BANDLANDS - Jack Gilinsky Fanfiction

Chapter 1: Ellen Show


“So tell us y/n how does it feels to be one of the most famous and influent people of 2015? and you’re only 19 so that’s like a big deal” Ellen said

“Well it’s exciting but most of the time I am very nervous because I feel that I will ruin everything and sometimes just sometimes I miss my hometown because I don’t know a lot of people here in Los Angeles”

“Why? I mean I’m sure you’ve worked with a lot of people”

“With all the work and stuff I do not have time to, I’m always from interview to interview-or set to set, and I feel I am a very boring person.” I said laughing.“It’s also because I work with people who are older than me they’re about 20 years old and have planned their lives and I hardly know what to do with mine, I hope to meet some people soon because sometimes I get bored.”

“That’s true”. She laughed. “You’re also considered one of the most beautiful and humble people and especially with your fans, why?

“Well I come from a very humble family; we didn’t have a lot of money so I appreciate everything that life gives me. My mom always teached me to be nice with people no matter who they are.So yeah I’m a good girl, but like I always say your behavior with me is going to be my behavior with you.With my fans is another thing, I don’t consider them my fans I consider them my friends, they are a big part of my heart they are very special to me. ”

“I’m glad you think that way because in these days people doesn’t value what they have” She Said “Well we have some questions from your fans do you want to answer some?”

“Yeah sure.” I said

“Okay the first one comes from @queenhalsey and says what are your hobbies and why?”

“My favorite hobbies are Tumblr all day and eat a lot. I love eating is the best part of the day haha. I also like to be see videos of Youtubers, maybe someday I will make videos”

“@borntoeat says: Do you have a boyfriend?? SLAY ME QUEEN”

“Yes, I do have a boyfriend. His name is Steve he is in a band called Cry Baby, yes like the movie, they’re kind of a rock band, we have been together since May” I said shyly

“@prettywhenicry says: what’s your favorite song at the moment and would you do a song with the one who sings that song?

"I have three favorite songs right now Guns and Roses by Lana del Rey, Eye of the Needle by Sia and the last I can say it is my favorite above all others is called Life of the Party of Shawn Mendes, I love his covers and i can say I’m a big fan. And yeah I would love a collaboration with any of these artists”

“@skiesfureira says: You’re my role model how are you so perfect. Show me your ways”

“I personally don’t feel perfect; I feel like an ordinary person with acne and i eat a lot of pizza. I’m sure you’re the perfect one here, but thanks I love you”

“@shanedelrey says: Who are your favorite Youtubers?”

“Actually I have a lot but I like Troye Sivan and Twaimz I haven’t meet them in real life but I think they’re very funny and very cool guys. And I love Miranda Sings too.”

“Well that’s all for today thank you very much for tuning the channel, Y/N thank you very much for being with us, see you tomorrow world, bye!”

“And we’re out” Said the director.

“Thanks Y/N for joining us today it was nice meeting you.” Ellen said

“Hey Y/N we gotta go.” My manager David yelled

“I’m going!” I said

“Thanks for having me here it was my pleasure to meet you.” I smiled giving her a hug

“What?” I asked David.

“We have to go to an audition but do you need something first like coffee or something?” he said

“Yes, I want a coffee”

“Okay let’s go then you don’t want to be late for the audition.” He said as while we climbed in the car

David is a good person he really cares about me but sometimes he acts like an idiot.

“And how did you feel in the interview?”

“You know I was nervous as usual.”

“Yeah I know, do you want me to go for your coffee?

"No thanks I’ll go” I said as we left the car going to the coffee shop, David was beside me .There was a tall guy in front of me so I had to wait to order. He ordered a chocolate chip muffin. Then it was my turn.

“Hello, what can..omg you’re Y/N I’m a big fan, can I take a picture with you?” the worker said

“Of course” i said leaning to her shoulder so she could take the picture

“Okay what can I give you?”

“A venti cappuccino please.”

“Okay that would be 3 dlls, thanks for the picture”

“No problem” I said smiling

The was a lot of people so I decided to sit while they prepared my coffee

I texted David, who was in the car but i still texted him anyways

Y/N says:

“So tell me about the audition”

Daniel says

“It’s for a TV show; they seriously want you there they literally begged for you. If you like it you’ll be the main character”

Y/N says:

“Oh okay we’ll see and have they hired someone yet? ”

“Yes, I think someone called Cameron Dallas will be one of the main characters” he texted back, then i heard my name

“Venti Cappuccino for Y/N” the Starbucks worker said

“Oh yeah actually we used to be together in magcon"I said as I got up from the chair and went for my coffee

When I walked for the coffee my phone vibrated, it was a message that said:

"Are you coming today to my concert? I love you and miss you so much call me when you can - Steve”

I smiled as I wrote a message for him until I crashed with a guy and spilled all his coffee on my white dress.

“Omg I’m so sorry I seriously didn’t mean to do that” I heard the guy saying. ‘I have heard that voice before’ I told myself while I saw how my favorite dress got ruined.

“Don’t worry about it I didn’t like this dress anyway” I lied and i looked up to see who the guy was

“Oh y/n long time no see..”

Hey guys hope you like this! If this gets 50 reblogs or more i will post the next part that i already wrote just in case haha
-KATY xx

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2.  Top 3 songs as of now?

Firefly by Mura Masa ft. Nao |  Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better) by Felix Jaehn ft. Jasmine Thompson (her voice is beautiful in this!) | Talking Body - KREAM Remix by Tove Lo

7.  Favourite candy sweets?

I’ve always loved Freddos (if you’re from the UK you’ll know what I’m on about) they’re basically these little chocolates with a cartoon frog printed on it and they’re like 20p a piece and my mum literally bought me a whole load of them for my 17th birthday - that’s how much I still love them <3

23. What would you want your name to be if you were the opposite sex?

I’ve been told I was going to be called Emily if I was a girl… so yeah

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KENDALL!! it's hard to believe i've known you for like 4 years wowie i'm really sorry i didn't have the time to make something better for you i really wish i could have but i hope that you have an amazing birthday AND YO YOU'RE 17 YOU'RE THE DANCING QUEEN happy birthday lovely i love you i wish i could be there to celebrate with you save me some cake yeah?? love u love u