RWBY Episode 11 RANT

Adam and Sun are both gorgeous!  *excuse me while I fangirl over this possible love triangle*


“My Darling” “ my love”  “YOU and I ” “We were” “This could of been OUR day” “ All I want is you, Blake” 

Wait a minute?! Adam makes it sound like the two of them were an item or at least implies that their relationship WAS SOMETHING MORE than a mere partnership.  

After this reveal of Adam and Blake’s relationship, it makes me ship Blake x Sun so much more!!! I mean come on Sun has always been funny, sweet, charming, and flirty with her… he’s literally the sunlight to her darkness. I’ve always loved how right from the very beginning Sun wanted to know more about Blake and tried to get her to open up to him.

Adam you little piece of shit. There is nothing more I want than to see Adam suffer right now for hurting Blake and Yang. I sincerely hope Adam gets the chance to witness Blake being happy with Sun so that could hurt him even more than her betrayal.

As much as I would enjoy a Sun vs Adam fight…it would be petty. (there’s always fanfiction for that anyways) I would prefer Blake to defeat Adam herself since he is a part of HER past. 

maccraedy asked:

6, 20, 39, 59, 82!!! (and we should talk more bc you're a+)

6: do you keep plants?

HAHA nope. My parents never did either so it was never really a thing that occured to me. Plus if I tried they’d probably die in record time. 

20: what’s your favorite eye color?

Brown! Literally brown eyes are so gorgeous, no matter if they’re light brown, amber, chocolate, or almost black. Honestly dark brown eyes are amazing they hold so much depth and love and emotion. They are incredibly magical and romantic. I could stare into them forever <3

39: what color do you wear the most?

I’m usually not too fussed about what I wear since I spend most of my time in my house, but whenever I’m making specific choices I guess I lean more towards black ^_^

59: what’s your favorite myth?

honestly anything having to do with Persephone I love. I also adore the myths of Nyx (the goddess of the night)

82: are/were you good in school?

I honestly could have been if I actually put any effort in and wasn’t lazy. The only thing that came easy enough to me for me not to try was anything to do with writing/reading/language etc. But unfortunately I dropped out of high school (though mostly due to an illness) 

AND YES we should talk more you are the tops bby