think Jon just says "my sister" so much cause he likes to call her "his" something???haha and how softly was he looking at her when he asked her opinion on Tyrion!! my heart melted

Heeeeeeeeee ;D 

I mean look maybe it’s my shipping goggles but I think Jon’s continued reiteration of ‘sister’ is his continued war to categorise Sansa into a neat little box inside his head. And also exactly like you said. The part of him that is aware of his feelings for her knows (or rather believes) the possibility of them is impossible, but if he can’t have her the way he wants, at least he can have her as his sister and that connection is something no one can take away. Mind you, Jon’s wrong in more ways than one. Not only has Sansa ceased being his ‘sister’ but it is absolutely something someone can take away. 

And yes oh god. Just Jon looking at Sansa and asking for her opinion on anything makes my heart soar. It means so much to her and his kitten eyes for Sansa just makes her feel so loved. I know she is currently oblivious to what those fond eyes mean, but she knows he loves her and it’s been so long since Sansa felt loved and respected. 

Bless my babies. They both deserve so much happiness and they could find that in each other if only they stopped playing and just went for it lmao

Keith & Andy : Chapter 1

“Andy,” I look at him. He’s torn inside. He told me he hadn’t slept the past two days. I know nothing I can say or do will help him with anything, especially his insomnia. This isn’t the first time… “Andy, listen…” I honestly don’t know what to say. I just, I’m blank. Completely blank. I’d call Meg but she’s probably asleep or out with Joey and Sally’s in Canada this month, she’s definitely asleep. Damn it. This blows. I’ve never felt so helpless, so alone… I can only imagine how Andy feels. If only I didn’t love him, maybe all of this would hurt less.

Then he starts to talk. “I just. It wasn’t like I was thinking about it for a long time or anything, it wasn’t premeditated or anything like that. I just. It was just a spontaneous thing, you know? I was driving home after eating at Ike’s house and then, you know, not really thinking about anything, I just started to turn the wheel left. Slowly. There were no cars. Just me. Just me and the trees.”

“Go on,” I tell him, my palms sweaty, disgusting things. I know I’m shaking by now, I just hope he doesn’t see it. God… After a short pause, Andy starts up again, in his quiet, wise voice. “I only fully understood what I was doing right up to the end, right up to the point when I almost hit that tree… And then I just. Stopped. For a minute, there. For a minute. Stopped. And wept.”

I wanted to hold him. So ****ing much. Just to hold him. Tell him everything’s okay, now. Just, be there for him, body and soul. But I knew this wasn’t the time or the place to confess my feelings or anything, so I just held that part of me inside. Until the time was right. Even though, deep down, I knew that the time might never be Right. “I slowly Woke Up again, then drove to the nearest parking lot I could find, parked under a lamppost, and called you. Now, well… Now I’m here.”

Then a silence fell on us. A silence like a brick, or a big boulder. It felt like condensed decades before he spoke again. “I can’t believe Jeremy’s gone.” And me, the writer of nine years, the poet, well, I had nothing to say. Not a single word. I was terrified – Andy probably expected to hear something from me by now, but I just stood there, by the window, hands in my pockets. After a few minutes I swallowed and said, in a pathetically hoarse voice, “Me neither.”

I couldn’t think of anything to say at Jeremiah’s funeral and I can’t think of anything to say Now. Why is that, damn it? Why? I want to walk over to Andy and put my hand on his shoulder and just… Comfort him. But I know he’s beyond that. It’s a miracle he decided to call me in the first place. I have no idea where to go from here. God help us.

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Which animes are you looking forward to in the upcoming fall season?

i just looked at what’s airing in fall and honestly nothing looks good…?? maybe kino no tabi but i’m not hopeful tbh…. shokugeki no soma is something to look forward to if you like the anime but i prefer the manga


What we’ve gone through as people, learning about the importance of the LGBT representation on TV, and really understanding the community. A lot more than we potentially did before, adds a certain pressure because then you want to make sure that you do it justice, and make them proud in every moment. And every time I look into Kat’s eyes, I see the importance of it, a lot more than I possibly did before.


Welp, I was looking through @sanspar s blog once again, and somehow stumbled over UF!CatPaps I couldn’t help but come up with tousand ideas for this xD Poor UF!Sans must be slowly dying inside… because CatPaps is too hawd TwT

Sowwy it looks so messy, I’m not used to draw on the computer without a pencilscetch…

(If you, dear Sanspar, are ever going to see this, I’m sowwy TwT)