The final evolutions for the Alolan starter Pokémon have been revealed.

Actually, someone already data mined the demo and leaked them, but this is an official reveal, so… *Ahem* I did this for the middle stages, might as well weigh in my thoughts on the final evolutions as well.

So first we have Decidueye. A real Robin Hood of a Pokémon, don’t you think? Although it honestly looks more like a hawk than an owl now. I dunno, something about it’s facial structure. The long legs are a little awkward and its wings seem a bit large, but I think they’re supposed to make it look like it’s wearing a cloak, which would make sense for an archer working in the shadows. All in all, still a nice, strong design, although the shift to Grass/Ghost is a bit curious.
So, let’s see what’s next. Here we have-

(Those of you who are familiar with SrPelo, you know what to do. Those who aren’t, I suggest you turn down your volume before you hit that play button.)

Hoo boy, sorry, I just had to get that out of my system. This is Incineroar, a big, hulking bara tiger… *sigh* Sorry, I’m trying to be fair here, but opinions are opinions. I know it’s based off a heel wrestler, but I’m just not a fan of bulky, muscular humanoid Pokémon. At the very least, its fire belt is kinda’ cool, and the flavor text for it on the website makes it a bit more endearing, but from a design standpoint, I’ll stick with Torracat if you don’t mind.

And finally we have Primarina, which is definitely a Siren, no two ways about it. I mean, some might call it a Mermaid, but one could argue that Mermaid and Siren are two different names for the same thing, so…
Unfortunately, I’m finding it difficult to say much about it, but I really do think it’s a good design. Looks like Team Popplio has been rewarded for their patience.
Unless you don’t like feminine Pokémon designs, in which case; Too bad, Primarina time!

So now the question is whether or not the rumors that Rockruff shares a secret with the starter Pokémon are true or not. Could we possibly see a split evolution here?

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