Seriously though I feel SO satisfied by that 3 second interaction betwen dan and phils mum like… i have ALWAYS wondered about the relationship between dan and phil’s famalam - they go on holidays together. In their younger years dan basically lived at phil’s house (slight exaggeration okay) like… how does it work? What does she think of him? Is he a second son to her? Does she think he’s Phil’s best friend or internet friend or husband or work partner or what?

All I know is that it took Dan approximately 0.00003 milliseconds after she came on the phone to transform into a polite, charming little fucker that sounded a hell of a lot like a suck-up trying to schmooze his boyfriend’s parents 

“Hi, by the way, how are you?” 

I see right though you, Daniel


Happy 45th Birthday Ewan Gordon McGregor! (March 31, 1971)

I like kissing boys on screen. As a straight guy, it’s quite an interesting proposition. Anything on a film set that takes you by surprise like that, that gets your blood up, is good.” 

I was looking through some screenshots of Pidge|Katie before she cuts her hair, and I noticed that she looks significantly older with her longer hair. Cutting it really de-aged her, so my personal head canon that she’s 16/17 fits a lot better now in comparison.

Also, looking at some screenshots of Shiro in random moments, he looks a LOT younger than what he normally looks/acts like. I automatically thought he was 21ish at the youngest, but now that’s the old end of things for my headcanons. All the official things right now concerning ages are only “5 teens”, so I’m thinking that Shiro and Matt were both 18, and Katie’s 2-3 years younger than her brother and brother’s friend/pilot.

But yeah….#Shidge all the way


The 16th of June 2016 marks 2 years since I had top surgery with Dr Andrew Yelland in Brighton.

I am SO happy with how my chest has healed. Although looking at these photos, what stands out most to me is how much I have changed! I am now just over 3.5 years on T and can’t believe how much younger I look in the first photo. I had hardly any hair on my slim face…I think my head is generally bigger and more square shaped now (?)… I’m definitely looking more like a young man in his twenties these days and am proud to have sprouted more hairs on my chest :) 

I am quite shocked by how much swelling appears to have reduced in the second set of photos. I had no idea it could take this long for swelling to go down but there’s a HUGE difference in the appearance of my chest now. For a while I’d thought it was fat that was left over but as you can see, it’s all gone!

A year has made so much difference. 

i mean i know we got a media culture that thinks the most interesting age group to tell stories about is 12-16 and if you’re old enough to have a driver’s license u got a foot in the grave

so 40+ is like cryptkeeper status in the collective imagination but this is what it actually looks like in the form of some dudes that i think tumblr likes (i know oscar isaac is 37 but i dont think he’ll get less hot in 3 years)

im just sayin i dont think it’s insane to read shiro as being in his 40s apparently he’s an esteemed and accomplished dude it would make sense

(also i’m p sure shiro is hot and i dont find younger dudes to be attractive but that is just my personal bias speaking)

I always get this feeling that bangtan will literally be one of the most popular boy groups and will go down in history with everything they have done for themselves and people will look up to them and look back on their success and wish to be just like them. That they’ll inspire those who are a lot younger than us and be one of the greatest groups ever to exist and make their way to the top because they did it solely out of hard work and talent, coming from a smaller company and growing immensely within just 3 short years. They will only get bigger and better and I’m honestly so proud to be their fan and to get to experience their growth and talent in their time. The world is theirs.

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What would be rin, bon, and shimas reactions to their s/o having a younger sibling thats like 3 to 6 years of age (that awkward child toddler stage)


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  • Would love your younger sibling and think they were adorable 
  • Upon first meeting them he’d bend down and say hi, and introduce himself 
  • The kid automatically looks at his tail behind him 
  • Oh this? I’m half cat! Pretty cool right?’
  • Ever since that moment the kid automatically loved them
  • “Hey, y/n-chan, why don’t we invite your little brother/sister out with us today? I don’t mind seeing a kid movie at the cinemas?”
  • “Rin…is this for my younger sibling or an excuse because you want to see a kid movie?”
  • “Um…both?”
  • So you, Rin and your younger sibling all see Moana at the cinemas
  • Your stocked with candy bought before entering because movie theatre prices and all…
  • But you bought popcorn and drinks
  • A few days later Rin went to the disney store and bought your younger sibling (and secretly himself) some Moana toys
  • You sometimes have to actually pry Rin away from him/her
  • You all often go to the park together
  • He even took you both to Mepphyland and you rode the carousel together
  • If the younger sib was really young, like under 5, then they most likely like holding onto Rin’s tail when they nap as a substitute teddy bear
  • Rin doesn’t mind, if the child is slightly too rough he winces and ignores the pain because he thinks its so cute 


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  • Would be polite and smile 
  • Doesn’t really know how to around kids
  • But he’s really good with them
  • he grew up with the families in the Myōō Dhahran so he always was around the children there so he’s used to it
  • He would not really do anything with the child out of context, as in nothing other then the typical conversation
  • Unless the kid asked him to play tag or something, in which case he would agree
  • He would do arts and crafts with them 
  • Teach them how to make those paper dolls if they’re old enough
  • The kid thinking his piercing are so cool
  • And wanting piercings just like them when they grow up
  • Next visit Bon buys the child some fake clip on piercings to have fun with (if they’re old enough not to choke on them that is)
  • He asks you if you want to bring your little sibling out for ice cream with you both


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  • He has a little sister so he’s usually around kids a lot
  • So he’s kinda good but kinda terrible with them
  • He says the wrong things 
  • Like letting slip that the tooth diary isn’t real
  • But at the same time the kid loves him and has tons of fun bossing him around because he’s so easy
  • Horsie rides
  • Renzou’s used to you riding him 
  • But now he has to carry your younger sibling around on his back whilst you laugh
  • But he thinks they’re cute and just care free, being a kid, so he doesn’t care
  • He takes them to the park 
  • and totally loves playing with their dolls with them
  • Lets them dress him up in play makeup if they own any
  • The kid calls him strawberry head because of his pink hair
  • No matter where Renzou goes in this world he suffers the abuse of children…

(Thank you for this request, I hope you liked them, it was kinda personal for me writing these because I haven’t seen my own younger siblings in years and I miss them a lot, and it really helped me writing these so thanks a lot :) )

true life: all my coworkers at my new job think i’m 16….. i’m a 23 year old woman. every single day i have worked a shift since i started i haven’t gone one day without having to correct a coworker at least once that i’m an adult woman and not underage.
after i correct them. they act SHOCKED. one coworker even called 3 others over and made them guess my age. then they always try to swing it like “looking young is a good thing!” one of them even said “the younger they look the better”. a 16 year old cashier asked me what high school i go to because he though i was his age and we could be friends (which isn’t really problematic, but still….. wtf) jesus, one even told me he thought i was jailbait when he met me on my first day of work there.

so sexist for people to keep going on about how i look like a minor when i’m a grown ass woman and continually praise how i look underage even after i sternly correct them. it’s gross. it’s not a good thing to want women to look like a teenager at TWENTY THREE (or any adult age), which is young as fuck already.

i would never say anything about this to my bosses even though it makes me deeply uncomfortable. one of my bosses even chimed in on the shitty discourse about my age/appearance. it’s not even worth it to complain about anywhere else but my blog/ig honestly. ill be okay lmao, i just needed to get this out somewhere.

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So my fursona is a hybrid (dragon and wolf mix) and her design is pretty unique to herself. She doesn't look like most other dragon wolves or wolf dragon mixes etc. She's been this way for 2-3 years now. Recently someone came up to me and told me that I was using their closed species design without their permission and called me a thief. They basically created a closed species that is very similar to how my fursona looks. They literally only created this species not even a few month ago... :|

I suppose the best thing to do would be to hoard proof of your ‘sona’s older existence vs their younger species, and bring it to them. If they continue to harass you about it, feel free to submit your screencaps here.

- Boar Mod

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Post 10 facts about yourself and pass it on to 10 faves 💖💐🌟

Oh thank you!!! I’m someone’s fave???? *blushes*

1. I’m graduating from high school this year!

2. I’m obsessed with boba. Every week…

3. I’m a STEM person.

4. I get mistaken for being younger than I actually am. It bothers me sometimes because I look like a baby and I’m almost a legal adult???? Like come on!

5. My hand span is quite wide because I play classical piano.

6. I consider my tumblr friends (and followers) to be closer to me than some of my classmates actually.

7. I used to be Jimin biased at first hehe. Did anybody know that? Or is my Jungkook trashiness hiding that fact?

8. My favorite Kook ships are Ji/kook AND Suga/kookie. DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE OR I WILL FIND YOU.

9. I’m a people-pleaser. I can rarely say no to people I care about. Don’t take advantage of me ;-;

10. Virgo! I love being a Virgo!

I was tagged by the glorious Queen @beyondmythought-s for five facts about me. Thank you love! I’m really bad at coming up with facts for myself.

1. I used to do gymnastics and do competitions for it.

2. When I was younger I used to want to be an Egyptologist and that was my dream for like five years of my life!

3. I literally only stayed at my school’s six form because I really wanted to be a prefect and wear Harry Potter cloaks. I have to get a bus or the train every day but my desire for a cool looking cloak conquered all!

4. When I went on a trek for my school expedition, we got so badly lost that we ended up walking for 24 hours.

5. I know all the words to Jerusalem.

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22. description of crush

thank youuuu!!! <3333

22: description of crush?
OK sO, which one????? i probably have like a lot of tiny crushes on so many guys, but i’ll tell you about my 2 main crushes lol

this first guy is the perfect height, he has brown hair and a little stubble (even though he is 2 or 3 years younger than me???? but he looks just so much older) and his smile is the cutest thing ever, he’s pretty ambitious and super social, he can talk to literally anyone and he’s always the one who tries to keep things positive, he’s good friends with my brother though, that’s also kind of how i know him (personally, otherwise i would also know him, but never talk to him) and he teases me like all the time in a flirty way and i’m just like ????? what do i do, because he’s probably just joking (: if you literally want to hear every story about him you can message me ahahha, but i don’t think you want to xoxxo

and this other boy is from my university, actually i never really noticed him, but i did notice his friends though, but this one time i talked to him when we both didn’t know what to do and he was so cute, and his smile was perfect too, and now i only cross eyes with him sometimes, and then i’m melting because those eyes are so pretty like the sky, but i never talk to him rip, oh and he’s always touching his face with his pencil and it kinda looks ridiculous but okay ahahah ANd he’s blonde <33

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lmaoo eran seems so short tempered! i can most definitely relate, im really looking forward to this new series! ngl that lil excerpt made my day thank u pia :) <3

Eran is short tempered, lol. He’s also about the equivalent of a 19-20 year old emotionally so you know, he has some growing to do. He’s arrogant, short-tempered, and very determined.

Eran cracks me up actually, I thought I’d have problems writing him / getting into his head, because Mosk is the character I more immediately empathised with. But writing Eran’s perspective in these initial chapters has been great, and I really feel I’m starting to ‘get’ him now.

Though that being said, I know he and Mosk won’t necessarily be likeable either, which is somewhat deliberate. It’ll be interesting to see who likes who, for a long time with Game Theory, there was a very clear Team Augus and Team Gwyn, and then some people in the middle who liked both (and over time that’s shifted too), so….yeah, just…*rubs hands together.*

For sixpenceee

(this is a plan of my house so now it will be more easy to explain the ‘’glitch’’)

For @sixpenceee

So I was 3 or 4 years old at the time (and I still remember it perfectly). I remember that I woke up in the middle of my house on the floor (the red star). It was sunny outside, I was really confused and I didn’t knew were I was, everything seemed new and unknowed to me. After looking around me I decided that I should just walk and see if I could find something.

I got to the kitchen and found a woman making dinner or something, without even thinking or anything I asked her where I was and calling her madam. When she heard madam she giggled and told me that I was at home and why I was calling her madam. I told her that it wasn’t my house and I didn’t knew her, she frowned telling me that she was my mom. I told her that wasn’t true and she assure me that it WAS true. I was really confused and I just start running to my room (I didn’t it was my room actually at that time I was just hoping to get out the soon as possible). I close the door and I ‘’woke up’’ standing in the middle of my room… I knew who my mom was (It really was the woman I saw) and the fact that it was my house and I was in my room…

 I never told anybody until I was 11 years old. My mom and me were talking about some memories of my childhood and I ask her if she remebered when I ask her where I was and I lost my memories for a second and she told me that it never happened, That night she even ask my grandmother if she ever told her a story like that (My mom talk to my grand mother praticely everyday) and no, nobody but me remember it… And I the weirdest thing is that I don’t remember anything from before that day and after that until until I was 4 practicly 5 years old.

Other weird things like that happened to me but it will be too long to explain so I’m gonna end it here but if you want to know just tell me and I will write these memories that still creeps me out.

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Your Problematic Fave: Brittane. 1. Super sweet! 2. Best Katie Character Analyst Ever. 3. Loves everyone no matter who they ship 4. Apparently has the cutest voice ever 5. Looks like 10 years younger than she really is. 6. Cute AF?!? Marry me???

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I’ve entered Problematic Fave™ territory? No way!! You flatter me. I can’t. Imma just go hide because I can’t.

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RULES: tell your followers 11 random facts about yourself and tag 11 people. tag backs are allowed but if you do get tagged again you must not repeat any of the facts you mentioned in the previous round. the facts can be absolutely anything, whatever comes to mind first.

1. there was this one time in freshman year where i wrote my teacher an entire like 5 page essay on why sam wilson should be the next cap

2. i had a lil chocolate lab puppy that i named after sir lancelot du lac when i was younger :D

3. someone once told me i looked 11 and i was honestly so shocked i look too young for my age

4. i can speak spanish fluently!! (even tho i learned english first) and i had no pals in kindergarten bc no one liked that i could sing the abcs in english and spanish

5. i’m a slut for mac & cheese

6. my first ever concert was a jonas brothers concert in like 2010 but i dont count that so my first REAL REAL concert was tøp !!

7. i was hardcore determined to be an astronaut in kindergarten but then i backed out

8. i’m so short omg i’m like 5'0

9. there’s literally nothing else interesting about me

10. wait ok i know!! im gAY FOR AMERICA CHAVEZ I LOVE HER SO MUCH

11. during my free time (when i’m not either sleeping or freaking out) i live on sporcle and tag my friends in marvel memes (’:

this was so long and i’m v boring pls bare with me 💖💖


Repost, don’t reblog.

– basics.

NAME:  Clint/Em
SEXUALITY:  pansexual/ Demisexual

– three facts.

1. Constantly tired

2. Studying Forensic Psychology. It’s good shit. 

3. I love to cosplay. I look like a child tho, so I always end up picking characters that are younger. 

– experience.

HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?):  No clue. Over a year, I know
BEST EXPERIENCE: Now. I fucking love what I’m doing now, and the partners I have. 

– muse preferences.

FEMALE OR MALE: Male. Idk, it makes me a bit more uncomfortable writing a female? 
FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: Angst. Of course. But I am also a fan of fluff. (and smut only with certain people)
PLOTS OR MEMES:  Memes. I always go off-plot and upset people. 
LONG OR SHORT REPLIES: Depends what I have to work with and what I’m feeling. 
BEST TIME TO WRITE: Never. I’m always busy, so I usually put off something else to be on here. 
ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S):  I haven’t murdered anyone so…

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Hey Vivian, what kind of girlfriend would EXO-M want? Like what clothes style would they like on her? What about her personality? What part of her body/face would they fall for? - Sarang-unnie [I can't get enough of Kris <3] + [I'm asking those for an OS I have in mind ;-)]

Xiumin: For some reason I think she might be a few years younger than him (but still an adult, so not younger than ‘97 liners as for now). She would be younger than him and moreover, she would not look her age, but younger. However, it would probably not be a problem because he doesn`t look his age either. ;D I believe that she would have eyes that basically scream with loyalty she has for him. She would only look at him. She would probably love cuddling in private and these moments are going to be Xiumin`s favorite time of the day. 

Luhan: Luhan`s girlfriend should have eyes that have sparkles in them. It is going to be the body part he first falls for - her eyes, and the look in her eyes. He won`t be able to look away as she gives him a soft smile and looks down shyly. This girl wears clothes that make her look her best, no matter if it`s a t-shirt and jeans or an elegant fitting dress. She is that kind of girl who is said to have more ‘Yin’ (feminine) energy in her: she is calm, quiet, and probably obedient to her man. 

Kris: Her clothes highly depend on her mood: if she wants to wear a soft dress and heels, she would do so. If she wants to look fierce and tomboy-ish, she might wear a simple shirt, jeans and a snapback. This girl`s face looks pure and innocent, but she`s keeping a beast somewhere deep inside of her. She can`t stand injustice and dishonesty and she is able to stand up for herself and her friends, family if she needs to. However, when she is with him, she is just a cute angel whom he wants to protect and she would let him do so.

Chen: I can see her looking rather sexy: full lips, big expressive eyes, perfect makeup and hair every day. She has a perfect S-line and knows what to wear to make herself look even more appealing. However, she doesn`t really wear clothes that are too revealing. As for her personality, the most important thing is her sense of humor. She must be able not to take things seriously and understand jokes well instead of getting offended by some of them.

Lay: Oh, Lay`s girl will be a total sweetie! She would probably look very cute, maybe resembling a child more than a grown-up lady and she would prefer wearing cute clothes as well: dresses, ribbons and so on. As for her personality, she is just as nice as Lay is! She is not able to say no when someone needs help and she is ready to give the last penny to someone who, in her opinion, needs it more.

Tao: I`m quite sure that Tao is quite picky when it comes to a girl`s appearance. He would want her to be… well, on the taller side (not less than 160 cm) and she would probably be fit. I can see her having long straight hair, her beauty is classy. She mostly wears flowing and loose clothes that make her look soft and angelic. Her actions are peaceful and steady, making her resemble a member of some royal family. She is patient, honest and understanding. 

- Vi