… wait… Lin Chung is a recurring character in the Phryne Fisher books?

… I might not read anymore of them, tbh. The way she writes him is just so fucking gross, oh my god. I can’t handle it at all. The books weren’t perfect but up to that point I could ignore the little irritating bits. But her Chinese boyfriend who thinks she looks like a Literal Chinese Goddess and does martial arts and has tantric sex is just too much. I can’t.

I tried looking up which books he appears in so I can avoid them, but no such list exists. :c Maybe I’ll just watch the show instead? It’s made more recently than some of these books were written, and there’s a different love interest, so maybe the sensibilities are less effed.

Not incredible, but literally love the tattoo pro stencils but can’t quite afford them just yet, and wanted to have a play as have had to turn people down in the past who wanted an all over tattoo look as there was no way id be able to paint it in a decent amount of time. So tried to do what I could with what materials I have. Would like it to be a lot more refund, which getting the tattoo pro stencils one day will undoubtedly do, however quite happy with the general feel and how quickly it can come together. Just wanted to experiment what it would be like using them really!
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