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I too have found it hard to keep thinking Tom's attractive after this summer. Recently it's been getting better though, some pics I think he looks good, some pics I go "bleh" scroll on. I will never forget how unattractive he looked in the I <3 TS shirt, his appeal went down completely for me that day, but as time goes on I am starting to find Tom somewhat attractive again.

yeah, that was an ugly moment because it felt so false. looking somewhat more kindly back at his remark about ‘being authentic,’ my opinion is that with him, authenticity is not something he can ever fake. when he’s uncomfortable, it flares like a lighthouse. the best pictures of him are, imo, the ones where he’s closest to himself.

but that could be my own bias.

i still miss the fresh-faced gross turd that was the war horse/thor 1 era, with the fucked up black hair and that one leather jacket and an intense inability to dress himself. it was just him.

but that’s the job for you. i still think that authenticity comes through sometimes, though. just sure as shit wasn’t that 4th weekend.