Happy 45th Birthday Ewan Gordon McGregor! (March 31, 1971)

I like kissing boys on screen. As a straight guy, it’s quite an interesting proposition. Anything on a film set that takes you by surprise like that, that gets your blood up, is good.” 

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(this is a plan of my house so now it will be more easy to explain the ‘’glitch’’)

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So I was 3 or 4 years old at the time (and I still remember it perfectly). I remember that I woke up in the middle of my house on the floor (the red star). It was sunny outside, I was really confused and I didn’t knew were I was, everything seemed new and unknowed to me. After looking around me I decided that I should just walk and see if I could find something.

I got to the kitchen and found a woman making dinner or something, without even thinking or anything I asked her where I was and calling her madam. When she heard madam she giggled and told me that I was at home and why I was calling her madam. I told her that it wasn’t my house and I didn’t knew her, she frowned telling me that she was my mom. I told her that wasn’t true and she assure me that it WAS true. I was really confused and I just start running to my room (I didn’t it was my room actually at that time I was just hoping to get out the soon as possible). I close the door and I ‘’woke up’’ standing in the middle of my room… I knew who my mom was (It really was the woman I saw) and the fact that it was my house and I was in my room…

 I never told anybody until I was 11 years old. My mom and me were talking about some memories of my childhood and I ask her if she remebered when I ask her where I was and I lost my memories for a second and she told me that it never happened, That night she even ask my grandmother if she ever told her a story like that (My mom talk to my grand mother praticely everyday) and no, nobody but me remember it… And I the weirdest thing is that I don’t remember anything from before that day and after that until until I was 4 practicly 5 years old.

Other weird things like that happened to me but it will be too long to explain so I’m gonna end it here but if you want to know just tell me and I will write these memories that still creeps me out.

Kylie Jenner Rant

I wasn’t even gonna post anything on this subject because I could care less about Kylie Jenner but then Justin got in the mix and it’s got me thinking

1. Kylie Jenner totally missed the actual message Amandla was trying to send out, which is ‘You don’t give a shit about us but you wanna look like us?’

2. Who the fuck does Justin Bieber think he is? Just cause your friends with Chris Brown, Tyga, Usher and [insert other black male r&b/hiphop artist] doesn’t mean you’ve been accepted into the black community that you try so hard to be like

3. Everyone wants to ‘be’ black but no one wants to be black

4. How old does Justin think Amandla is? Like da faq she’s only a year younger than Kylie, which says a lot.

5. It’s not about equality, it’s about justice

6. I’m so tired of white people being so ignorant about other races & cultures. It’s not fair that we have to sit around and hear about one of our own being gunned down while you live in bliss.
We all live in the same country, we all have about the same resources and we all go to the same schools like wake the fuck up

All that POC ask of you is that you educate yourself and GIVE A SHIT!


Here is why Ereri is not pedophilia or abusive like so many kind haters have pointed out.

1. Pedophilia is classified as attraction towards a prepubescent children generally 11 or younger. Eren is neither of those.

2.The age of sexual consent in Germany is 14 years old. Eren is 15 according to reliable sources. Therefore capable of consent.

3. Their relationship (Eren and Levi) is not abusive. I will reference the manga as evidence. If you look back to the court room beating, you will see a man had his gun pointed at Eren’s head. If Levi had not stepped in, Eren surely would have gotten shot. He stopped Eren from getting a bullet in his head but, in the process had to beat him a little. It was nothing serious, and the beating did no harm to Eren because of his titan healing powers.

4. Many people say Levi could care less about what could happen to Eren but that is actually the opposite. If you look back to the manga, when Eren was practicing hardening his titan form, his health was put at risk. Nobody was thinking about his well-being except Levi, who told Hanji to let him rest and helped Eren to his feet. Now if Levi really didn’t care about Eren, why did he sacrifice valuable time to let Eren rest?

I rest my case.


Lalli “The Devourer of Souls” and Kiu “The Real Life Anime Cat”.

I also tried to get a good photo of Killer “The Bear Cat” but they all look like just some random black blobs.

Why there are some peope still doubting about that panel of Sasuke and Sakura helping their daughter to walk being a memory/flashback?

Kishi already made some panels of people remembering things that way, with the blurred lines and shit.

Here we have Sakura remembering what Tsunade taught her (spanish, pls), of course Sakura had a better memory, because she was a couple of months younger and it wasn’t that long when it happened.

Then you have Sarada’s memory:

Again the crazy/blurred lines all over the memory. Why does this happen? Easy, Sarada was too young to remember properly what happened, she was like what? 3-2 years old? Some folks are saying it isn’t a memory, but guys, look closer, what do we have there?

Yep, we have her sharingan. I think it IS safe to assume she can remember things that most children can’t because of the sharingan, and I think that explains the amount of crazy lines in this panel in particular. Besides, right after THIS scene, we had the proper flashbacks (when Naruto asked her to remember—trying to find that love), if Kishi would’ve wanted Sarada to have another wish (like before she met Sasuke, he was hugging her) he would’ve made it like before.

Now THIS is how Kishimoto represented Sarada’s wish/imagination:

And then we have the proper flashbacks with blurred lines (we already have Sakura’s example, if I bother I can try and find from another character).

Korra Book 4 Trailer

Okay, seriously…. This trailer was a bomb.

I mean OMG, 3 years time skip !? I didn’t expect that! omg Jinora and Kai may now kiss at will! And let’s not talk about Makorra!

I really can’t note everything I found in this trailer but seriously… Let’s just take a look at Jinora…



I’m so done

I shall retreat in a cave… Somewhere… I’ll be back in a week…

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Top 5 chankai moments?

idk why i think i should have seen this one coming omg okay lets go

1. 4 year old kitten and puppy :’D


2. dumb dinosaur laughing couple 

(((whispers))) the happy virus is spreading


3. long lost lovers 

there was a time all chankai shippers probably remember when they would barely touch each other tHIS TIME IS LONG GONE AND FORGOTTEN HALLELUJAH LET THE SHIP SAILLLLL \o///

4. glances, touches and claire gross crying in the distance

clingy sleepy koala jongin

chanyeol casually drooling over kai senpai dancing on national tv

totally necessary hand holding/rubbing 


no and u dont wanna know


So I watched the ACWNR OVA :D

Look at these screenshots!

Look how tall Erwin is!


Go Mike! I miss Mike a lot. Let’s appreciate him for a little bit. Before Levi he was humanity’s strongest soldier. In this OVA was see Levi disarm him. Wow.

Oh Erwin. I feel like he’s telling Levi off for stealing a cookie.

Levi has a cute nose.

He has tiny hands. Hands that can hurt you. Cuff him.

Levi looks so pissed oh wow XD

Six years younger but still has the same expression. To be honest though, if I only got between 2-3 hours sleep I’d look pissed a lot too.

That’s gotta hurt!

Look at the size of Mike in comparison with Levi. His hand is almost as big as Levi’s head! Mike makes shoving Levi into sewer water look easy.

His hand is huge!

There’s something satisfying about sewer water dripping from Levi’s chin.

Okay now he looks cute.

Again, Levi looks tiny compared to Mike and Erwin. This is basically me compared with everyone else, I’m shorter than Levi.

Mike’s long legs XD Size difference!

I see nothing abusive here.

Okay I need to make this very clear. The Eruri ship is NOT an abusive ship. Erwin DOES NOT hit Levi in any way in canon, not even in this OVA. Erwin fights with him but if you watch closely he doesn’t hit him or even hurt him. He grabs hold of his wrist as Levi grabs his.

Mike shoves Levi’s head into sewer water but nobody comments on that? Stop suggesting that Eruri is an abusive ship when it’s not. And this is the only time Mike touches Levi. He doesn’t do it again.

I ship Eruri AND Ereri, neither ship is abusive. 

not sure if anyone noticed but ken has so much potential for variety, yet whenever he’s on entertainment programs, he gets kinda reserved and seldom talks, especially if he’s alone without the members. maybe he takes a longer time to get comfortable with people or he’s afraid of making mistakes, but i’m really looking forward to the day when he stands out with his 4D personality bcos everyone loves kenjumma and punny ken and cute main vocal ken and basically his entire existence. this should end off like this as a ramble but i just want to add on that whenever he sings, i feel my heart swelling with pride like a mother and that does not make sense bcos i’m 3 years younger than this cutie pie.

Romeo and Juliet (Part 1)


Word Count: 2,183

Warnings: Swearing… I think that’s it.

A/n: hey! This is a story i’ve been working on for a little while, its my first Fic so be nice. Give me some feed back on how you guys are liking it ill post the next probably tomorrow! love you guys! 

- Courtney

8 years into the past…

*knock* *knock* 

 My fist pounded on the door of a dingy motel room a couple blocks from the high school that I’ve been going to for almost 4 years. Currently I was trying to help some people out so it would add to my community service that would go on my college applications. 

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Wink Up January 2014: Saga: "I'm really young!"
  • Interviewer:This time around, we'd like to look back on 6 years of this continuing column.
  • Saga:I've had a lot of fun getting to do so many different things for Wink Up over the years. (While looking at past issues) Wow, I haven't changed much, have I? Actually, it almost seems as though I looked older in the past, compared to how I look now, haha. When my family gets together everyone says to me "time seems to stop only for you!" Heh. Recently when we went to my grandpa's, he said I look younger than my brother, and he's 3 years younger than I am! Haha. I'm happy about that, but it's funny, isn't it? For musicians, y'know, our hair and stuff isn't the norm, right? I wonder if I went back to black hair, would I still look this way?
  • Interviewer:I don't think we've seen anyone in the band go back to all black before! But I do think that anyone in your position would still look young.
  • Saga:Is it a matter of consciousness, I wonder? Like, with Tora, when we're just working, and not doing a live or a photo shoot or something, he gets really careless and loosens up, heh. And sometimes I'm like "Eh? Are you alright?" But right before a live, an aura starts to emit from him. That surprises me! Recently I saw an actress on the street and she had no aura about her, her stage presence was nil. I was shocked! But when you're up in front of an audience, it's typical to emit an aura. Although ordinarily I barely show 20% of a stage presence, ha. Back in the day, I put up a front, I wore a mask. But lately onstage, I've been myself, I've become really casual. I think that's a good thing, though. I think a natural stance is best. Not trying to overdo it, y'know?
  • (Rereading old articles) Inside, my core, it hasn't changed at all, really. See, here I said "I can never talk to someone that I like," and that's the same even now. I could never say anything to them, they'd think "my god, he's depressing" and that'd be the end of it, ha!
  • Interviewer:Ahaha! What would you like to do next?
  • Saga:Looking back on all of this, it was decadent; that poorly constituted makeup looked okay; the one cosplay set-up where I had the doctor's lab coat on, that looked good, heh. I kind of unraveled at that age, haha. Wink Up, I wanna show off a different side of me than what I show onstage. I wanna go to a kindergarten and pose for pics with the kids there!
Dorian Grey Disease.

That’s what I’ve got. Dorian Grey Disease. Ehlers Danlos Type 3 with yadda yadda etcetera is confusing. But I was thinking about it - and what I really am is a portrait of Dorian Grey, just that I carry the portrait inside my skin.

I look like a fixed point in time. I know it. I have one brow wrinkle, one smile wrinkle. I look much younger than 44.

The last time I got ID’d at the liquor store (drinking age here is 19) was three years ago. I burst out laughing and the clerk informed me they ID everyone under twentyfive. I laughed harder. She asked for a second piece of ID. Then she asked me “who I saw”. 

And everyone thinks this is great. It’s not. Because I am literally falling to pieces inside. I see people with their faces jacked up on botox every day (I used to work for MAC, I can spot an injectible at 20 paces) and am astounded at this whole industry to support the notion that this makes me somehow “lucky”.

I get told that all the time. “Oh, well that’s a good thing.” I could scream.

All I want to do is trade out. I’ll take the wrinkles if you take my pain and my disintegration.

Someone on twitter snarked “Who did your eyes?” on one of my hospital selfies. I thought she meant makeup. She didn’t.

I slipped three ribs a few weeks ago. I do all sorts of stuff to try to keep my hips and pelvis in place and now my ribs want part of the action.

I thought everyone could dislocate a shoulder putting on a jacket. I’ve gotten “stuck” trying things on, and had to pop my shoulder back.

A friend who went to medical school had no idea my base pain on that stupid “scale” is three. Always three. Five I get squirmy. Six is a flare. Eight, I have to go to a hospital because something might have blown apart. We do that, blow apart. 

I’ve been at a ten, my appendix ruptured, so I know where ten is.

I tried to explain this disease today and am not sure I got anywhere.

Because you’d have to peel my skin off to see what’s really going on.

I’m black and blue, like I’ve been in a fight. Bruises on bruises all over the place. No circulation. Ulcers. Migraines An angry colon. Ligament stretched out and flopping around in weird ways.

I’m Dorian Grey, but my portrait is under my skin and I’m forced to carry it wherever I go.

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Hi!!! Could you pretty please do an imagine where you've been working with the Winchesters for a long time now and you get kidnapped by a demon and they tell you that you're just slowing the boys down cause you're newer and younger and so once they rescue you, you run away and they find you in a place you thought they'd never look while they're on a hunt like a year or so later?? (sorry if it's long!)

Most certainly I can, and sweetie, the only reason you’d have to be worrying if it’s long is because you’re gonna  have to read it all, because I love writing it!

To the anon that requested this and anyone else reading it, be warned that it’s long; but probably because it covers about four different scenes.

Enjoy it sweetheart<3

3305 words I told you it was long


   Your head throbbed and your vision blurred as you woke from your restless sleep. The room was dark, silhouettes of bleak furnishings danced around the wooden walls and made your head spin; their energetic movement mocking your integrity. 

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so i was helping coach my little sister’s soccer team tonight and there were a bunch of young girls on the field and one of them was wearing an alex morgan shirt and i told her i loved her shirt and then another girl was wearing a morgan brian 3 star jersey and she had to only be like 8 years old and i told her i loved it and she looked so happy and she thanked me and told me that she loved morgan brian and i’m just so happy to see little girls who care about the uswnt and kids who like the younger players like moe who isn’t always noticed and it was a great day

『anan』magazine (Taemin cuts)
150502 © keygurumi | please do not edit or delete credits. All translations: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

“When you debuted 4 years ago (in Japan), you were featured on an an three times. Looking back at yourself in those articles, how do you feel?”
TM: I think the thing that changed the most is the face line? Young and round (lol)
O: The feeling/mood of the outfits is young too!
K: The change in hairstyle is big too.
TM: But Onew-san looks younger now! Darker/black hair suits you better (lol)
O: Then I’ll keep my hairstyle like this but dye it black.

“Who was the most flustered when working with the model?” (note: her name is Anastasia)
K: The one that was the most flustered when we were shooting was… Taemin.
JH: That’s right. Because he had a kiss scene~
TM: (embarrassed) From the moment I met her, my heart was beating quickly… The scene with the skinship was especially embarrassing. It was really troublesome…
O: Weren’t your faces extremely close?
K: Taemin’s always been a shy boy.
TM: Yes, too close…
Everyone: LOL

“In relation to ‘Your Number’, please tell us your lucky numbers.”
TM: I’ll go first! My lucky number is 17! That was my number when I auditioned. I think it’s the number of my fate.
O: Taemin, you remember well. I’m going to say mine is 2. No matter what the case may be, being 2nd place is much more comfortable/relaxed than being 1st.
TM: Hmm, that makes sense.
K: Taemin, you’re not supposed to agree like that; your lucky number’s meaning is different! (lol)

“Today’s outfits are black and white. The cool black and soft white were put together to reflect SHINee’s charms. When you hear black and white, what do you think of?”
O: For me, I imagined backstage and on-stage.
K: Does that mean the on-stage is 'black’?
JH: Isn’t it the opposite? On-stage is 'white’, backstage is 'black’, right?
K: Black has a bit of a serious image though. The moment we step on the stage, the atmosphere gets serious, so it’s 'black’.
TM: So that means that the serious-feeling dressing room is 'black’ too then (lol)

“SHINee After Tokyo-Dome…”
TM: The stage was much bigger than I had imagined it to be. I’d like for our abilities to be acknowledged by more and more people, so that we can create a SHINee culture.


As you may recall, I am now 3 years old, I know I know I look much younger and fresh faced than 3!

Well for my birthday Mum and Dad said I could have my own Instagram account!!! You can find me at https://instagram.com/mrtinyeggs/ , I have been playing around with it the past few days, joining in on the new platform with  throw back thursdays, sharing my baby photos and even finding handsome frenchies just like me! I have a crush on a few, but I can’t say who what if they find out and don’t like me back?