A standard mangaka's vs Ishida Sui's romance
  • A standard mangaka:
  • A, in a distressed situation: I love you!
  • B: I love you too!
  • A: let's date/stay together until the end/fight against all odds for our love!
  • B: yikes!
  • Ishida Sui:
  • A: are you a virgin?
  • B: ...
  • A: so we can do it when the times comes
  • B: I worried you'd die without me
  • A: no I AM worrying you'll die without me
  • A: I'm so happy you were looking at me with the same eyes you looked at a woman you liked back then - who tried to eat you
  • B: *realizes he loves A*
  • A: don't leave me behind from now on ok?
  • B: *decides not to leave her behind from now on*
  • The fans meanwhile: SO ARE THEY CANON OR NOT?!?