lair review (Kaial #80484)

for punkinguts

Hot damn, first gens! Your dragons are SO lovely and I can’t imagine how much time and effort you’ve put into making them look so nice. I could literally spend days just staring at the dragons on your first page alone, and I was so excited to see that your dragons not only are gorgeously gened and dressed but also have bios, like goddamn this is probably my dream lair. 

There be dragons under the cut!

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alienixena asked:

I absolutely love your zodiac drawings! I have a question though. Have you ever though about doing male counterparts to them, with maybe the same color schemes but the counterparts to those as well? I just think it would be interesting!

that would be a good challenge because i literally cannot draw male features!!! ive tried but they dont look masculine at all.. they always end up with a very feminine touch – and i am cool with that, i just wish i could be able to make them look more masculine than feminine!!! but thank u thats a great ideia!!!! ♥