wilfordswarfstache asked:

first impression wow a wizard markiplier hmm i want to rp with them. they seem cool. what if like willa could be from his magic. yesss. i must ask!!! impression now: like i love your blog and characters still. they've become so much more developed. i will forever love writing the willa&mark ship because they literally are so cute and angsty. this is like the first blog where i have hardly any writer's block when it comes to replying to our threads. i just love our characters and your writing.

Thank you! I’ve tried really hard and I honestly love being on this blog! This is so great!

anonymous asked:

maybe you could remake your dekonibu amv again?? its really cool to see how much youve improved in not even a year, its sorta crazy??!? plus theyre cute n gay, what more could you ask for? lts just a suggestion, i look forward to whatever you post cuz all your edits are just literally my life, ive spent ages rewatching them and i think i need an intervention rn. anyway i rlly love you ^^

idk if i’d ever remake the dekonibu amv just because im not too fond of the original or the 2nd remake and i feel like if i remade it i’d only shame myself even more lmao. not a whole lot of edits in the works right now because of school and work… i actually tried to edit a bit today and got a little bit done on a new video but who knows when that’ll be finished lol… but this comment means a lot and i really love you too lol ur cute