I’ve been in this fandom for two and a half years now and only now do I finish my android Adventure and Fact core designs. Adventure is basically diet-Indiana Jones and Fact is… a know-it-all nerd, I guess. The motivation to finish these totally didn’t come from something I’m posting on Monday, nope that’s just silly…

Anyway, Procrastination is one helluva drug.

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Pajama Day

Requested by @darkheartsdontbreaktheybruise 88: “I vote for today to be pajama day.”

Feysand - sick Rhys

Rhys is most definitely not sick. Or so he says.

Feyre, however, knows that this is most certainly bullshit. She was awake too when he was coughing up a lung at two in the morning, and when his nose was so clogged he woke abruptly when he couldn’t breathe normally. Her husband had had such a rough night sleep, in fact, that Feyre woke up before him, and was the first to feel his forehead. It practically burned her hand.

Immediately, she had canceled all of his meetings and obligations for the day. She called upon a healer, who inspected him quickly, quietly, while he was still sleeping, and left after telling Feyre just to make him rest and he would be fine in a couple days.

Feyre had closed the blinds so no light reached Rhys’ sleeping form, allowing him the chance to sleep rather peacefully for many more hours. His wife was completely content to watch over him while he slept, reading her book and brushing his hair back from his face from time to time.

He woke with a start, sitting up and practically trying to jump from the bed, upsetting the damp washcloth that had been sitting on his brow. His legs got twisted with the blanket, however, and he fell to the floor, groaning in discomfort. Feyre had tsked a couple times as she made her way around and helped her mate back to his feet before easing him on the bed again.

Rhys refused to lie down however, insisting that he was completely okay, even as his voice made a scratchy sound every time he talked and snot was currently pouring from his nose. Feyre simply handed him a tissue and pushed his shoulders so he was at least sitting against the headboard.

“But I have so much work to do Feyre. I’m not sick!” He kept saying, though he had just gratefully accepted the cup of tea she offered for his sore throat.

“I already canceled all your appointments for the day. Everyone understands that even the High Lord needs a sick day once in a while.” Feyre calmly explained, brushing his sticky hair off of his forehead. He looked like crap, she had to admit.

Thank you so much, darling.

Oops. It’s not a bad thing, Rhys. It’s actually a little nice to know that you don’t look perfect all the time. She winked at him.

“Yeah, well I can get dressed now so you don’t have to keep looking at me in my less than perfect state.” He said playfully, going to stand but Feyre pushed him down yet again.

“Nuh uh, sir, you are staying in this bed. In fact, I vote today to be pajama day!” She exclaimed. Rhys sighed, smiling slightly as he looked at her fondly. He was so easy to convince

Now, he grasps her hand in his and squeezes once. “What did I do to deserve you?”

Feyre winks again. “I ask myself the same thing everyday.” Suddenly, she stands up and skitters to the door. “Okay, you stay put and get comfy. I’ll be right back with food and stuff for the day. It’s about time we just spent a day together.” Her smile takes his breath away as she opens the door and swiftly departs.

The High Lord shakes his head, blows his nose, and takes a couple sips of his tea. When the cup was almost empty, he stands, stretching his sore limbs and thanking Feyre for getting him out of training with Cassian today. To be honest, he doesn’t think he would be able to do it in this state.

Rhys walks to his closet, going to the bottom drawer and pulling out a pair of footie pajamas with stars all over it that Mor had gotten him as a joke. He decides if he was going to spoil Feyre’s image of him as this sexy, perfect High Lord, he might as well do it comfortably.

About half an hour later, Rhys snuggled halfway beneath his covers, halfway not, warm and cozy in his pjs, Feyre comes back. She drops three bags of groceries on the table, scampers over to the bed to place a kiss on Rhys’ forehead, and then dashes for the closet. Rhys sits up in his bed in preparation, having a slight coughing fit in the meantime.

Rhys is just picking up another tissue when the closet door opens. Rhys drops the tissue. As well as his jaw. However, as always, he recovers quickly. “I didn’t know it was that kind of pajama day, darling. You should have told me and I wouldn’t look like such a dork.” He smirks, eyes freely roaming up and down her body which is scantily covered in a incredibly small black nightgown. He is working to stand and go to her as she holds up a finger.

“We’re not doing that today, not when you’re still sick. Though it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the view.” Feyre grins, causing Rhys to groan and fall back on his pillows.

“You torture me, you know that?” He asks, raising an eyebrow and following the movements of her body as she makes her way to the bed.

“Oh, yes, I do.” She hums, sliding under the covers next to him and peeking at what he is wearing underneath. “Love the footie pajamas by the way, so incredibly sexy.”

Rhys’ smirk comes back as he slides a hand under the covers towards her. “Sexy, you say?” But the act is ruined by a coughing fit that takes over his body.

Feyre rubs his back soothingly until he is done and then gets out of bed to bring him the snacks from the table, ready to settle in for a relaxing day with her mate.

For a couple hours, Feyre and Rhys simply read, eat, and cuddle, content in the silent company of each other. Eventually, Rhys’ eyes grow tired and he can no longer focus on what he is reading. So, Feyre takes the book from his hands, pulls Rhys down to lay his head in her lap, and reads aloud to him. Too many times, Feyre feels a hand start brushing along the edge of her nightgown and each time, with the hand that is constantly brushing through his hair, Feyre pulls at the strands slightly, causing him to growl and stop.

Later in the afternoon, Feyre leaves for a few minutes to make him soup. When Rhys spies the bowl in her hands, his eyes sparkle. She feeds him the hot soup but his eyes never leave hers as he eats, no doubt remembering the first time she made him soup. When the bowl is empty, he once again lays his head on her lap and stares up at her with pleading eyes.

His footsie pajamas have someone become unzipped to the waist, the upper half tied around his waist. Whether this is because he is hot or for some other reason, Feyre can’t be entirely sure. She laughs and shakes her head down at him, causing her hair to fall down in his face. He tugs at the loose strands in a silent question. “You’re insufferable.”

“But you love me.” Rhys reminds helpfully.

“That I do, however you know that I will not make love to you until you are 100% better.” Feyre retorts.

Her husband harrumphs, crossing his arms and sniffing. Feyre watches, however, as his eyes begin to slide shut once more. He snuggles around her, burying his head in her stomach. She smiles and runs her fingers through his hair again, feeling absolutely perfect in this moment.

That is, until she sneezes.

She feels Rhys smirk against her tummy. “Guess we’re having another pajama day tomorrow.”

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Had a great time at Japan Day, didn’t take many pictures but because I’m me here’s some more pics of my cosplay. Third picture is from a ferocious twig battle with @ask18thcenturygilbert who kindly adopted me and @cafeleningrad into her group~


Great night at the gym!

First of all, I’ve always been one to treat myself with food for accomplishments. Not anymore! Getting ice cream or pizza to celebrate just doesn’t do it anymore. I traded that habit for another - crazy pants and new shoes! I probably looked like a dork taking pictures while I was stretching tonight. I was so happy that I just didn’t care!

Besides a fantastic workout that kicked my rear , I also noticed some visible muscle definition coming back. Nice to know some of it it still there! Focusing on the positives!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Stay safe and be healthy!

Maybe Dean’s still a little bitter about Stanford?

I went to SNL Dress Rehearsal 4/8/17

I went to the SNL dress rehearsal with @myloveholtzy and she wrote about it here

We started waiting at 6 in the NBC lobby and Kyle Mooney and Lorne Michaels walked past us! We didn’t ask for pics but we were freaking out lmao. We got in line and get checked in and get our tickets and wristbands. We don’t get to keep the tickets so we snuck a pic in the bathroom lol but no photography guys 

Then, they took us to a lounge area to wait which had nice gray couches and huge screens with snl pics and bts pics both old and new it was so cool

We waited for almost an hour until they started calling us by wristband colors and envelope numbers and lined up to take the elevator up to the studio. At this point, @myloveholtzy are start freaking out and slowly accepting that this is real!! lmao 

We get out to the hallway that leads to 8H iconic! There’s cast pics and guest host pics on the walls and chairs and couches and set pieces along the hallway. We touched one of the pics lol and we saw a room with Alec Baldwin’s name on it!!! We were a few feet away so we kept wondering if he was in there. Someone came to tell us about some rules and one of them was that the lighting director asked us to put our stuff under the chairs instead of hanging them on the back of the chairs and @myloveholtzy realizes that meant we got floor seats!!! 

They start taking us in and ohmylord it’s one of those awestruck moments like walking out on a stage on opening night. Mikey walked past our line but we didn’t say hi (they’re all super busy lol)  and we saw Beck down the hall but he was too far to say hi. There’s stage people running back and forth, moving set pieces into the studio in this really tight hallway, the band is playing vibrantly, someone takes your ticket and through all the movement and chaos, you see light. You’re in studio 8H. Wow. 

We somehow got front row seats in front of the monologue stage!? Maybe they saw we were more excited than everyone because literally we jumped and whisper/screamed to each other every time we saw something/someone lmao. But wow we got front row seats bless

The band is playing live, loud, bright music and you can feel the beating in your chest. We took this time to look around and really take everything in. I’m still blown away thinking about it, seeing this set for the first time is truly astounding. It’s one of those moments. 

8H is surprisingly small but that’s what makes it so much better. Everyone is bustling past each other, rushing to get everything in place in time. And in the midst of our excitement and awe, Lorne Michaels walks in and is literally 5 feet from us. We kept glancing at him in excitement and one of the crew members saw us being huge dorks over Lorne and laughed lol 

Michael Che did some standup and talked to some audience members to warm us up, he was pretty funny! But when he gets off stage, I turned around and saw Kenan so I’m freaking out like holy shit he’s real but then Vanessa, Sasheer, and Kate are right behind him and I’m screaming and have this huge smile on my face that I can’t get rid of for the rest of the show. They sang and danced and I wasn’t really listening to the words because I was too busy freaking out over Kate lmao but we made eye contact for a like brief second! lol 

Watching them do the sketches live is absolutely the most amazing experience. You get to see everything happen. Maybe I love behind-the-scenes stuff too much cuz I’m a massive nerd but I’m smiling like an idiot in starbucks thinking about last night lmao 

Everything is funnier when you watch it live. You get to experience a live audience laughing and it’s amazing. 

Alec Baldwin as trump was amazing, he makes it look easy on screen but as he was getting ready to go on stage and they were counting down the seconds, he was checking his reflection making sure everything was perfect and doing lip warmups (idk what they’re called). He’s really focused and in the game before he performs. I also noticed a bit of spit on his suit idk if he did that on purpose for the character or if it was just an accident lol 

When The Chainsmokers were getting ready for their first song, Louis C.K. was less than 5 feet from us on the edge of the monologue stage. He said hi to us and asked us how we’re doing and obviously I looked like a dork and forgot how to use words so I just waved and smiled like a huge dork lol 

Weekend update was so funny and Colin is adorable when he breaks character and Sasheer was AMAZING and gorgeous and hilarious and her dancing was so funny omg. Then, I see Kate waiting offstage to get on Weekend Update and @myloveholtzy and I are dying literally deceased I feel my heart pumping like crazy like I’ve seen Kate before and got pics with her but seeing her perform wow it’s unbelievable. She was sipping water from this bottle that a crew member was holding and she kept taking little sips and it was adorable and she’s so smol and she was wearing these slippers I can’t she’s adorable. Then she went behind this black screen they put up on the sides of Weekend Update so the cameras don’t get the offstage action and she was laughing at Colin & Michael’s jokes behind that screen. But she kept laughing after everyone was done laughing so you could hear her adorable giggles I can’t ohmygod I was freaking out also she caught @myloveholtzy staring lol so cute

Kate performing as Cecilia was literally the funniest thing I think I started tearing up bc I was laughing so hard and she kept touching and kissing Colin’s face it was so cute 

They also had us move around for a few sketches ( @myloveholtzy moved for 1, I moved for 2) but I didn’t mind, it was actually really cool to be like standing among the action lol

There was a sketch with Alex which was honestly an amazing sketch it was hilarious but I think they cut it for the live show

Louis broke character in the museum sketch 

The Chainsmokers Andrew Taggart was jumping around on stage before their second song and made eye contact with me and after the song (or before i can’t remember lol) he did like a little wave it was adorable

And after all these sketches, finally the cast came out for goodnights and it was so cool omg ngl I was staring at Kate the whole time but everyone out there hugging and stuff it was so cute and Beck had a bald cap on for some reason but like wow I can’t believe I actually got to experience all of this with @myloveholtzy I’m honestly so grateful for this experience and if you ever get the chance, you should definitely try to watch dress or live, it’s an unbelievable experience :) 

Also as we were leaving, Alex and Melissa walked past us no big deal (just kidding huge deal) and someone else so there you go! Hope this helped any of you who are hoping to go someday :) 

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magicallynormal  asked:

Peter has trouble believing Wade when he tells him how drop dead GORGEOUS he and his butt are! (Wade also may or may not beat up the people who tell him otherwise)

A bit of a spin-off from the original prompt, but I couldn’t help but add to the domestic au

Peter knew he was average looking. He wouldn’t go so far as to call himself ugly, but he knew he was well below the standard of attractive males, even before he became spiderman. He was small, gangly, lanky, his hair was a mess, and he had to wear thick rimmed glasses, pushing them up his nose, trying to be indifferent when his classmates called him “puny parker”.  
Becoming a hero changed him a little bit. He was more toned, he didn’t need the big windows over his eyes, his skin cleared up somewhat, yet still, despite it all, he was still bullied, still laughed at and mocked.
If a girl caught him looking at her, she would turn to her friends and sneer. Guys on the football team still made faces at him and laughed. Nothing had changed really.
That’s why, when he hit college, moved out of his small town and left his attachment to hoodies behind, he didn’t belive it when people thought he was attractive.  He never called the numbers people gave him because he knew they were fake, a joke on the other line ready to make him relive his high school days. He wasn’t surprised when people found spiderman hot. He was confident, heroic, brave. He was the opposite of a shy boy with unkempt hair. Peter was spiderman, but spiderman was definitely not Peter.
His life took a big twist when he started dating Wade Wilson. At first, Peter thought it was another joke, he only agreed because of the increasing nagging on Wade’s part. Peter had never felt so much anxiety when he finally took off the mask to show Wade his face. He knew that was absolutely stupid and selfish, given Wade’s situation, but the idea that Wade had fallen for Spiderman, and would be disappointed when Peter wasn’t some chiseled, dreamy eyed hottie. Wade reacted well, and Peter was thankful for it (even though grabbing a handful of his ass and squeezing probably wasn’t appropriate), there still was a little voice in his mind that told him ‘it’s not real.’
Wade had a habit of telling Peter how beautiful he was, how gorgeous he was, and it made Peter laugh. He would swat Wade’s clingy hands away, and giggle bashfully, and tell himself over and over again ‘it’s not real. He has to say that to you, because your dating.’
Despite how hard Peter tried to play the game, and force himself to not get hurt, he fell for Wade, and he fell for Wade hard. He spiraled into a lovesick mess, trying his best not to believe that Wade loved him, that Wade adored him, thought he was gorgeous, even though he truly wanted to. Wade did make him feel beautiful, cherished, and Peter did his best to reciprocate, loving the way Wade would engulf him in kisses anytime Peter complimented him.  Peter was so in love with Wade, and he never wanted him to feel that nagging feeling that he wasn’t quite enough. Peter wanted to be perfect for Wade, to live up to his fantasy. Peter wanted to be spiderman for Wade.
Peter never thought that he and Wade would be serious. He thought that they were going to have a bit of fun, and then they would go their separate ways, and then he would pretend to be fine, even though inside he would be screaming 'I knew it. I hate you.“ to himself, trying to scrape up the pieces. He never thought that he and Wade would be so comfortable with each other, that their fucked up lives could be so easy when they faced it together. Wade was a part of Peter in a way he never thought possible. They were silly and domestic and loving. Peter no longer needed to be perfect for Wade, he could just be himself, still, he never fully believed Wade when he told him he was gorgeous.
He graduated and got a job, and they moved in together. Wade found new work. It was as simple as breathing.
“Hey babe, there’s a letter for you.”
Peter was face down on the bed, still trying to chase the allure of sleep despite Wade being wide awake, and sunlight pouring blindingly into their bedroom.
“Wade, seriously, it’s the weekend. I don’t care about mail.”
Peter registered the sound of tearing paper, and turned his face to the other side, closing his eyes.
“It’s from your high school, May must have sent it over, what a sweetheart.”  
Peter blinked for a moment, before shooting upright and trying to grab the letter from Wade’s hand. He was leaning against the doorframe with a big grin on his face, and Peter knew it was already too late.
“High school reunion. We should go!”
“Nooo..” Peter groaned, plucking the card out of Wade’s hand and reading it. “I don’t want to.”
“We’re going. Let’s go. I want to see what your youth was like, and we can visit May in one go. I’ve been meaning to drop in and pick up those teacups she bought us.” Wade nodded decisively, and Peter knew it was over before it began.
“Wade my youth sucked! You can visit Aunt May any time you want. To be honest it’s kinda scary how you stay in touch with her more than me…”
Wade grinned, leaned in and kissed him slowly, and whispered against his mouth, “Please Peter? I’ve always wanted to have sex in your childhood bedroom. Make my dreams come true, baby?”
Wade was a dangerous man, playing his heartstrings like a harp. Peter was dragged in, hook line and sinker.  

“Baby, you look so good in a suit. This is awesome, it’s just like you see in the movies.” Wade was latched onto him, pulling him through the doors before Peter could even stutter out a response. He was anxious, heart slithering in his chest.
“I’m so excited! I’ve been moisturizing every day to prepare for this night- I mean, I still look like swiss cheese, but like, soft.” He couldn’t believe how excited Wade was, he had grown so much confidence in the last couple of years. Peter wished he could say the same.  
The hallways of his school brought back painful memories. Lockers reminding him of times he had been locked in, countless trophy’s lining the walls reminding him of event’s he wasn’t good enough to participate in.  
“Cute school babe, I can imagine a younger version of you, frolicking through the halls.”  
Peter smiled, and held onto Wade’s hand tightly. “I wasn’t very popular in high school. I didn’t have many friends.”
“Me and you wouldn’t have gotten along very well in high school Petey. I was a rebel, and you were a nerd. I would have acted like I hated you, and then jerked off later to the thought of you in glasses. We might have even had a secret make-out session behind the school, a secret fuck in the bathroom before lunch. I would have hated having a crush on you.” Wade laughed.
“You would not have had a crush on me, Wade, I looked like a dork. I still do.”
“I like the way you look, baby, dorky turns me on.” Wade raised his eyebrow flirtatiously. “geek on the streets freak in the sheets, you know, all that.”
“sure” Peter rolled his eyes. They had approached the doors of the party, and Peter’s hand had started to sweat. Wade must have noticed because he gave it a brief kiss and a handsome smile. Everyone was going to love him, he was going to charm the pants off of everyone. That tactic never worked well for Peter.
Inside, there were so many people that Peter could barely recognize. He and Wade ordered a drink together and made their way around the room. Wade made up a different story as to why his skin was so strange with each new couple that they met, and while some people gave him a bit of a funny look, no one was rude, and so Peter was content. This was nowhere near as bad as he thought.
“Wade, I’ll be right back, I’m just going to the toilet okay?”
“Sure babe,” Wade answered absentmindedly, occupied with watching a slideshow of Peter’s graduation year that he would rather forget. “Don’t fall in.” He added.
Peter walked into the bathroom, cringing slightly at the memories inside. He moved on, to wash his hands when the door swung open.
It took Peter a long moment to recognize the guy that had walked in, but when he did, his heart turned to ice. It was Mike Jaffer, Flash Thompson’s high school best friend, and Peter’s worst bully. Peter reminded himself that they were both older now, and more mature, and offered a weak smile, praying that maybe he wouldn’t be recognized.
“Hey Hey. Aren’t you…Parker? Puny Parker!” Mike came over and slung an arm over Peter’s shoulder. It took everything he had in him not to flinch.
“Well, puny peter parker, long time no swirlee right?” Mike’s laugh was still as venomous as always, it was still like nothing had changed.  
“Everyone’s so surprised that you’re doing well for yourself, puny, thought you’d step up to the big city and leave us all in the dust huh?” Mike smiled in the mirror, and despite everything Peter had to face, he felt his hands start to shake.
“I always knew that you were a bit weird, though, puny. A bit wrong in the head. This is just like old times huh? Good old memories.”
Mikes breath smelt bad. Peter swallowed, “fuck off,” he managed hating the tremble in his voice. He was stronger than this, he’d faced worse. He could snap this guy in half if he wanted, yet for some reason, he made his arms turn to lead.
“That’s not very nice puny. You were always a bit snarky, thought you were smarter than the rest of us did ya? Thought you were better? I’ve got news for you buddy, you weren’t then, and you still ain’t hotshot. Ya still a little whimp ain’t ya?”
Peter turned to leave but was stopped by the hand on his shoulder, bunching up his suit uncomfortably. The door swung open again, and Peter felt his heart fall out of his chest. It always happened like this, and then flash would come in, and they would push his face into the toilet bowl, or steal his shoes and throw them on the roof.  
It was Wade. He walked in, freezing at the frightened look in Peter’s eyes and the hand gripping his shoulder.  
“What’s going on here?” Wade said lightly, but his tensing shoulders and the sleek way he walked over to them spoke of violence. Peter stepped forward into Wade’s chest, trying to keep the sound of relief crammed down his throat. Mike backed off, Peter’s guess was purely on the size of Wade, who looked, even more intimidating now that he had puffed up protectively, and was glaring sharper than the knife Peter knew was tucked somewhere on his person.  
It was Mike’s turn to look nervous. Wade looked scary, scarier than Peter had seen in a while. Peter clung onto Wade’s arm, for the safety of both him and his bully, who’s life span was shortening every minute that Wade stared at him.
“Where you just…bullying my husband?” Wade said, voice a barely controlled growl. Mike laughed awkwardly, which Peter knew would just make Wade angrier.
“Are-Are you fucking kidding me? Just reliving the old days, nothing bad.” Mike cleared his throat and skirted around the pair to get to the door. Peter felt Wade’s hand twitch, and he held onto it so that it wouldn’t grab hold of Mike’s collar or stop him from leaving. The bathroom door closed loudly, the only sound in the silent room.
“Peter. Did he bully you?” Wade asked, voice still hard. For some reason, it made Peter’s eyes well up.
Peter shook his head. He didn’t want to talk about it. He thought that he was past all this stupidity, all this whiny shit. Wade watched him tear up, watched him crumple into a small shivering boy who was never good enough, who was young and naïve and was only just getting used to the taste of blood in his mouth. It hurt.
Wade watched him fall apart, and slowly recollect himself. He wrapped his strong arms around Peter’s middle and held him just long enough for the glue to set.
“Peter, I love you, so fucking much that sometimes I forget that there was life before you. You are my everything, okay? My everything. You are all I need, I’d rather starve and die every day than lose you. You’re strong Peter. So strong.You’re always so strong for us. Let me be strong for you, just this once.”
Peter nodded dumbly, soaking in Wade’s words. He drank them in, took them all to heart. There was so much feeling behind Wade’s wavering voice. When it was said like that, how could he not believe?
Wade kissed his hair, squeezed him once and then stepped back. Peter rubbed his eye’s and then smiled, “I never thought you were that cheesy. I love you too Wade. A lot.”
“let’s get out of here. You go say goodbye to everyone, and I’ll collect our coats. If we’re quick, we can still make it home before May gets home. We can still fulfill my fantasy~”  
“Okay, Okay.” Peter chuckled. I’ll see you out front. Let’s be quick.“
"Ready to go?” Peter smiled, linking arms with Wade.  
“I’m so ready baby, you have no idea.” He kept his hand in his pocket, he could wash the blood off it later. The bruise from punching the asshat in the bathroom would fade quickly, much more quickly than the shiner he had left in on his eye, and the dislodged tooth that was probably somewhere around the alleyway. He learned his lesson, anyhow.  
Don’t fuck around with Wade’s gorgeous baby boy.

TWICE Reaction: To You Making Eye Contact With Them

Not Requested

*gifs not mine unless specified; credits to owners*


Nayeon: would continue staring at you and would become shy as you continued to hold her gaze and break the eye contact. Omo, why is this cute girl staring at me?

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Jeongyeon: her eyes would make contact with yours and would snap her fingers and throw you finger guns as she continues walking. I hope I didn’t look like a dork.

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Momo: would unknowingly make eye contact with you and as she comes back to reality she would burst out laughing and smile at you. 

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Sana: out of all the members, Sana would make it her mission for you to be the first to break the stare, after you eventually looked away she would come up to you and introduce herself. “Hi, I’m Sana, how about we stare at each other some more over coffee?”

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Jihyo: would look away so quick, but then after a few seconds she would turn back to you, with a shy smile and wave. 

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Mina: instead of Mina catching you staring at her, you would catch her staring at you. Which resulted with a yelp and flushed cheeks from Mina making her look anywhere else but you. I’ve been caught.

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Dahyun: much like Jihyo, Dahyun wouldn’t hold your gaze that long but she would walk up to you and ask for your name. “I’m Dahyun, and you are?”

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Chaeyoung: when Chaeyoung made eye contact with you she’d give you a nod and motion for you to come her way, making your cheeks flush. “You know, if you wanted to talk to me, you could’ve.”

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Tzuyu: could feel your gaze, she would turn her head to the side and make eye contact with you. You’d look away with flushed cheeks as her beauty was too overwhelming for you, causing her to giggle.

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When Jensen Bites His Lip

I would like to interrupt your daily tumblr routine with:

Jensen Ackle biting his really fucking pretty, pink, soft, cock sucking, pussy devouring, nibble worthy lips. 

External image

oh my lord that look

External image

this mother fucker

External image

the way you can see how hard he’s pushing against his lips because they turn white.

the fact that he is wearing a suit makes it about 70 billion percent worse

does this count?

External image


External image

what in the fugatory does he actually think he is doing?!?!

External image

External image

I mean could you look at that glass a little more suggestively you little shit

but the fact that he is in a priest outfit is all levels of wrong that makes it just soooooooooo right

External image

I like to call this “i-am-looking-at-my-brother-platonically-lip-bite”

External image

I mean he looks like such a dork though…but that’s just hot

*fans self*

External image

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HE EVEN DOING!? (this counts as a lip bite screw you)

External image

my favorite lip-bite of them all

he was totally having a happy dream in this moment

External image

literally I could sit around and watch this all day

you little adorable shit

i just don’t know which one is worse even though they are both the same!

External image


External image


fuck you man…literally…please

im still filing this under lip-biting

External image

i can’t anymor

Oh and enjoy this gif I found while creating this:

External image