Let me TRY to explain how 049′s face could (or not) work


Here is my weird ass pseudo sciency headcannon:

Here is a speculative view of 049′s face from the front:

(i know they look like a fucking owl but shut up that’s my headcannon ok ???)

Note that we usually see them with their head facing down (like on the official file for them on the SCP wiki for example):

Now, i have tried to draw how their mouth would work, if they have one:

Maybe like this:

Or like this ???:

IDK man, they are weird but nature can be even weirder so there are many answer to this but they ask so many more questions at the same time…

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RULES: choose any three fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions

I choose:

→ D.Gray-man
→ Blazblue
→ Silent Hill

The first character you loved:

  • Kanda, hands down. Allen was the second one.
  • Rachel Alucard or Arakune. I liked their designs before I got to play the story.
  • Heather. Her attitude was fresh and got me hooked.

The character you never expected to love so much:

  • Wisely. He is a fairly fresh addition but GOD DO I LOVE HIM! He looks like an owl when drawn in Hoshino’s chibi style and his fluffy head kills me.
  • Ragna. Basic protagonist with an aggressive nature, but that jerk with a golden heart gets to me–especially since he is a big brother and would do anything for his younger siblings.
  • James. Like. Do I have to even explain this? He is not a nice character.

The character you relate to most:

  • Lavi and Allen but also the queen of anxiety, Miranda. Similiar to Lavi and Allen, I too have a habit for putting on a mask, not making a fuss about my worries or problems, and feeling like an outsider.
  • Rachel ;w; She has to watch the events from aside, not allowed to interfere–but sometimes she steps up. Also Noel: I too wish everyhing would be good and I could just live happily with my friends.
  • James and Alex. James because of the quilt, and Alex because his situation at home reminds me of certain feelings I’ve always had at mine.

The character you’d slap:

  • Chaoji for being so black and white with his reasoning. Kanda for being a grumpy dick. Allen for not letting anyone care about him.
  • Terumi for everyhing he has done and Bang for simply existing and giving me a headache.
  • Alex’s father. The things he says about Alex give me an ill feeling.

Three favorite characters (these are in order of preference):

  • Lavi, Allen, Tyki.
  • Rachel, Hazama, Kokonoe.
  • James, Alex, Heather.

A character you liked at first but not so much anymore:

  • Kanda. I do like him, but he is not my favourite like he used to be.
  • Jin. Even after Jin’s character developement, his attitude and the way of treating others didn’t improve. Also Tsubaki, because her character seemed to get stuck and not have enough time to improve from the events of Chrono Phantasma.
  • I still do love Heather, but James and Alex are just more relatable to me on a personal level.

A character you did not like at first, but they’ve grown on you:

  • Marie. Didn’t care about him much, but I’ve come to appreciate his relationship and effect on both Kanda and Allen. Also Johnny for obvious reasons! I really love how his character has been written and built!
  • Noel–I did like her okay, but I’ve only come to appreciate her more later.
  • Angela. I started understanding her better as I grew.

3 OTPs:

  • Lavi/Allen, Lavi/Tyki, Allen/Lavi/Tyki(or Kanda)
  • I don’t ship anyone passionately. Ragna/Rachel is cute just as it is on the games. Hazama/Rachel is something I’d be very curious about. Ragna/Hazama I would be REALLY interested about. Terumi/Hazama or Relius/Hazama ‘cause those actually make some sense. Rachel/Kokonoe because it’d be super interesting.
  • I don’t have any real Silent Hill ships either, but James/Maria is sad and interesting in a way.

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Heyy! May I request a scenario where fem s/o is sick in bed so kageyama, kuroo, oikawa and bokuto (im so sorry if its to much characters!) have to go pick up their s/o little brother/sister from school? Thank you very much!!! *sends eternal love*

Ahh I love this request! And thanks for your eternal love, anon. :3c

Female pronouns used

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Sometimes the fluff I draw is so fluffy that just even drawing it makes me die.

Inspired by this photoset of owls. Yeah. Idk anything about birds and for all I know what looks like cute owls kissing and cuddling with each other could actually be birds preparing for gladiatorial battle but hey, it looks cute.

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AU scenario w/ kuroo, oikawa, lev, & bokuto where whatever they draw on themselves it appears on the soulmate, & their s/o is extremely creative?

shit, for the AU soulmate scenario i accidentally put 4 people. can you just do oikawa, lev, h bokuto? sorry, i mixed up the rules!

((I love, love, love AU’s! * v* I had so much fun with this one! -mimi))

These wordless conversations with Oikawa began with a single drawing of a white lily. The petals appeared to be growing from the top of his hand because of the accuracy and precision shown by the dark lines. Oikawa stared with awe, hoping this flower was blessing him with the knowledge of the existence of his soulmate. His reply is “beautiful,” which he wrote with his finest of print.

Since that moment onwards, you continued to bless his skin with these alluring creations of yours. Each one with the same precision as the first. Oikawa could only respond with single words and comments, due to his lack of creativity.

But that isn’t an issue. Oikawa’s words were as captivating as your illustrations. You feel heat travel to your neck and your heart drum faster with his sweet messages. Similar to how you have brought tenderness to his being, Oikawa does the same thing to you.

Oikawa is aware of you being his soulmate which is why he writes you such endearing messages, so he thinks it’s time for him to arrange a meeting with you.

‘[Name].’ He begins by writing your name on his arm, a name as beautiful as the first flower he received from you. Oikawa’s shaking hand continues to scrawl his next thoughts. ‘would you like to meet up soon?’

Oikawa awaits your reply, restlessness causing his leg to shake and his fingers to twirl the marker.

Soon he finds your reply sketched across his arm. ‘Of course!’ A doodle of what he supposes is you rests beside the reply.

Oikawa brings up a hand to hide his obvious grin. He recomposes himself then picks up the marker again. ‘Great! I’m sure these drawings are a representation of your beauty. ♥’

It was all over for Lev. He knows the brilliant thing to have done last night was study. The bed looked so inviting, how could he refuse a little nap? Okay, so maybe that wasn’t a nap.

But Lev had a solution for this problem! He had opted to wear long sleeves today (thank goodness the weather was quite chilly) and wrote most of the answers on his arm. Every opportunity Lev had to take a peek at the answers on his arm, he would take! There was no way he was going to fail this test. There is no telling what Yaku would do to him if he fails. Or if he’s caught cheating, but that’s beside the point!

It is time for the test. Once his teacher had distributed the tests, Lev noticed most of his classmates were breezing through the test as soon as their pencils touched the paper. And Lev, well he sat motionless, pencil in hand and eyes wide with confusion.

Lev peeked up from under his eyelashes. The teacher is patrolling the opposite side of the classroom, which meant this was an opportunity for Lev to get some answers in.

He slowly shimmies the sleeve upward, finding his first step to actually passing this test. Lev writes down the word before observing the room again, his emerald eyes searching for his teacher. The teacher was nearing his location so Lev opts for hiding his test by lowering his head and circling an arm around the paper.

The teacher makes his way past Lev, not taking note of his suspicious behaviour, giving him the freedom to look at his arm again. But the words on his arm don’t catch his attention. Instead he stares lovingly at a small doodle of a lion. Beside it are the words ‘good luck!’

Lev could spring up from his chair with glee, but this wasn’t the right situation for that. But that’s the impact you have on him; every time a new doodle is left on his skin from you it usually has an encouraging and loving message. He’s surprised you didn’t use this opportunity to scold him for writing down answers on his arm.

He would worry about later. Right now there were more important matters to focus. For instance, why didn’t the lion you drew have a body? Lev knew it was his mission to complete this drawing of yours. There was still time until class was over, so it won’t hurt if he takes a little break.

Lev takes a marker he found buried underneath the plethora of papers in his desk, takes the cap off then completes the image. His lines are far more shaky than yours, since he attempted to draw with the same precision as you. He was born with height but not creativity. Although it wasn’t the most accurate image, Lev was still proud of his work.

He was so proud he extends his arm to observe his image from a far. That was foolish mistake on his park.

“Mr. Haiba, what are those words written on your arm?” The voice of his teacher bellows from behind him.

Lev flinches in his seat. He slowly turns to his teacher, giving a shaky smile. “Uh, this is how I think up the answers?”

From the moment you graced Bokuto’s skin with one of your doodles, he would frequently request you doodle something new on him. Bokuto fell in love with your creations as well as your being. Seeing anything from you always caused his mood to shoot up higher than the school’s roof. He would proudly show many people your talent.

Bokuto was so proud he would regularly show his teammates the doodles. An ample amount of time was spent listening to - or pretending - Bokuto explain the story that came along with the doodle.

“See this one here Akaashi?!” Bokuto had his hand close to the setter’s face, pointing at a drawing on his palm. “[Name] drew this because they said I looked like an owl! I told them I didn’t believe it but they proved me wrong. This little guy kinda does look like me right?”

“It does Bokuto-san,” Akaashi replied with the usual stoic expression.

“Man I wish I had [Name]’s talent.” Bokuto crossed his arms, a small pout forming on his face. “I mean I can play volleyball pretty well, which is awesome, but drawing looks pretty relaxing.”

“Practice is about to start,” Akaashi commented.

Bokuto paid no heed to his words. His expression only brightened, meaning Bokuto had formed a new idea. “I know! I’ll develop my own drawing skills and draw something for [Name]! Maybe the animal they remind me of…” Bokuto furrows his eyebrows, his mind running through all of the animals he was familiar with. He soon gave up when he realized the time. “Ah, who knows! Let’s get started with practice Akaashi!”

It was after practice that day that Bokuto rushed home. He grabbed the nearest scratch paper and began drawing. His tongue poked out from his mouth as he focused on the movement of the pencil on the paper.

It was when Bokuto gained some confidence that he decided to grab a marker to draw on his skin, wanting to show you his newly acquired skill as soon as possible. On his arm he drew an owl, which he thought closely resembled you.

After he completed the drawing, his gaze stayed on his arm as he awaited for you to see his drawing. Bokuto hoped you weren’t napping.

His prayers were answered since dark lines began to form alongside his doodle. Quickly Bokuto realized you were also drawing an owl, similar to the one you drew earlier. After you finished, you drew a heart around the two owls which symbolized the both of you.

Bokuto was truly delighted at what the both of you created, but he couldn’t help but feel a little jealousy.

“[Name], I will never catch up with you and your amazing drawing abilities!”

For You ~ pt. 22

| all parts up to date |

~ Bunny and Butterfly ~

“Hyungs are asking what I’m up to.” Jungkook says just after I have sat down next to him. He had taken us to a small gaming arcade and we had spent the last hour just playing all kinds of games.

Moving our heads closer as he had opened his front camera, I see him as always doing a funny face, and I mimic him.

I laugh when he takes the shot and slap his knee. “I don’t think we ever take normal pictures.”

Turning to me for a moment to grin, I then watch him send it to his Hyungs.

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"Imagine a Staring Contest With Dwalin."

murder-of-the-magpie || imagine

“You’re always watching people and things. I swear, you never blink.” Kili sat beside you, with less grace than normal. “Really, how do you do it? You’re almost as bad as Dwalin!”

“I blink as much as the next dwarf Kili,” You replied. “I just don’t look like an owl when I do.”

“No, you blink with the speed of a dragonfly. Like that,” he snapped his fingers in front of your face, trying to make you blink. You didn’t, and punched him instead. He groaned and pretended to fall over.

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My treasure: March 9, 1993, 21 years ago (22 in Korea), was borning the person who I consider the most perfect of all so far (i look like a owl mother ok). Even with all the flaws that every human being has, to me he still remains the most perfect and flawless human being of all galaxies. Being like this, he makes me wanna put him on the most highest pedestal and love him so much that sometimes I think my heart is going to explode.

Intelligent, beautiful, kind, cute, life ruiner, funny, idiot, talented, all this is not enough to describe Min Yoongi. I do not remember how I felt when I learned of his existence, 9 months ago, but now I just need to look at a picture of him that I feel the happiest person in the world, seriously. He has a strong jaw and a beautiful mouth that seems to have been designed with attention on the smallest details. I guess I’m just in love with everything in this guy, tongue-tied, the squinty little eyes, the folds of the eyelids, his ridiculous dances that cause me shame others and especially the way he smiles with he cute teeths.

When the thing with B-Free came, Yoongi acted with so maturely and this was totally awesome, less the part that he says that he passed hungry; it’s horrible have to imagine a person that you love with needs. Also have the appendicitis things that have happened with Yoongi. While he has not recovered from since I almost died with worry and distress, because he lives in the other side of the world (not the other side of the world London, the other side of the world South Korea). I could barely sleep and eat because it was very nervous thinking about how Yoongi was feeling, if he was sleeping well, eating well, and feeling pain or not. And I cried and cried and cried and I’m not even ashamed to speak. Because besides being my idol, above all, he is a person I love very much and I captive like I do with all the members of BTS and persons that I care.

Yoongi is totally enchanting; I wish that I could protect him of all the bad things of this world. He took over my life in some inexplicable way, and I do not regret about loving and support him every day. Sometimes I think “oh, I’ll go to BTS’s twitter, Yoongi should posted a selca” and kind, he posted 15 minutes ago. Sometimes I wake up in the morning, out of nowhere to check BTS’s twitter and again, he just posted a selca.

This telepathy (kekekeke) scares me. So, he is my precious baby. This is the first anniversary of him that I’m “celebrating” and I’m very happy, heeeelp. I wish I could hug him tight and personally say how grateful I am because he was born (ignore this). I want him to enjoy the day of today because you know, it’s her day. Happy Birthday Lapper Man, you ruined my life but you know I like that. Be very happy and live over 80 years so I can make fun of your face hehe. Happy birthday baby, I love you.